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University Of Oregon Facts: Every School Going Should Read This!

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Whether it is for undergraduate or graduate students, colleges form a huge part of our lives!

Hence, it is only natural that we would want to know everything about an institution before choosing to enroll. If the University of Oregon is on your list, there are some things you should know!

If you are looking for majors like liberal arts or sports marketing, this school would probably be the best option for you. In addition to the diverse cultural history and the lively nature of the campus, this university is sure to give you a place where you can enjoy your student life!

Set in an urban environment and founded in 1946, the acceptance rate of this public institution is around 82%. Keep reading for some more facts!

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Fun Facts About University Of Oregon

The University of Oregon is one of the best places for graduate students that are interested in rich college culture and football.

The Oregon Ducks are just as passionate about their football as they are about their coffee. The campus is laden with places to have fun with friends and colleagues and it isn't uncommon for the students and faculty to gather in the same areas. The most notable place where a lot of students gather is Allen Hall. This place is the official spot for everyone to gather and make friends. Oregon alumni often remember this hall and reminisce their days at the university.

Sports is an essential part of the culture at the University of Oregon. The Oregon Ducks, in fact, have one of the oldest football rivalries in the nation. The rivalry between the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State University Beavers is such that many people flood the stadium when a match is scheduled. The rivalry does not end here. This enmity actually ranks in the 7th place amongst the national rivalries surrounding sports!

Interesting Facts About The University Of Oregon

The most prominent alumnus of this university is Phil Knight, who is the co-founder of Nike. This notable alumnus was awarded a graduate degree from the University of Oregon in the year 1959. He attended the journalism graduate school and then went on to sponsor the Oregon Ducks' jerseys.

If you are interested in sports marketing, this university has one of the best programs in the nation. The other programs that this university provides top-notch education are psychology, marketing, biology, computer science, social sciences, and accounting.

The student-teacher ratio at this university is around 17:1, which is slightly above the set standards that prescribe 15:1. Most of the schools at this institution have fewer than 20 students in a class, which means that the academics of each individual student are paid attention to.

Including undergraduate and graduate school, around 24000 students enroll in this university for different courses. It is also interesting to note that more women enroll in classes at this university than men. Given the high student population, it is also clear that classes at this university have students from all 50 states. Even international students find their way into this university!

This university houses one of the most famous track and field facilities in the world at the Historic Hayward Field. This is also why the university hosted Olympic team trials for three years consecutively. It is natural that many graduate and undergraduate students bunked their classes to watch the best players work their magic on the track!

The undergraduate school for liberal arts honors at this university has an acceptance rate of only 17%, which means that you could be facing a lot of competition for a spot in that class!

The Knight Library is one of the spots that the students use in order to study overnight whenever a test is scheduled! Given the fact that most of the students study sciences in this university, it is natural that they would need to pull an all-nighter to prepare for tests!

The students across the many colleges of the university enroll in many sports and form teams for cross country, golf, basketball, football, and track and field.

The student services at this education center include a health service, daycare, placement service, and a women's center.

According to a world report, the Oregon University or the University of Oregon ranks at the 99th place among the national education centers.

The Autzen Stadium is very famous for the number of touchdowns that take place there during every game!

The only time when a large crowd saw track events was when Olympic trials were held in Eugene.

 education center include a health service

Weird Facts About University Of Oregon

The University of Oregon is the only university in the world to have a Disney character as its official mascot. As you may have already guessed, the mascot that we are talking about is none other than Oregon Duck, which is modeled after Donald Duck!

The end of each regular football season is marked by a Civil War game between the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State University Beavers!

University Of Oregon: Food Facts

Due to the on-campus housing system, the students at the University of Oregon have a very strong student body and party culture. The most prominent fact about the campus is that it has a pretty strong coffee culture. The students and faculty understand coffee to not just be a part of their morning routines. They have coffee throughout the day, with breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. It is quite common to even enter an early class in sweatshirts and with a mug of hot coffee to beat the fog and the chilly weather!

Eating late at night is a huge part of student life and the students at the University of Oregon completely stick to this. There are a number of joints within the campus that run throughout the night and allow students of all schools and majors to have a late-night meal while discussing football. Burrito Boy is one of the most famous places to eat on campus and no matter which school the student attends, it is expected that they would know about this place! One of the most special facts about the Burrito Boy is that even though it is open throughout the day, students often eat there between 11 pm and 5 a.m!

Prince Puckler's Ice Cream is another famous place that remains open until 11 p.m. Any student that has suddenly been hit by some bad news like a test and needs the comfort of a sugary delicacy can easily eat at this joint and melt the blues away!

This urban university is popularly known as a party school, and hence, both national and international students tend to partake in the culture. The campus is alive with parties and gatherings throughout the week and not just on the weekends!

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