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Zootopia quotes are funny.
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Disney animated movie 'Zootopia' tells the story of a modern mammal metropolis of the same name.

Composed of different ecosystems like Tundratown and ritzy Sahara Square, it is a place where all the animals live together. In Zootopia, anyone can be anything.

The story follows a rabbit. The 'Zootopia' rabbit name is Judy Hopps and she arrives in Zootopia as the first bunny police officer.

With an optimistic mind and hopeful heart, she starts her day in Zootopia, only to find that being the first and only bunny police officer among other big, tough animals is easier said than done. But, she is determined, and to prove herself as a real cop, she partners with a scam artist fox.

The fox's name in 'Zootopia' is Nick Wilde (played by Jason Bateman).

Together, they solve the mystery of missing predators in Zootopia. Apart from the leading duo, there are several other characters like the rat named Mr. Big, a cheetah named Clawhauser, and the 'Zootopia' lamb named Bellwether.

By using the different mammalian characters as a metaphor, the movie has tried to explore different stereotypes of human beings. Lots of the animals make mistakes in 'Zootopia', but by the end of the film they have learn from these, teaching the audience an important lesson of tolerance at the same time.

The movie cast has some top names including Jason Bateman (Nick Wilde, 'Zootopia' fox), Ginnifer Goodwin (Judy Hopps, 'Zootopia' rabbit), Jenny Slate (Bellwether, sheep from 'Zootopia'), Idris Elba (Chief Bogo, 'Zootopia' cape buffalo), Maurice LaMarche (Mr. Big, 'Zootopia' rat), Tommy Chong (Yax) and others.

One of the best side characters is the 'Zootopia' Mr. Big animal, who is actually a rat.

Mr. Big's voice is given by Maurice LaMarche. Another popular scene is the one with the 'Zootopia' sloth smile that has even been turned into a meme.

The storyline of the movie is interesting and fun. It is a must-watch Disney movie with tons of great quotes.

In this article, we have laid down tons of 'Zootopia' movie quotes that include Judy Hopps quotes, Nick Wilde quotes, and quotes from other scenes.

For example, the 'Zootopia' Godfather scene script contains several funny moments, and during the Zootopia Mr. Big scene, the little fox and Zootopia PD Officer Judy Hopps are about to be iced when Fru comes and saves them.

Out of all the 'Zootopia' funniest scenes, this one is right up at the top.

Each joke from 'Zootopia' has been created while keeping in mind its young audience, so there are several great 'Zootopia' lines, 'Zootopia' dad jokes, 'Zootopia' flash joke ideas and even a funny camel joke 'Zootopia' fans love. These quotes make it one of the best Disney movies.

For more inspiration, you can also check out Finding Dory quotes and Pixar quotes.

Funny 'Zootopia' Quotes

Disney movies are known for their light humor. If you are looking for funny 'Zootopia' quotes, Nick Wilde ones are the best, in terms of humor.

They are delivered so well by actor, Jason Bateman too! Here are some of the funniest quotes from 'Zootopia', including the 'Zootopia' sloth joke and 'Zootopia' let it go one-liner. Whether your favorite actor in 'Zootopia' is Jason Bateman, Tommy Chong, Ginnifer Goodwin or someone else, you will love these funny quotes!

1. "Are you saying that because he’s a sloth he can’t be fast? I thought in Zootopia, anyone could be anything.”

- Nick Wilde.

2. “Yeeeaah... two hundred dollars a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year since you were twelve, that's two decades, so times twenty which is... one million four hundred sixty thousand - I think. I mean, I am just a dumb bunny, but we are good at multiplying.”

- Judy Hopps.

3. “Stu Hopps: You want to talk about making the world a better place, no better way to do it than becoming a carrot farmer.

Bonnie Hopps: Yes! Your dad, me, your 275 brothers and sisters, we’re changing the world.

Stu Hopps: Yeah.

Bonnie Hopps: One carrot at a time.

Stu Hopps: Amen to that.”

4. "What was it you said? 'Any moron can run a plate'? Gosh, if only there were a moron around who were up to the task."

- Judy Hopps.

5. "It's called a hustle, sweetheart."

- Nick Wilde.

6. “You have the app too? Awww chief!”

- Benjamin Clawhauser.

7. "Naïve little hick with good grades and big ideas decides, ‘Hey, look at me, I’m gonna move to Zootopia, where predators and prey live in harmony and sing Kumbaya!’”

- Nick Wilde.

8. “Judy Hopps: I'm not a dumb bunny!

Nick Wilde: Right. And that's not wet cement.”

9. “Nick Wilde: What do you call a three humped camel?

Flash: I don't know.

Nick Wilde: Pregnant!”

10. “It may be impossible to small minds... I'm looking at you, Gideon Grey.”

- Young Hopps.

