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65+ Ancient Greek Jokes That Are Heroically Funny

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If you're obsessed with Ancient Greece and Greek mythology, this article is perfect for you.

Many people around the world are obsessed with Greek gods and Ancient Greek history. There are a lot of funny Zeus jokes floating in our midst, alongside many Zeusless ones.

Whether you want a witty one-liner to impress your friends or some funny Greek god jokes for your classroom skit on Ancient Greece, we've got you covered. This list includes medusa jokes, poseidon jokes, ancient history jokes, Athena jokes, and jokes that can easily be converted into funny greek one-liners. This article may also entice those that are looking for some Greek puns, Greek god puns, Greek food puns, or Greek mythology puns. If you're one of those people, and you're worried that this list may not have what you're looking for, worry not! Many of these jokes can also easily be great puns. By the time you end up finishing this article, you'll be calling yourself the Greek God of jokes. We hope you like this list of Greek Jokes we've curated just for you.

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Funny Greek Mythology Jokes

Greek mythology is rich with lores and stories.

This list of jokes includes a lot of references to Greek gods and their silly characteristics. Greek mythology aficionados who are on the hunt for funny Greek God puns such as great goddess puns, Athens puns, or medusa puns should surely browse through this list. Everyone knows that Ancient Greek humor is a riot at any party, so here is a comprehensive list of the funniest Greek mythology jokes, just for you.

1. What would Athena still be called if she had no friends? Pal-less Athena.

2. What was the most common game played by Greek Gods? Hydra and seek.

3. Where did Greek women go before going to lavish parties? To their Hera appointments.

4. Have you shown your children films centered around Greek mythology? They odyssey them.

5. Why did Aphrodite always stay away from men who played tennis? Love doesn't hold any value for them.

6. How did Poseidon greet the sea monster? Hey buddy, what's kraken?

7. What material did the Greeks use to build their homes? Con-crete.

8. Why didn't anyone like the Trojan horse? He was a nightmare to handle.

9. Why did your friend nickname her philosophy professor Hades? He used to bore her to death.

10. Why did a Greek god go to jail? He was arrested for a misdemeter.

11. Why were stand-up comedians banned in Greece? Nobody was allowed to get roasted after Icarus.

12. Why was the greek goddess so obsessed with losing weight? She wanted to be known as a deity.

13. What did the Spanish farmer finally name his chicken after he insisted on using a Greek name? He named him Apollo.

14. What character from Greek mythology loved to own a variety of different animals? Zoos.

15. What did Zeus tell the other gods in a fit of anger? None of you can ever get anything done. You're all Zeusless without me.

16. Why were all the Greek gods such skilled athletes? They always wore tennis zeus.

17. What would you call a singer who's really scared of medusa? A rockstar.

18. What does Ares do when he's stuck at home all day? He plays 'God of War'.

19. Why didn't the boy pass his Greek mythology test? The subject was his Achilles' heel.

20. What could Chiron have been called if he practiced medicine on the side? He could have been named the Centaur for Disease Control.

21. Why didn't my brother like Greek mythology trivia night? He hades Greek jokes.

22. How many Greek gods do you need to change a lightbulb? Olive them.

23. Why didn't my Greek joke land? Unfortunately, it was an Artemiss.

24. What did the Greek gods use to oil up their machinery? Greece.

25. What did the Greek god say to a woman after New Years? I can't believe I haven't seen you in a gyro.

26. What did Zeus say to Apollo after he accidentally used his shampoo? I didn't realize it was your shampoo, I apollo-gize.

27. What Greek God was average in everything? Mediocretese.

28. What did the Greek gods eat during the day for breakfast? Helios.

29. What would you call the Greek god of stand-up comedy? He would probably be named Heli-rious.

30. Why did a lot of people get parking tickets when Persephone was taken to the underworld? Demeter wasn't functioning.

31. Who did Poseidon seek help from to view his enemy from afar? A see-horse.

Ancient Greece Jokes

Greek heroes are famous all over the world.

This list of jokes about Ancient Greece includes some funny Greek jokes and many references to famous deities, festivities, and personalities present in Ancient Greece. If you're looking for some funny jokes about Greece, you're going to find them in this list.

