73 Minnesota Vikings Facts You Will Love As A Football Fan

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A famous Minnesota Vikings fact is during the year 1988 the team played against the Washington redskins to win back the NFC championship.
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Minnesota Vikings is a professional team of football players. These players are based in Minneapolis and they very often compete in various national-level football games.

The Minnesota Viking is the home team of the Minneapolis city, they are also members of the national football league and play various national level football games and home games. The Minnesota Viking has by far played around four super bowls in their team history.

The Minnesota Vikings played their first regular-season game in the year '60s, which was hosted at a U.S bank stadium.

That was also the time when the U.S bank stadium was recently made in downtown Minneapolis, making it one of their home games.

The very first time when the Minnesota Vikings won in their purple uniform was when they were playing for the Monday night football game against the Chicago bears. For Minnesota Vikings, their lucky stars just started to bless them after their win as NFC champions, however, a team this big also comes with a great league history.

When it comes to a professional team such as the Minnesota Vikings, winning and losing are part of the playing season.

Facts About Minnesota Vikings

A professional team that has been an NFL team since the year '20s comes with a great NFL history, here are some of the famous facts about the Minnesota Viking.

  • The famous Minnesota Vikings were earlier called miners or Chippewas.
  • The Minnesota Vikings started their first regular-season game with their new name in the year the '60s.
  • Vikings started playing in the '60s and they were started and funded by a funding group.
  • There were many people who were behind the success of the Minnesota Viking, their funding group was one of them, almost six businessmen funded the Minnesota Viking.
  • Out of six founding men, two of them were max winter and E. William.
  • Like many NFL teams, luck wasn't always in favor of the Minnesota Vikings, the Vikings lost all the super bowls.
  • Some Minnesota Viking players also failed to play the playoff game of the Superbowl in the '60s.
  • The Minnesota Vikings had their own share of a winning season, regardless of that, for them the hall of fame didn't last long as one by one they kept losing all the super bowl games to other NFL teams.
  • The Minnesota Vikings were started by H.P Skoglund and Ole haugsraud along with four others.
  • Since having a place in the national football league and being part of the NFL franchise western conference is a big thing, the name Minnesota Vikings was chosen for this home team of downtown Minneapolis to represent the American culture.
  • The Vikings won the central division title just a decade after they started playing with their new name in the '60s.
  • In the year 1362, it's believed that the Vikings did move to western Minnesota.
  • Like the Minnesota Vikings, the Buffalo Bills also lost around four Superbowl in their career.
  • In the Minnesota Vikings' NFL record as a professional team, they lost their first super bowl to the kanas city chiefs.
  • The Minnesota Vikings lost their second super bowl to the Pittsburgh steelers.
  • The Minnesota Vikings joined the NFL franchise Western conference as an expansion team.
  • Since the Minnesota Vikings were an expansion team they were made to wear the color purple and gold.
  • The purple color uniform of the Minnesota Vikings was chosen by their general manager, bert rose.
  • The color gold was added to the Minnesota Vikings' uniform as a tribute to the Scandinavian heritage.
  • The general manager of the Minnesota Vikings thought the color purple was bold and strong and thus was perfect for their uniform.
  • The Minnesota Vikings played their third super bowl at the rose bowl stadium in California.
  • For the Minnesota Vikings, their hall of fame days was tinted when they lost another super bowl, and this time their third super bowl to the Oakland raiders.
  • The Minnesota Vikings had once experienced a winning season where this national football league team won 15 games in one season alone.
  • The first season in which the Minnesota Vikings played was in the bank stadium, bank stadium is also known as their home stadium since it's in Minnesota.
  • Many of the home games of the Minnesota Vikings were played in the bank stadium.
  • After the Minnesota Vikings joined the NFL western conference, they were immediately given their first head coach, which was the norm van Brocklin.
  • The Minnesota Vikings once lost to the famous Dallas cowboys during one of the playoff games.
  • This national football league team played their first very match with the Dallas cowboys.
  • The Minnesota Vikings were also a part of the western conference.

Minnesota Vikings' History

When it comes to the Minnesota Vikings and their players, there is a lot of history that went behind the making of these players and the making of the entire team.

  • The Minnesota Vikings have won around four conference championships.
  • The Amer Abdullah of the Minnesota Vikings team is the ninth child to his parents.
  • The first Viking who was elected to the hall of fame was the QB fran.
  • The Minnesota Vikings received their first hall of fame entry in the year 1986.
  • When it comes to the Vikings, every player is a champion, but the all-time scorer from the Minnesota Vikings is none other than Fred cox.
  • Fred cox became the all-time scorer of the Vikings, with around 1365 points.
  • The Minnesota Vikings experienced their first winning season as a national football league team in the year 1964.
  • The Minnesota Vikings are named after the Vikings of Scandinavia.
  • The Minnesota Vikings lost their fourth super bowl to Miami.
  • The first head director of the Minnesota Vikings was appointed during the timeline of 1960-1964, which was Joe Thomas.
  • The team was earlier believed to take the name Minneapolis Saint Paul, however, later it was confirmed that the team would be called Minnesota.
  • The Minnesota Vikings are known for trading players with different teams.
  • The Minnesota Vikings traded some of their players with the team the New York Giants to get the valued player fran Tarkenton.
  • The Minnesota Vikings once beat the packers in the final game of the year 2012, however, they lost again in the re-match.
  • The Minnesota Vikings played their worst season in the year 1962, which is also known as their second season.
  • In the year 1964, the manager of the team Minnesota Vikings resigned from his position.
  • Only six of the NFL teams have till now won 15 games in one regular season.
  • Vikings are known to be one of those six teams which exceeded expectations and won more than 10 games in one regular season.
  • In the year 1965, Max winter stepped in as the team president.
  • During the late '60s, the game plan of the Minnesota Vikings was evolving they were focusing more on their defense and hence, which lead them to win the central division position.
  • The powerful defense tactics which the Minnesota Vikings were building were famous among fans with the name of purple people eaters.
  • With help of the purple people eaters which was a defense led by alan page, the Vikings landed their first central division title in their team history.
  • After the central division title, the Vikings however lost the western conference championship.
  • The Minnesota Vikings lost their western conference championship, to none other but the powerful team Baltimore.
The very first time when the Minnesota Vikings won