11. “Daddy, we talked about this. No icing people on my wedding day!”

- Fru Fru.

12. “Judy Hopps: Y'know, I think you might actually make a good cop.

Nick Wilde: How dare you.”

13. “Nick Wilde: Don't let go!

Judy Hopps: I'm gonna let go!

Nick Wilde: What!?”

14. “Hey when it's hard for her to fall asleep does she count herself?”

- Nick Wilde.

15. “Judy Hopps: What did you do to make Mr. Big so mad at you?

Nick Wilde: I, um, I may have sold him a very expensive wool rug that was made from the fur of a skunk, Spot.

Judy Hopps: Oh, sweet cheese and crackers.”

16. “Judy Hopps: Oh! You are naked!

Yax: For sure. We're a naturalist club.”

17. "39, 40. There you go. Way to work that diaper, big guy! Hey, no kiss bye-bye for Daddy?"

- Nick Wilde.

18. "Great. We're dead. We're dead, that's it. I'm dead, you're dead, everybody's dead!"

- Nick Wilde.

19. "Mime! She is a mime! This mime cannot speak, you can't speak if you're a mime!"

- Nick Wilde.

20. "So are all rabbits bad drivers or is it just you?"

- Nick Wilde.

21. "I know everybody. And I also know that somewhere, there's a toy store missing its stuffed animal, so why don't you get back to your box."

- Nick Wilde.

22. "Are you saying that because he's a sloth he can't be fast? I thought in Zootopia anyone could be anything."

- Nick Wilde.

23. “Awww… That poor little bunny is going to be eaten alive.”

- Officer Clawhauser.

24. “Hurry! We got to beat the rush hour…it is night!”

–Judy Hopps.

25. “You come here unannounced on the day my daughter gets married? Ice them!”

–Mr. Big.

26. “You’ll never be a real cop. You’re a cute meter maid, though. Maybe a supervisor one day. Hang in there.”

- Nick Wilde.

27. “Hey, Carrots, you’re gonna wake the baby. I gotta get to work.”

- Nick Wilde.

28. “What happened, meter maid? Did someone steal a traffic cone? It wasn’t me!”

- Nick Wilde.

29. “Judy Hopps: Nicholas Wilde, you are under arrest!

Nick Wilde: For what? Hurting your feewings?”

30. “Judy Hopps: You wasted the day on purpose!

Nick Wilde: “Madam, I have a fake badge. I would never impede your pretend investigation.”

31. “Nick Wilde: Oh now, wait a minute. Polar bear fur, rat pack music, fancy cup. I know whose car this is. We gotta go!

Judy Hopps: Why? Whose car is it?”

Nick Wilde: The most feared crime boss in Tundratown. They call him Mr. Big, and he does not like me, so we gotta go!”

32. “Oh my God! The velvety pipes of Jerry Vole! But on CD. Who still uses CDs?”

- Nick Wilde.

33. “Oh, you bunnies... You are standing on my tail, though. Off, off, off.”

- Nick Wilde.

34. “Ha! You should have your own line of inspirational greeting cards, sir!”

- Nick Wilde.

35. “Well, well. Look who it is, the Duke of Bootleg.”

- Nick Wilde.

36. “No law enforcement, no commerce inspectors as far as the eye can see! Gotta love that.”

- Nick Wilde.

37. “Assistant Mayor Bellwether: There's traffic cams for the whole city. Well, this is so exciting actually. I mean, well, you know, I never get to do anything this important.

Officer Judy Hopps: You're the Assistant Mayor of Zootopia.

Assistant Mayor Bellwether: Oh, I'm more of a glorified secretary. I think Mayor Lionheart just wanted the sheep vote, but he did give me that nice mug!”

38. “Thanks, Flash buddy! Remind me to have you recite your poetry to Officer Hopps sometime.”

- Nick Wilde.

39. “Oh, I hope you didn't stake your career on cracking this one.”

- Clawhauser

40. “Judy Hopps: Is that Mr. Big?

Nick Wilde: Stop talking, stop talking!”

41. “We need to address the elephant in the room. Francine? Happy Birthday.”

- Chief Bogo.

42. “Nick Wilde: No kiss bye-bye for Daddy?

Finnick: You kiss me tomorrow, I bite your face off!”

43. “Clawhauser: O M Goodness, they really did hire a bunny. Ho-wop! I gotta tell you, you're even cuter than I thought you'd be.

Judy Hopps: Ooh, ah, you probably didn't know, but a bunny can call another bunny 'cute', but when other animals do it, that's a little...

Clawhauser: Hoo, I'm so sorry! Me, Benjamin Clawhauser, the guy everyone thinks is just a flabby donut-loving cop stereotyping you.”

44. “Wilde... Hopps... parking duty. Dismissed. Just kidding!”

- Chief Bogo.

