Country Music Trivia: 100+ Questions (And Answers) From The History Of Country Music

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Sturgill Simpson, a country singer performing in Oakland, CA.

Are you ready to put your country music knowledge to the test? Saddle up and attempt to answer these exciting country music trivia questions.

From the soulful twangs of the guitars to the voices of the singers, country music is truly an American treasure. The foundation of country music was laid in the '60s by some talented artists.

Since then, country melodies have taken the world by storm, with superstars like Billy Ray Cyrus and Taylor Swift bringing country music into the global spotlight.

Now, it's your turn to shine! Think your country music knowledge is enough to ace any challenge?

From questions about the origin of country music to the different eras, music genres, major Awards, and conventions; you will find questions covering all key aspects of country music. Test your knowledge, challenge your friends, and see who can claim the title of ultimate country music aficionado. Let's see just how much you know about this toe-tapping genre.

Early Country Music Quiz Questions

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey through the roots of country music? How well do you know country music? This fun and engaging quiz covers a few questions about the origins and development of country music. Let's see how many of these questions you can answer correctly!

1. Question: Country music has its roots in folk songs that originated among communities from which mountain region?

Answer: Appalachian.

2. Question: Which river became an intersection for country music and gave rise to Cajun music?

Answer: Mississippi.

3. Question: Which city is popularly called the 'birthplace of country music' in America?

Answer: Bristol, Tennessee.

4. Question: Which convention, held in 1925, helped inspire modern country music?

Answer: Mountain City Fiddlers Convention.

5. Question: What subgenre of country music combines elements of country and pop music?

Answer: Country pop.

Country Songs Trivia Questions From Different Decades

Are you ready to take a rollicking ride through the decades of country music? We've lined up a playlist of country music questions that will transport you back in time. Get ready to test your knowledge and see if you can guess the iconic tunes and legendary artists that shaped these unforgettable decades. Are you up for the challenge?

6. Question: Which city in the '20s gave rise to the first generation of country music's earliest recording artists?

Answer: Atlanta.

7. Question: In which year was country music star James Gideon Tanner born?

Answer: 1885.

8. Question: What was the name of James Gideon Tanner's band which was popular in the '30s country music scene?

Answer: Skillet Lickers.

9. Question: Where was country singer Dierks Bentley born?

Answer: Phoenix, Arizona.

10. Question: What was the name of Johnny Cash's backing band?

Answer: The Tennessee Three.

11. Question: Who were the most notable members of Skillet Lickers?

Answer: Dan Hornsby, Clayton McMichen, Robert Lee, and Riley Puckett.

12. Question: Which artist's record was first officially released as 'Hillbilly Music' by Okeh Records?

Answer: John Carson.

13. Question: Which female country music artist played in England before George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939?

Answer: Samantha Bumgardner.

14. Question: Which 1933 song by Cliff Carlisle was featured in the video game 'Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy'?

Answer: 'Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad'.

15. Question: Which one of the earliest American country music radio programs started in 1924?

Answer: National Barn Dance.

16. Question: What was the Grand Ole Opry first called?

Answer: WSM Barn Dance.

17. Question: When was the Grand Ole Opry founded?

Answer: November 28, 1925.

18. Question: Who was the first artist to play the electric guitar at the Grand Ole Opry in 1947?

Answer: Ernest Tubb.

19. Question: Who sang the first country boogie song 'Boogie Woogie' in 1939?

Answer: Johnny Barfield.

20. Question: Which music genre derives its name from the band 'Bill Monroe And The Blue Grass'?

Answer: Bluegrass.

21. Question: Which are two of the major instruments in 'honky-tonk' country music?

Answer: Steel guitar and fiddle.

22. Question: Who released the 1938 music record 'Honky Tonk Music'?

Answer: Jelly Roll Morton.

23. Question: In which year did Ernest Tubb release his single titled 'Walking The Floor Over You'?

Answer: 1941.

