70 Best Country Girl Quotes Perfect For Southern Belles

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Originally Published on Mar 03, 2021
Country girl quotes are fun and sweet

Growing up in the countryside is very different from growing up in a city.

Did you grow up in a town where there are cows, pine trees, churches, farms, and the sky is blue? If yes, then maybe you are a country girl!

Country girls have a great sense of humor, a strong personality, and strong values. They have lived in the midst of nature, and they are proud of their roots.

Whether you are a country girl or a city girl, you will love reading these quotes and sayings. Read on to find the best country girl song quotes, funny country girl quotes,  quotes from country love stories, and cowgirl quotes.

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The Best Country Girl Quotes

Country girls are you ready? We have compiled a selection of the best country girls quotes and sayings that you will enjoy reading.

1.      “You can't take the New York out of the girl. It's like a little country girl coming to the big city.“  

-Randee Heller.

2.      “I'm a country girl. I have to be in nature, so my daughter is exposed to it a lot.”

-Salma Hayek.

3.      “I'm a country girl, and I love country music.”

-Adrienne C. Moore.

4. “I like sundresses with cowboy boots, little shorts with big wedge heels and a big piece of turquoise.”

-Kirsten Prout.

5.      “I grew up like a lot of country boys and girls do - amongst the pine trees, dirt roads, farms, mules and people who were real.”    

-Josh Turner.

6.      “As a farm girl, even when I was quite young, I had my 'farm chores' - but I had time also to be alone, to explore the fields, woods and creek side. And to read.”    

-Joyce Carol Oates.

7. “I'm a simple, country, small-town girl at heart.”

-Tori Bowie.

8.      “I was born a country girl, I will die a country girl.”  

-Alan Hawkshaw, 'Country Girl'.

9.      “I'm so glad I'm a country girl. Birds sing good morning country girl I sleep to the sounds of a whippoorwill.”    

-Alan Hawkshaw, 'Country Girl'.

10. "I'm 'country girl meets city girl' circa 1930."

-Kirsten Prout.

11.  “The country girl is a figure for a sense of distance from modernity that is proper to modernity itself.”  

-Catherine Driscoll.

12.  “I think ‘Country Girl’ is one song that can veer into country or hip-hop or rap. You can listen to it and enjoy the humor and the fun in it.”

-Luke Bryan.

13. "I just want to be loved like a country song."


14.  “I have always been a country girl and still have a country girl's values.”

-Ava Gardner.

15.  “I’m just a simple country girl.”

-Dolly Parton.

16.  “A country girl can talk her way out of a ticket.”

-Kellie Pickler.

17.  “My day is made with puppies and kittens meadows and daisies. I'm so glad I'm a country girl.”  

-Alan Hawkshaw, 'Country Girl'.

18.  "I’d rather have a guy with jeans, boots, and truck than a guy with a suit, shiny shoes, and Ferrari any day."


Popular Country Girl Quotes

These country girls quotes and sayings might define a country girl. Cowgirls are strong women, but they also have a softer side to them, which makes them unique. Read on to find the best famous country girl quotes you can share with your special lady.

19.  "If you talk bad about country music, it's like saying things about my mama. Them's fightin' words."

- Dolly Parton.

20.  "Southern women can say more with a cut of their eyes than a whole debate club's worth of speeches."

- Allison Glock.

21. "My world is made of blue skies and sunshine green fields and butterflies."

-Alan Hawkshaw, 'Country Girl'.

22.  "I was born with my heart on my sleeve, a fire in my soul, and a mouth I can't control."


23.  “Southern girls are God's gift to the entire male population. There is absolutely no woman finer than one raised below the Mason-Dixon line...”

-Kenny Chesney.

24.  “I am a Southern woman, born with revolutionary blood in my veins. Freedom of speech and of thought were my birthright, guaranteed, signed, and sealed by the blood of our fathers.”

-Rose O'Neal Greenhow.

25.  “... Southern women, in my opinion, are complicated and are equally feminine and driven. That's kind of an unusual combination and people usually tend to get it wrong.”

-Emily Procter.

26.  “There's something about Southern women that is so unique yet so universal. Strong southern women are allowed to be soft and feminine and have a sense of humor. But what I love about Southern women in particular is their universality.”

-Connie Britton.

27.  “Southern women like their men religious and a little mad.”

-Michael Shaara.

28.  “I don't know how it is up North, of course, but down South there are times when Southern women feel a need for privacy.”

-John Lee Mahin.

29.  “All Southern women wished of their menfolk was simply to be 'like Paris handsome and like Hector brave'.”

-Willa Cather.

30.  “I feel like if you're a girl in the South, you know 'Gone With The Wind' better than anything. Scarlett O'Hara is such a quintessential Southern woman.”

-Leslie Bibb.

31.  “She was so Southern that she cried tears that came straight from the Mississippi, and she always smelled faintly of cottonwood and peaches.”

― Sarah Addison Allen, 'Garden Spells'.

32.  “When a Southern woman offers you a homecooked meal, you're only rude if you refuse. That goes for seconds and thirds too, by the way."

― Brandy Heineman, 'Whispers In The Branches'.

33.  “... Southern women are impossible to live with because they will never find a man who treats them like their daddy did.”

― Maryln Schwartz, 'New Times In The Old South'.