45. “Nick Wilde: Hey, Carrots, you're gonna wake the baby. I gotta get to work.

Judy Hopps: This is important, sir. I think your ten dollars worth of pawpsicles can wait.

Nick Wilde: Ha! I make 200 bucks a day, Fluff. 365 days a year since I was 12. And time is money. Hop along.”

46. “Judy Hopps: Hi! Hello? It's me again.

Nick Wilde: Hey, it's Officer Toot-toot!

Judy Hopps: Ha-ha-ho, no. Actually, It's Officer Hopps and I'm here to ask you some questions about a case.”

47. “She hustled you! She hustled you good! You a cop now, Nick! You're gonna need one of these!”

- Finnick.

48. “Chief Bogo: Clawhauser! Can't you see I'm working on the missing mammal cases?

Clawhauser: Oh, oh, oh, yes, of course, about that sir. Officer Hopps just called - she found all of them.

Gazelle: Wow, I'm impressed!”

49. “Nick Wilde: So... fluffy

Judy Hopps: Hey, stop that!

Nick Wilde: Sheep never let me get this close.

Judy Hopps: You can't just touch a sheep's wool.

Nick Wilde: It's like cotton candy.”

50. “Stu Hopps: Judy, you ever wonder how your mom and me got to be so darn happy?

Young Hopps: Nope.

Stu Hopps: Well, we gave up on our dreams, and we settled. Right, Bon?

Bonnie Hopps: Oh, yes. That's right, Stu, we settled hard.”

Some of the 'Zootopia' quotes can make you think.

Inspirational 'Zootopia' Quotes

Disney movies are not only fun but also inspirational. 'Zootopia' is no different.

Now that you have read and enjoyed 'Zootopia' hustle jokes, a 'Zootopia' Flash car quote, a 'Zootopia' camel quote, a Dash 'Zootopia' quote,the 'Zootopia' tax evasion quote, and others, it is time to move on to more inspirational quotes.

From our favorite encounter in 'Zootopia': Judy and Gideon in the carnival, to the 'Zootopia' ending speech, there are several instances that display the persevering nature of Judy Hopps. Here are some 'Zootopia' inspirational quotes from stars including Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin that will make you feel determined.

51. “Never let them see that they get to you.”

- Nick Wilde.

52. “Tomorrow’s another day.”

- Judy Hopps.

53. "Oh. Then, I guess I'll have to be the first one. Because I am gonna make the world a better place!"

- Judy Hopps.

54. "Well, he was right about one thing: I don't know when to quit!"

- Judy Hopps.

55. "I was ignorant and irresponsible and small-minded. But predators shouldn't suffer because of my mistakes. I have to fix this."

- Judy Hopps.

56. “Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.”

- Judy Hopps.

57. “Life's a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy.”

- Judy Hopps.

58. “Zootopia is a unique place, it's a crazy, beautiful, diverse city where we celebrate our differences. This is not the Zootopia I know, the Zootopia I know is better than this, we don't just blindly assign blame.”

- Gazelle.

59. “Real life is messy. We all have limitations, we all make mistakes, which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try.”

- Judy Hopps.

60. “So no matter what type of animal you are; from the biggest elephant, to our first fox, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place.”

- Judy Hopps.

61. “You gave her the 48 hours, so technically we still have… ten left to find our Mr. Otterton, and that is exactly what we’re gonna do. So, if you’ll excuse us, we have a very big lead to follow, and a case to crack. Good day.”

- Nick Wilde.

62. “Nick Wilde: I learned two things that day. One: I was never gonna let anyone see that they got to me.”

Judy Hopps: And two?

Nick Wilde: If the world’s only gonna see a fox as shifty and untrustworthy, there’s no point in trying to be anything else.”

63. “I, Nicholas Wilde, promise to be brave, loyal, helpful, and… trustworthy.”

- Nick Wilde.

64. “Life’s a little bit messy. We all make mistakes. No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you.”

- Judy Hopps.

65. "We don't know why these attacks keep happening, but it is irresponsible to label all predators as savages. We cannot let fear divide us. Please... give me back the Zootopia I love."

- Gazelle.

'Zootopia' is an inspiring animated movie from Disney.

Cool 'Zootopia' Quotes

'Zootopia' is a movie, starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Tommy Chong and others, about a society of animals where everyone lives happily together and thrives. It is filled with wacky characters and cool dialogues like those from the 'Zootopia' love scene, as well as plenty of 'Zootopia' dreams quotes from Zootopia cop, Judy Hopps.

Here are some of the coolest quotes that you should check out.

66. "No one tells me what I can and can't be! Especially not some jerk who never had the guts to try to be anything more than a pawpsicle hustler!"

- Judy Hopps.