24. Question: Which era marks the beginning of 'rockabilly' in country music?

Answer: '50s.

25. Question: Which iconic country music genre inspired both Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley?

Answer: Rockabilly.

26. Question: Which Tennessee city has a sub-genre of country music named after it?

Answer: Nashville.

27. Question: Which genre is a fusion of country and rock music?

Answer: Country rock.

28. Question: Who was named the King of the 'Singing Cowboys' in the '40s?

Answer: Roy Rogers.

Gospel Music Trivia Questions

We've got a treat for you in this section - a delightful quiz that will put your gospel music knowledge to the test! From traditional favorites to modern interpretations, we've got a mix of questions that will challenge even the most devout gospel music enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in the soulful melodies of gospel music and broaden your horizons with interesting insights and facts while answering these fun gospel music questions.

29. Question: How far back in history can gospel music be traced in Scotland?

Answer: 17th century.

30. Question: Which type of gospel music used all-male tenor-lead baritone and bass quartets?

Answer: Progressive Southern gospel.

31. Question: Who first introduced ragtime in gospel music?

Answer: Juanita Dranes.

32. Question: Who is popularly known as the queen of Black gospel music?

Answer: Mahalia Jackson.

33. Question: When did the Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi start gaining national popularity?

Answer: '40s.

34. Question: In which year did the National Baptist Convention first publicly endorse gospel music?

Answer: 1930.

35. Question: In which year did Albert Edward Brumley write his iconic song 'Turn Your Radio On'?

Answer: 1937.

Modern Country Music Quiz

Get ready to ride into the world of modern country music with this exciting trivia quiz. We're cranking up the volume and turning up the twang as we dive into the catchy tunes and toe-tapping beats of contemporary country music. See if you can prove yourself as the modern country music guru.

36. Question: In which era was the genre of 'neo-country disco music' popularized?

Answer: '80s.

37. Question: What is Mojo Nixon's style of music described as?

Answer: Psychobilly.

38. Question: Which country singer used to sell appliances and studied to be a radio announcer?

Answer: Johnny Cash.

39. Question: Where was Johnny Cash born?

Answer: Kingsland, Arkansas.

40. Question: In which year did Merle Haggard release the song 'Working Man Blues'?

Answer: 1969.

41. Question: Who wrote the song 'Rings Of Fire' for the 1963 album 'Ring Of Fire: The Best Of Johnny Cash'?

Answer: June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore.

42. Question: What is the title of Dolly Parton's first album?

Answer: 'Hello, I'm Dolly'.

43. Question: How many tracks are on Dolly Parton's debut album, 'Hello, I'm Dolly'?

Answer: 12.

44. Question: In which year did Dolly Parton release her first song?

Answer: 1959.

45. Question: How old was Dolly Parton when she wrote the song 'Puppy Love' with her uncle?

Answer: 11.

46. Question: Which Loretta Lynn song was the inspiration for a 1980 movie?

Answer: 'Coal Miner's Daughter'.

47. Question: When did Willie Nelson release his critically acclaimed album 'Shotgun Willie'?

Answer: 1973.

48. Question: Which country singer has been involved in activism involving biofuels?

Answer: Willie Nelson.

49. Question: Which prominent country musician died in a plane crash in 1964?

Answer: Jim Reeves.

50. Question: In which year did Patsy Cline die?

Answer: 1963.

51. Question: In which year did Patsy Cline become an official member of the Grand Ole Opry?

Answer: 1960.

52. Question: Which country legend did a duet with Willie Nelson on the song 'Pancho And Lefty' in 1983?

Answer: Merle Haggard.

53. Question: Which country music singer performed a duet of the song 'Pancho And Lefty' with George Strait on his birthday in 2023?

Answer: Willie Nelson.

54. Question: What was Patsy Cline's first Decca single?

Answer: 'I Fall To Pieces'.