34.  “Because the thing about being a Southern girl is they let you run loose until the time comes to shape you.”

― Claire Fullerton, 'Little Tea'.

35.  “If you wanted something done, come heel or high water, you leave it to a Southern girl.”

-Angie Fox.

36.  One thing about Southern women, they were tough. No one said no and got away it.”

-Sherrilyn Kenyon.

37.  “[Southern women] know their bibles, it’s true. That’s why you must never argue with them, because they know more scriptures than you do.”

-Sean Dietrich.

38.  “That is the mystery about writing: it comes out of afflictions, out of the gouged times, when the heart is cut open.”

― Edna O'Brien, 'Country Girl'.

39.  “I’m not just a big-haired redhead country singer who dresses flamboyantly, has this wicked sense of humor and wears rhinestones.”

-Naomi Judd.

40.  “Not only do I know how to milk a cow, but I know how to herd a bunch of cows, too. Which is a life skill that I think may come in handy someday.”

-Martina McBride.

41.  “I keep my heart and soul in the boondocks.”

-'Little Big Town'.

42.  “Being the farm girl that I am, one who loves farm-fresh eggs, I include tips on preserving and cooking with fresh eggs in every chapter.”  

-Ann Accetta-Scott.

43.  “A work ethic developed on the farm is never dimmed.”    

-Wanda Joyce Yohn.

44.  “Growing up on a farm gave me a wealth of knowledge and experience that would be hard to gain in any other way.”

-Wanda Joyce Yohn.

45.  “Southern women see no point in the hard way. Life is hard enough. So we add a little sugar to the sour.”

-Allison Glock.

46.  "I listen to old songs and remember exactly where I was living. And where I recorded it and how I wrote it, the girl I was dating at the time or whatever."

-Granger Smith.

47.  “Here’s to the girls that don’t wake up with perfect hair. Who don’t wear 50 pounds of makeup, and who’d rather spend the day in jeans than in a dress.”


Some Beautiful Quotes About Country Girls And Country Life

No one can make you smile like a country girl! Why not share some of these quotes with someone special to make her smile too?

48.  “Talkin, true blue, out in the woods, down-home, country girl.”

– Jason Aldean.

49.  “If you can find a nice pretty country girl that can cook and carries her bible, now there’s a woman.”

– Phil Robertson.

50.  “Better to be strong than pretty and useless.”

– Lilith Saintcrow.

51.  “You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.”


52.  “I’m still always a country girl from New Zealand.”


53.  “The country girl is an important figure in the broad field of Australian popular drama.”

-Catherine Driscoll.

54.  “Research shows that women farmers often have less access than men farmers do to information, technology, inputs, land and markets.”

-Barbara Herz.

55.  “He made the country down in Illinois, and He made the Missouri", the little girl continued. "I guess somebody else made the country in these parts. It's not nearly so well done. They forgot the water and the trees.”

- Arthur Conan Doyle.

56.  “When I was younger, I thought LisaRaye sounded so country, but I've come to really appreciate my family-given name.”

- LisaRaye McCoy-Misick

57.  “It is impossible to capture the essence of love in writing.”

― Edna O'Brien, 'Country Girl'.

58.  "I find feminism in smiles of a country girl not in Woolf's artworks."

- Ali Rezavand Zayeri.

59.  "Out of the city, of course. If Guy ever gets a movie offer we're going to grab it and go live in Los Angeles. I'm a country girl at heart."

- Ira Levin, 'Rosemary's Baby'.

60.  "There is a vast deal of make-believe in the carefully nurtured sentiment for country life, and the barefoot boy, and the mountain girl."

- Agnes Repplier.

61. "I'm a country girl; I like country music. That's what my car radio is on."

- Kim Dickens.

62.  "I'm a country girl. The more big cities I go to, the more fashionistas and designers I meet who want to dress me. The more I have all these kind of superficial but amazing experiences, the more I just realize that I'm from Gloucestershire."

- FKA Twigs.

63.  "Don't you dare print my first name. That would make me sound like a real country girl."

- Vesta Williams.

64.  "Aren't all the best songs about a girl? It doesn't matter if it's metal, if it's country, if it's blues or rock and roll. All the songs that make us remember and make us want to sing along are about the best kind of girl."

- Jay Crownover.

65.  "I was a country kid who went to a public school, and she was more of a middle-class girl who attended a private school."

- Jase Robertson.

66.  "Social topics may hit too close to home for people, but then again, if you pull a heartstring, then that's what country music is."

- Kenny Chesney.

67.  “Here’s to the girls who grew up playing in dirt, who ran outside barefoot and weren’t afraid to be one of the boys.”


68.  “Gravel roads, bonfires, deer hunting, 4-wheeler riding through fields of mud & some good ole country friends… Most of the girls would say hell no to the country life. But my reaction would be a big ole ‘Hell yeah’.”


69. “Books everywhere. On the shelves and on the small space above the rows of books. And all along the floor and under chairs, books that I have read, books that I have not read.”

― Edna O'Brien, 'Country Girl'.

70. "And we know a cow when we see one. Don't underestimate us farm girls."

- Steve Antin.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for some of the best country girl quotes perfect for Southern belles, then why not take a look at these [country quotes] or Texas quotes for more quotes to share with someone who loves life in the country?

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