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A number of politicians have completely revolutionized the world.

In Mexico also, a number of politicians and fighters have been well known but have you ever heard about Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna? Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, a national hero, was also popularly known as General Santa Anna.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was the president of the Mexican government. He is a well known president in Mexican history and was supported by the Mexican people as well. He has been elected Mexico's president about 11 times. If we talk about the Mexican-American War, he played a very important role in the Mexican-American War.

Santa Anna is a well known name in the history of Latin America. The full name of Santa Anna was Lopez de Santa Anna. He was a politician of a Mexican country and was a general as well.

Santa Anna's influence on the politics of post-independence was really great for Mexico, and this why major historians of Mexico refer to it as the Age of Santa Anna. Santa Anna was the eighth president of Mexico. He became the president after Manuel Maria Lombardini was no longer president.

Troops were sent by Santa Anna to the Mesilla valley. Santa Anna led the Mexican forces in the war.

He has been provided full military honors. Santa Anna was a young officer of Mexico and was well known for his skills as a general. He was a military leader and as a military leader, Santa Anna fulfilled all his responsibilities.

Talking about the Mexican side, Santa Anna remained on the Mexican side for the rest of his life after leaving the Spanish Army. Santa Anna was a federalist and opposed the Roman Catholic Church.

Santa Anna's impact on the history of Mexico and Mexican people makes him an extremely respected figure in the country.

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Early Military Career

Lopez de Santa Anna was born in Spain on February 21, in the year 1794, and he died in the year 1876 at the age of 82. Santa Anna comes from a completely Spanish family. Santa Anna always wanted to be in the military.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna made a career in the military field and this designation of a military officer at the time of war distinguished him in the battle and helped him to make a career in politics.

Regarding the early military career of Antonio de Santa Anna, he fought in the War of Independence held between 1810-1821.

Do you know when the Mexican War of Independence lasted? The Mexican War of Independence lasted until 1824 which Santa Anna was also a part of.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna served in the Spanish Army and became the captain in a few years. He fought against the Mexican rebels as a part of the Spanish Army for several years and received numerous promotions.

But later on, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna switched sides and led the Mexican forces in various wars and even won some of them and maybe this is the reason that he is a well-known general.

It was during one of the wars against the Spanish Army that he was hit by a cannon on his left leg and lost his leg.

With a smaller force under his command, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna marched against the Barradas Expedition and defeated the Spanish Army that was affected by yellow fever.

The Pastry War And Return To Power

The Pastry War was fought from 1838-1839. This Pastry War marked the return of Santa Anna. What are some of the facts of the Pastry War? Read on to know more.

In the year 1835, the Mexican Constitution was being repealed by Santa Anna and as a result, the Texas Revolution started.

The most important result of this war was that it increased the prestige as well as the political and relational influence of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. It increased his influence to a large extent.

The Pastry War ended on March 9, 1839, after a peace treaty was signed. French citizens were paid a damage fee of around 600,000 pesos.

Schemes And Plots

Santa Anna is one of the most important figures in Mexican history. He is known very popularly as he was elected to the post of president around 11 times. Santa Anna also defeated the US troops at Alamo.

Texas declared independence in the year 1836. Santa Anna became the leader and marched in this state; however, he could not win as the invasion was made with very poor efforts.

However, in 1838, Santa Anna again got an opportunity when France invaded Mexico. This war was known as the Pastry War and the army of Santa Anna won this war.

Santa Anna is a well known name in the history

San Jacinto Museum Of History

There are a number of museums located all over the world. One of them is the San Jacinto Museum of History. It is a well known and very famous museum located at the base of the San Jacinto Monument.

The San Jacinto Museum is located at the site where the Battle of Texas for independence took place.

The San Jacinto Monument is also located in the San Jacinto Museum and is the world's tallest war memorial which is about 15 ft (4.57 m) taller than the Washington Monument. This is a symbol of the Texas Revolution.

The San Jacinto Museum contains a number of cultural and literary facts and various other kinds of artifacts. It is one of the largest collections of Texas art.

Do you know when Santa Anna retired? Santa Anna was falling at the end of his political career in 1853 -1854. He died on Mexican territory in 1876.

Battles At Vera Cruz And Cerro Gordo

Do you know anything about the battles at Vera Cruz and Cerro Gordo? A battle was fought at Vera Cruz in which Major General Winfield Scott won and after that, he headed towards Mexico City. However, Santa Anna tried to stop Scott near Cerro Gordo.

After the victory of the battle of Vera Cruz, Scott made advancements towards Mexico. He was, however, stopped by Santa Anna at Cerro Gordo.

Santa Anna brought all his 12,000 men around a pass at Cerro Gordo. Santa Anna placed all his men as well as artillery near the pass for the attack.

After some time, Santa Anna retired to civil life. Santa Anna also became the governor of Vera Cruz. Santa Anna's burial site is located at his Veracruz hacienda.

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