55. Question: How many studio albums did Merle Haggard release throughout his career?

Answer: 66.

56. Question: What is the title of Kenny Chesney's first album?

Answer: 'In My Wildest Dreams'.

57. Question: Which two songwriters wrote for the album 'Friends In Low Places' for Garth Brooks?

Answer: Dewayne Blackwell and Earl Bud Lee.

58. Question: In which year did Hank Williams win the CMA Award for Vocal Event Of The Year?

Answer: 1989.

59. Question: Which American artist released the classic country album 'Ropin' the Wind" in 1991?

Answer: Garth Brooks.

60. Question: Which song from the album 'Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits' was written by Don Schlitz?

Answer: 'The Gambler'.

61. Question: In which year was the Rascal Flatts album, 'Me And My Gang', released?

Answer: 2006.

More Country Music Trivia Questions

Get ready for another round of boot-stompin', guitar-strummin' fun with our collection of country music trivia questions. We're back with even more excitement and surprises to test your knowledge of this beloved genre. Brush up on your country music history and see if you can claim the title of ultimate country music trivia champion!

62. Question: Which female country music artist has the most number-one hits on Billboard's Hot Country Songs list?

Answer: Dolly Parton.

63. Question: Which country music album by Kylie Minogue reached number one on the UK Albums Charts?

Answer: 'Golden'.

64. Question: Which Australian music group uses songs to inform the public about aboriginal rights issues?

Answer: Yothu Yindi.

65. Question: Which Scrumpy and Western music was number one in both Ireland and the UK in 1975 and 1976, respectively?

Answer: 'The Combine Harvester'.

66. Question: In which year was the TG4 show 'Glór Tíre' first aired?

Answer: 2002.

67. Question: Which band popularized an electro-pop version of the country folk song 'Cotton Eyed Joe'?

Answer: Rednex.

68. Question: Whose version of 'Cotton Eyed Joe' won a Grammy Award in 1985?

Answer: The Moody Brothers.

69. Question: Which was the first American country music video cable channel?

Answer: Country Music Television (CMT).

70. Question: Which is the only TV channel that is dedicated to country music in Canada?

Answer: Country Music Television (CMT).

71. Question: What is the largest country music fan gathering in the world as of 2022?

Answer: The CMA Fest.

72. Question: What was the title of Taylor Swift's first song?

Answer: 'Tim McGraw'.

73. Question: Which one of Taylor Swift's albums spent 300 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart in 2020?

Answer: '1989'.

74. Question: How old was Taylor Swift when she won the Grammy for Album Of The Year for the first time?

Answer: 20.

75. Question: Which one of Taylor Swift's albums won her the Grammy Award for Album Of The Year in 2010?

Answer: 'Fearless'.

76. Question: Who wrote the lyrics for the theme song for the 1977 movie titled 'New York, New York'?

Answer: Fred Ebb.

77. Question: The Toby Keith song lyric, "Let's have a party", is from which single?

Answer: 'Red Solo Cup'.

78. Question: How many number-one hits has George Strait had on the Billboard Country chart throughout his career?

Answer: 44.

79. Question: At which award ceremony was Taylor Swift's acceptance speech interrupted in 2009?

Answer: MTV Video Music Awards.

80. Question: What was Blake Shelton's first single titled?

Answer: 'Austin'.

81. Question: Where was the American country music singer, Luke Bryan, born?

Answer: Leesburg, Georgia.

82. Question: In which year was Luke Bryan first awarded the Entertainer Of The Year award by the Academy Of Country Music?

Answer: 2013.

83. Question: When was the Academy Of Country Music established?

Answer: 1964.

84. Question: Who won the ACM Award for Entertainer Of The Year in 2019?

Answer: Carrie Underwood and Thomas Rhett.

85. Question: Which artist won the Female Vocalist Of The Year award at the ACM Awards for nine years consecutively?

Answer: Miranda Lambert.