32. What Ancient Greek site does every photographer attempt to capture? Everyone wants to take a photo of Delphi because it stays in Phocis.

33. What did the Ancient Greeks use to find out the length of their crops? Demeter.

34. Why should you never travel to Ancient Greece? Your trip will get ruin-ed.

35. Why did people go to Acropolist in Ancient Greece? To get some fresh Ares.

36. What did the professor say when someone mocked him for knowledge about Ancient Greece? He asked the student not to be a Socra-tease.

37. What did an Ancient Greek say when his friend was annoying him a lot? Stop stepping on Minerva.

38. What did the man from Ancient Crete say when he wanted to leave without anyone knowing? I want to be dis-crete about my departure.

39. What did the ancient Greek boy's mom tell him before he went out to play with his friends? I want to see you home before 10 pm. That's your corfu.

40. Why doesn't it matter what route you take to get to Greece? All Rhodes lead there.

41. What city in Ancient Greece was notorious for housing robbers? The city of Thebes.

42. What did the Ancient Greek man say to his wife when he couldn't book their tickets for a trip to Argos? Please f-argive me, I tried hard to book a fun trip for us.

44. How did the Ancient Greeks travel around Corinth? By a poly-bus.

45. What would you call a philosopher who carries other people's boxes? Socrates.

46. What did the Ancient Greek philosopher's mother tell him every night before dinner? Can you plat-o the food?

47. What did the Ancient Greek exclaim when his tire ran out of air in Laconia? Oh man, I wish I had a Sparta-re.

48. Why didn't anyone like the play about Ancient Greece? It was a tragedy.

49. What would you call a movie on kids' rocking horses made by Ancient Greeks? Troy story.

50. What did the Ancient Greek say when his crops failed to harvest properly? Are you Ceres?

51. What did the Greek man say when he saw a woman was having trouble finding accommodation in Corinth? I wish I could help her, but she needs to deal with it because it's Her-mess.

52. Why was Orphism so popular in Ancient Greece? It had a lot of phanes.

53. What site was most revered in Ancient Greece? Pallas Athena.

54. How did Gods contact mortals in Ancient Greece? They used perse-phones.

55. What bands did Medusa listen to when she was in Ancient Greece? She went to a lot of rock-and-roll shows.

56.What character from Ancient Greek mythology dealt with a lot of Greek women's handbags? Perseus.

Greek Food Jokes

It's feta late than never to read these hilarious jokes about Greek food. Greek food carries a lot of deep cultural significance, and it is consumed in a variety of countries aside from Greece, such as those in the Middle East. Those who are looking for funny Greek puns about food can make a pita stop on this article and devour these amazing jokes. Here is a list of Greek food jokes for you to relish.

57. Why don't I let my wife eat expired food? Because then she'll falafel.

58. What meal do Greek people hate eating? A Chili's meal.

59. What did the Greek man say to his friend when he tried feta cheese for the first time? Feta late than never.

60. What did the Greek wife say to her husband on their anniversary? Olive you.

61. How would you label a Greek philosopher who loved to eat rice all the time? Arisotto.

62. What food do Greek dogs love eating? Barklava.

63. Why couldn't the man's wife appreciate the chef's Greek salad? She preferred to have 'unfeta'd' access to her vegetables.

64. Why was the Greek man still angry even 2 days after his son broke the expensive glass chandelier? He got feta up cleaning the mess.

65. What yogurt has a deep cultural relevance? Greek yogurt.

66. What superhero has a jacket made out of bread? Pita Parka.

67. Why should you never eat meat in Greece? It's very Greece-y.

68. Why does the Greek man like to eat a puree with his meal? It's his fava-rite.

69. How did the tourist describe one awful meal he had in Greece? He said it was falawful.

70. What did one Greek man say when he tried a new Greek dish and liked it? Give me another pita that!

71. What do the Greeks say when they leave a restaurant that has revolutionary food? Their food was philo-menal.

72. What instrument do Greek astronomists use? A gyroscope.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for ancient Greek jokes then why not take a look at spartan quotes, knight jokes, or nerd jokes.

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