60 Inspiring Revival Quotes From Throughout Christianity

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Revival means rejuvenation of God and the restoration of the realization of the essence of God's presence in human life.

Spiritual thoughts of realization or conscience that say restoration is needed are the first steps towards revival. The core purpose of revivals is to bring to light the poor, crippled, people and concepts in need.

To revive and rejuvenate are for people who have lost hopes and are now in need of some healing process. Here is a collection of what does revival means quotes, prayer is what brings revival quotes and why revival tarries quotes to help you get spiritually invigorated.

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Quotes On Revival

These revival quotes will help you take your moment away from worldliness and selfishness.

1. "A revival means days of heaven upon earth."

- David Lloyd-Jones.

2. "We cannot organize revival, but we can set our sails to catch the wind from Heaven when God chooses to blow upon His people once again."

- G. Campbell Morgan, 'My All In All'.

3. "Present-day wickedness, apostasy and modern civilization cannot prevent revival."

- John R. Rice.

4. "As long as we are content to live without revival, we will."

- Leonard Ravenhill.

5. "During true revival, thousands of lost people are suddenly swept into the Kingdom of God. Scenes of the lost coming to the Savior in great, and unprecedented numbers, are common."

- Henry Blackaby.

6. "Revival is not just a feeling of excitement of the Lord. We get excited about many things, but excitement is not a revival if God is not the thing that gets us excited."

- Jerry Falwell.

7. "Revival is the visitation of God which brings to life Christians who have been sleeping and restores a deep sense of God's near presence and holiness."

- J.I. Packer.

8. "All revival begins and continues in the prayer meeting. Some have also called prayer the "great fruit of revival."

- Henry Blackaby.

9. "A revival of religion presupposes a declension."

- Charles Finney, 'Lectures On Revivals Of Religion'.

Revival Prayer Quotes

True revival is people who are hopeless and have now realized the need for revival.

10. "When there is a spirit of controversy in the church or in the land, a revival is needful."

- Charles Finney, 'Lectures On Revivals Of Religion'.

11. "Oh, what responsibility this lays on the Church of God! If you grieve Him away from yourselves, or hinder His visit, then the poor perishing world suffers sorely!"

- Andrew Bonar.

12. "In times of revival, thousands may be found on their knees for hours, lifting up their heartfelt cries, with thanksgiving, to heaven."

- Henry Blackaby.

13. "Any true revival can be proven by the fact that it changed the moral climate of an area or nation."

- Leonard Ravenhill.

14. "A revival is nothing else than a new beginning of obedience to God."

- Charles Finney, 'Lectures On Revivals Of Religion'.

15. "Thence springs a vivid sense of sin and a profound exercise of heart in repentance, praise, and love, with an evangelistic outflow."

- J.I. Packer.

16. "When is a revival needed? When carelessness and unconcern keep the people asleep."

- Billy Sunday.

17. "Revival is an infusion of new spiritual life imparted by the Holy Spirit to existing parts of Christ's body."

- Richard Lovelace.

18. "Revival is a renewed conviction of sin and repentance, followed by an intense desire to live in obedience to God. It is giving up one's will to God in deep humility."

- Charles Finney.

19. "Revival is when God gets so sick and tired of being misrepresented that he shows himself."

- Leonard Ravenhill.

Spiritual Awakening Quotes

These quotes illustrate God and his love and will help produce a spiritual experience of revival.

20. "Awakening is about liberating yourself from the prison that is the world of the mind and daring to be here as all that you are."

– Leonard Jacobson.

21. "There is need of a great revival of spiritual life, of truly fervent devotion to our Lord Jesus, of entire consecration to His service."

- Andy Murray.

22. "We are not the only ones affected by our recovery. The spiritual awakening heals the world one person at a time."

– Marta Mrotek, 'Miracle In Progress'.

23. "When Holy God draws near in true revival, people come under terrible conviction of sin. The outstanding feature of spiritual awakening has been the profound consciousness of the Presence and holiness of God."

- Henry Blackaby.

24. "If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing."

– Gail Sheehy, 'New Passages'.

25. "Those who look outside, dream. Those who look inside, awaken."

- Carl Jung.

26. "She remembered who she was and the game changed."