86. Question: How many awards did Barbara Mandrell win from her 17 Country Music Association Awards nominations?

Answer: Four.

87. Question: Which country singer was honored by the National Italian American Foundation in 2004?

Answer: Tim McGraw.

88. Question: Name the country singer who is Miley Cyrus' godmother.

Answer: Dolly Parton.

89. Question: Which song by Miley Cyrus featured in 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' was of the country music genre?

Answer: 'Hoedown Throwdown'.

90. Question: In which television series did Billy Ray Cyrus star as a country singer turned doctor?

Answer: 'Doc'.

91. Question: Which country music star played a lead role in the film 'Pure Country'?

Answer: George Strait.

92. Question: Which song by Billy Ray Cyrus, helped popularize line dance again?

Answer: 'Achy Breaky Heart'.

93. Question: What was Billy Ray Cyrus' first studio album called?

Answer: 'Some Gave All'.

94. Question: Throughout her career, how many times was Loretta Lynn nominated for the Grammy Awards?

Answer: 18.

95. Question: What were Loretta Lynn's 2018 albums called?

Answer: ‘Act Naturally’ and 'Wouldn't It Be Great'.

96. Question: What was Clint Black's first album titled?

Answer: 'Killin' Time'.

97. Question: Where was Brad Paisley born?

Answer: Glen Dale, West Virginia, United States.

98. Question: Which song was Brad Paisley's debut single in 1999?

Answer: 'Who Needs Pictures'.

99. Question: Which song was the first hit single that got Keith Urban on the Hot Country Songs chart?

Answer: 'But For The Grace Of God'.

100. Question: Name Keith Urban's highest-selling album as of 2022, certified four times platinum.

Answer: 'Be Here'.

101. Question: Which country singer was a construction worker and a fishing guide before making best-selling music?

Answer: Clint Black.

102. Question: Which song by Beyoncé in her iconic album 'Lemonade' was a throwback to her country roots?

Answer: 'Daddy Lessons'.

103. Question: In which city is there a famous mural celebrating country legends in the United States of America?

Answer: Nashville.

104. Question: Who replaced Taylor Swift on the Nashville Country Music Mural in 2020?

Answer: Brad Paisley.

105. Question: Who is the best-selling female artist in the history of country music as of 2022?

Answer: Shania Twain.

106. Question: In which year was Shania Twain's debut album released?

Answer: 1993.

107. Question: What is the name of Tim McGraw's first album?

Answer: 'Tim McGraw'.

108. Question: What is the title of the classic country album by Johnny Cash, released in 1968?

Answer: 'At Folsom Prison'.

109. Question: What is the title of the iconic country song by Johnny Cash that begins with the line: "I hear that train a comin'"?

Answer: 'Folsom Prison Blues'.

110. Question: Who released a solo album called 'Mother' in 2013?

Answer: Natalie Maines.

111. Question: Who wrote the song 'Whiskey Lullaby'?

Answer: Brad Paisley.

112. Question: Which country music singer recorded the hit song, 'I Will Always Love You', in 1973?

Answer: Dolly Parton.

113. Question: With which fellow country star did Dolly Parton record the song, 'Islands In The Stream', in 1983?

Answer: Kenny Rogers.

114. Question: Which country music star's marriage to Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman took place in 2006?

Answer: Keith Urban.

115. Question: What is considered the first country song to sell a million copies in 1924?

Answer: 'The Prisoner's Song' by Vernon Dalhart.

You've made it through our epic country music trivia adventure. We hope you enjoyed learning and celebrating the rich heritage of country music.

You've explored the diverse history of the genre, from its humble beginnings to its modern-day evolution.

You've discovered legendary artists, timeless classics, and hidden gems that will surely find a special place in your heart. Now armed with newfound knowledge and a playlist bursting with country music magic, it's time to dive even deeper into this incredible genre if you wish to become a country music trivia expert!

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