Minnesota Vikings' Accomplishments

In the entire course of their team history, Minnesota Vikings had their share of wins and losses. The Minnesota Vikings once emerged as one of the best NFL teams, they also had their own share of losses in the super bowls. Here are some of the detailed facts about the Minnesota Vikings' accomplishment and their losses.

  • In the year 1969, the Minnesota Vikings emerged as one of the strongest NFL teams by setting the record of 12-2.
  • One of the first regular-season matches which the Minnesota Vikings played was in Minneapolis city.
  • The Vikings are also known as the first NFL expansion team to win the NFL championship game.
  • The Vikings were head-on against the strong team Cleveland brown in their battle for the NFL championship game.
  • The Minnesota Vikings won against Cleveland with a 27-7 score.
  • After winning the NFL championship for the Minnesota Vikings their happy seasons started and they were soon favored by fans and other funders.
  • The win of the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL championship also secured them a place in Super Bowl 4.
  • The team however lost all of their Superbowl one by one and never won even one Super Bowl.
  • After playing a few bad games, the Minnesota Vikings again started playing their usual purple people eater defense.
  • Once the team started using their powerful defense, they continued to rule the hearts of their fans again and had a shining time throughout the years 1970 - 1971.
  • Since Alan Page was behind the famous purple people eater defense it lead him to win the NFL's most valued player award.
  • As the Vikings are famous for trading their players, they traded Joe Kapp with Gray Cuozzo.
  • During the '70s offseason, the player joe Kapp was replaced by Gray Cuozzo who was the reason why the team lost to Kansas City, as Gray delivered a very mediocre performance.
  • In the year '70s, NFL hosted its first game on Christmas day.
  • The Vikings were to play against Dallas during the first match on Christmas day and they lost to Dallas.
  • As the Vikings played mainly on home turf, during the coldest seasons, many teams believed they are benefited from it.
  • During the '70s, the construction of a metropolitan stadium began, but it didn't provide enough capacity for an NFL Team.
  • The metropolitan stadium could only provide seating to 48,000 fans but the league demanded seating for at least 50000 fans.
  • The Vikings once again won back their central division in the year 1974, they won the same with the 10-4 record.
  • Since the Vikings had the reputation to play effortlessly in the cold, which the opposite team players didn't, they won the playoffs of that regular season as well.
  • Till the year 1975, the Minnesota Vikings were playing undefeated forms several teams, however, in the same year, they lost to Detroit.
  • For the Vikings the year 1976, was the year of celebration, they flew to Washington to play against the home team and win back the central division title, the team was successful in that.
  • The Vikings won against the Washington home team with a score of 35-20.
  • Since the Viking joined the NFL at the very starting of its career, they appeared for the NFC championship from time to time, and in most matches, they won.
  • During the NFC championship playoff of the year 1976, they also beat Los Angeles, in the metropolitan stadium.
  • However as the year 1976 started the players of the Minnesota Vikings were getting weaker as they were aging, the same could be seen in their MVP fran Tarkenton as well, when he tore his ACL.
  • The Vikings often enjoyed the home stadium advantage in the metropolitan stadium and beat many teams, but for the Vikings, the time was about to change when they were made to go against the Rams in Los Angeles after denying their home turf advantage.

Famous Players From Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings players hold a special place in the hearts of fans, here are some of the most incredible facts about the famous players from the Minnesota Vikings team.

  • The Vikings were a very strong team until the year 1977, nonetheless, with every preceding year, the growing age of these players was coming in between their game performance.
  • Fran Tarkenton, also known as one of the most loved players from the Minnesota Vikings, retired after the 1978 game of Vikings against the Rams.
  • In the year 1979, Tommy Kramer took over as the quarterback of the team.
  • Dan bailey of the Minnesota Vikings team is more than just a sportsman, the player obtained his pilot's license in the year 2018, the player also comes from a family of navy piolets.
  • The player C.J. Hams come from a family of navy veterans, his grandfather was also very famous for being a golden gloves boxer.
  • When it comes to the payers of the team Minnesota Vikings they often come from a family of players, the same is proven through James lynch. The middle name of lynching is husker, which was given as a tribute to his dad's career in football.
  • Despite the ups and downs which the team faced in the previous year, they won NFC central again in the '80s.
  • Tommy Kramer stood out to become one of the most valued team members as he led the team to win the NFL championship game.

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