- Lalah Delia.

27. "I looked in temples churches and mosques. But I found the Divine within my heart."

- Rumi.

28. "It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up."

– Eckhart Tolle.

Quotes About Revival In The Bible

Here are some revival quotes gathered from the Bible's scriptures and testaments.

29. "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."

- Bible, 'Psalm 51:10.

30. "Then we shall not turn back from you; give us life, and we will call upon your name!"

- Bible, 'Psalm 80:18'.

31. "The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple."

- Bible, 'Psalm 19:7'.

32. "Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?"

- Bible, 'Psalm 85:6'.

33. "He will confirm a covenant with many for one 'seven.' In the middle of the 'seven' he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him."

- Bible, 'Daniel 9:27'.

34. "Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded."

- Bible, 'James 4:8'.

35. "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

- Bible, '1 John 1:9'.

36. "Restore us, Lord God Almighty; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved."

- Bible, 'Psalm 80:19'.

Andrew Murray Quotes

These are some quotes from Andrew Murray, a Christian pastor who believed and made people believe in the grace of God.

37. "A true revival means nothing less than a revolution, casting out the spirit of worldliness and selfishness, and making God and His love triumph in the heart and life."

- Andrew Murray.

38. "Here is the path to the higher life: down, lower down!"

- Andrew Murray, 'Humility'.

39. "Being filled with the Spirit is simply this - having my whole nature yielded to His power."

- Andrew Murray, 'Absolute Surrender'.

40. "Humility is perfect quietness of heart. It is to expect nothing, to wonder at nothing that is done to me, to feel nothing done against me."

- Andrew Murray.

41. "I need to spend time with God even when I do not know what to pray."

- Andrew Murray.

42. "A dead Christ I must do everything for; a living Christ does everything for me."

- Andrew Murray, 'Jesus Himself'.

43. "We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth."

- Andrew Murray, 'The State Of The Church'.

44. "The great thing in prayer is to feel that we are putting our supplications into the bosom of omnipotent love."

- Andrew Murray.

45. "Jesus never taught His disciples how to preach, only how to pray."

- Andrew Murray, 'Lord, Teach Us To Pray'.

46. "Prayer not only teaches and strengthens one for work, work teaches and strengthens one for prayer."

- Andrew Murray, 'With Christ In The School Of Prayer'.

47. "God cannot hear the prayers on our lips often because the desires of our heart after the world cry out to Him much more strongly and loudly than the our desires for Him."

- Andrew Murray.

48. "Pride must die in you, or nothing of heaven can live in you.

- Andrew Murray, 'Humility'.

Quotes About The Holy Spirit

These revival quotes cover holiness and spirituality and will awaken you for a revival.

49. "The Holy Spirit's main ministry is not to give thrills but to create in us Christlike character."

- J. I. Packer.

50. "Without the Spirit of God, we can do nothing. We are as ships without wind. We are useless."

- Charles Spurgeon.

51. "Religion can reform a person's life, but it can never transform him. Only the Holy Spirit can transform!"

- Aiden Wilson Tozer.

52. "Prayer is not what is done by us, but rather what is done by the Holy Spirit in us."

- Henri Nouwen.

53. "Earthly wisdom is doing what comes naturally. Godly wisdom is doing what the Holy Spirit compels us to do."

- Charles Stanley, 'Walking Wisely'.

54. "May God so fill us today with the heart of Christ that we may glow with the divine fire of holy desire."

- A. B. Simpson, 'Days Of Heaven On Earth'.

55. "When we have been to Holy Communion, the balm of love envelops the soul as the flower envelops the bee."

- John Vianney.

56. "God sent Jesus as an example to see if we could retain and maintain the Holy Spirit in human flesh."

- Benny Hinn.

57. "I don't want the world to define God for me. I want the Holy Spirit to reveal God to me."

- Aiden Wilson Tozer.

58. "All are called to holiness, and holy people alone can renew humanity."

- Pope John Paul II.

59. "Holiness is not the way to Christ. Christ is the way to holiness."

- Adrian Rogers.

60. "What we need is not more learning, not more eloquence, not more persuasion, not more organization, but more power from the Holy Spirit."

- John Stott.

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