67. "No, I am a cop. And I'm on the Emmitt Otterton case, and my evidence puts him in your car! So intimidate me all you want. I'm gonna find out what you did to that otter if it's the last thing I do."

- Judy Hopps.

68. "What is your problem? Does seeing me fail somehow make you feel better about your own sad, miserable life?"

- Judy Hopps.

69. "With all due respect, sir, a good cop is supposed to serve and protect - help the city. Not... tear it apart."

- Judy Hopps.

70. “Hundred tickets, I'm not gonna write a hundred tickets. I'm gonna write two-hundred tickets! Before noon!”

- Judy Hopps.

71. “But I can't do it without you. And after we're done, you can hate me, and... and that'll be fine, because I was a horrible friend, and I hurt you, and you... and you can walk away knowing that you were right all along - I really am just a dumb bunny."

- Judy Hopps.

72. “Judy Hopps: We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.

Stu Hopps: And bears.”

73. “Didn't forget. Just don't care.”

- Chief Bogo.

74. "All right, look, everyone comes to Zootopia thinking they can be anything they want. Well, you can’t. You can only be what you are. Sly fox, dumb bunny."

- Nick Wilde.

75. "You can’t touch me, Carrots, I've been doing this since I was born."

- Nick Wilde.

76. "...whoopsie! - we don’t all get along."

- Nick Wilde.

77. “And whoopsie number three-sie, no one cares about her or her dreams, and soon enough those dreams die and our bunny sinks into emotional and literal squalor, living in a box under a bridge, 'till, finally, she has no choice but to go back home with that cute fuzzy-wuzzy tail between her legs.”

- Nick Wilde.

78. "Be careful now or it won't be just your dreams getting crushed!"

- Nick Wilde.

79. "First off, you throw like a bunny. Second, you're a very sore loser. See you later, Officer Fluff!"

- Nick Wilde.

80. "Okay. Press conference 101. You wanna look smart, answer their question with your own question, and then answer that question."

- Nick Wilde.

81. “Fear always works, and I'll dart every predator in Zootopia to keep it that way.”

- Bellwether.

82. “All right, you know, you're milking it. Besides, I think we got it. I think we got it! We got it up there, thank you, Yakety-Yak! You've laid it all out beautifully!”

- Nick Wilde.

83. “Bellwether: I framed Lionheart, I can frame you, too. It's my word against yours.

Judy Hopps: Oooh, actually... [pulls out her carrot pen and plays back Bellwether's confession] It's your word against yours!

84. “Coming through, this is Officer Hopps, and I am in pursuit! Woot woot!”

— Judy Hopps.

85. “Flash, Flash, hundred-yard-dash! Buddy, it’s nice to see ya.”

- Nick Wilde.

86. “In Zootopia, anyone can be anything. And these guys? They be naked.”

- Nick Wilde.

87. “Y’know, if I wanted to avoid surveillance because I was doing something illegal – which I never have – I would use the maintenance tunnel 6B, which would put them out… right there.”

- Nick Wilde.

88. “So, let me ask you a question; are you afraid of me? Do you think I might go nuts?... Do you think I might try to… eat you?”

- Nick Wilde.

89. “I knew it. Just when I thought somebody actually believed in me, huh? Probably best if you don’t have a predator as a partner.”

- Nick Wilde.

90. “Nick Wilde: You know you love me.

Judy Hopps: Do I know that? Yes, yes I do!”

91. “The thing is, you don't need a warrant if you have probable cause, and I'm pretty sure I saw a shifty lowlife climbing the fence. So you're helping plenty. Come on.”

- Judy Hopps.

92. “Judy Hopps: Get your popsicle.

Clawhauser: Yeah. 'Cause that... what does that mean?

Judy Hopps: It means... I have a lead.”

93. “Judy Hopps: Oh Nick! Night howlers aren't wolves! They're toxic flowers. I think someone is targeting predators on purpose and making them go savage.

Nick Wilde: Wow. Isn't that interesting.”

94. “There are some new recruits with us I should introduce. But I'm not going to because, I don't care.”

- Chief Bogo.

95. “Bet you a nickel one of them is gonna howl. And there it is. I mean, what is with wolves and the howling?”

- Nick Wilde.

96. “Judy Hopps: Sir, I’m not just some token bunny.

Chief Bogo: You strike out, you resign.

Judy Hopps: Deal.”

97. “Judy Hopps: I came here to make the world a better place, but I think I broke it.

Chief Bogo: The world has always been broken. That’s why we need good cops.”

98. “Life isn’t some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and all your insipid dreams magically come true.”

- Chief Bogo.

99. “It’s not about how badly you want something. It’s about what you are capable of!”

- Chief Bogo.

100. "So sad this is over! I wish I could have helped more!"

- Nick Wilde.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Zootopia' quotes, then why not take a look at Mike Wazowski quotes, or [Disney princess quotes] for more?

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