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50+ Best 4th Of July Jokes To Celebrate

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The 4th of July has always been a day of immense patriotism in the heart of Americans.

Everyone enjoys a good dose of holiday jokes now and then. But when these jokes are about Independence day, they cannot stop themselves from cracking up.

On 4 July 1776, American colonies got Independence from Great Britain and formed the United States of America.  Since then, the day has always been celebrated with fireworks, parades, and parties to unite the people all over the country. It is a federal holiday. The day is present to commemorate the Declaration of Independence adopted on 4 July 1776. The best way to celebrate this is to get together with family and friends and crack witty and brilliant jokes to lift the mood. Nothing can ever go wrong with some clever 4th July jokes. Here we have picked up 50+ July fourth jokes that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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Funny July 4th Jokes To Crack You Up

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‍Jokes about July fourth have always been around as some of the best holiday jokes. These July jokes have the power to crack you up like firecrackers. Here we have arranged some of the best funny 4th of July jokes.

1. What will you call an American drawing? A Yankee Doodle.

2. What did the American colonists wear to the Boston Tea Party? They wore tea-shirts.

3. Why were the ducks happy about the 4th of July celebrations? Because there were fire-quackers.

4. What is the firecracker's favorite snack? Pop-sicles.

5. What happens when dinosaurs light the fireworks? You get a dino-mite.

6. What do you consume on the 5th of July? An independence-day old pizza.

7. Why do Americans celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July? Because it's the day Will Smith saved the Earth from the aliens.

8. Why is America happy on July 4th? Because it got a divorce from Britain.

9. What do children treat their fathers to on the 4th of July? Pops-icles.

10. Which was the craziest revolutionary war? The Battle of Bonkers Hill.

11. Who are the only ones that can not take a leave on the 4th of July? Fireworks.

12. Why was King George III scared? Because he was haunted by the spirit of '76.

13. What is the similarity between liberty bell and easter eggs? They both are cracked up.

14. Why is it that the Statue of Liberty stands in New York? Because it cannot sit.

15. What did the ghost say on the 4th of July? Red, white, and boo!

16. Why is Abraham Lincoln considered the least guilty American President? Because he is in a cent.

17. Why was hunting eagles banned in America? Because it was ill-eagle.

18. What did the firecracker shout on the 4th of July? Red, white, and boom!

19. What happens if something goes wrong at Mt. Rushmore on the 4th of July? A monumental disaster.

20. Why was George Washington called the funniest person in his army? Because he was de Laughayatte.

Quick-Witted Jokes For Independence Day

It is amazing to see how jokes on Independence Day bring the people closer. These jokes can give you a once in a lifetime experience. Check out these brilliant independence day jokes for a good dose of laughter.

21. What happens when you cross George Washington with a cattle feeder? You get The Fodder of our Country.

22. What did the American colonists do in 1776? They had Indepen-dance.

23. What happened after the Stamp Act was signed? The Americans kicked the British.

24. Where do American soldiers go to get a haircut? They go to the Hair Force.

25. How were the first Americans similar to the ants? They both lived in colonies.

26. How much does the freedom weigh? A washing-ton.

27. Which American colonists used to joke the most? The Punsylvanians.

28. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? On the bottom of the paper.

29. What happened when the Declaration of Independence was kept in the National Museum? It became the decoration of Independence.

30. What did the flag say when it lost its voice on Independence day? Nothing. It just waved.

31. What does Santa Claus have in common with a flag? They both hang out at the pole.

32. What did Thomas Jefferson do before signing the Declaration of Independence? He did a pre-ramble.

33. What do you find when you see the Hulk holding the American flag? The Star-Spangled Banner.

34. What rock group has four members who just stay still and never sing? Mount Rushmore.

Patriotic Jokes For The 4th Of July

‍Patriotism is an emotion that fills your heart. Jokes about patriotism are something that everyone enjoys alike without any worries. Here we have compiled a few such jokes that awake the patriot in you on a happy 4th of July.

35. Which is the most patriotic tea that Americans like to drink? It's liber-tea.

36. Where did George Washington get his hatchet? From a chopping mall.

37. What does a patriot use on his dry skin? A Revo-lotion.

38. What do you do call the patriotic zombies who are trained in combat? Marine Corpse.

39. What do you call it when dogs howl together in protest? The Boston Flea Party.

40. Which is the highest rated flag? The American Flag. It has got 50 stars.

41. Which is the smartest state in America? Alabama. It has four As and one B.

42. What do you call a dog who fights for freedom and act as a symbol of protection? A revolutionary war-dog.

43. What was George Washington's favorite tree? It's the infantry!

44. What do you call an American who eats pastries on the 4th of July? A pastry-otic.

4th Of July Dialogue Jokes

Conversation jokes or dialogue jokes about Independence day are the best. They always create a mood of suspense, making you want for more. These jokes can make you the star among everyone. You can easily convert these jokes into dialogue and create a joke-based play out of it. Take a look at these humorous dialogue jokes about July fourth that we have carefully picked up for you. You can add some suspense if you want to. These can turn out to be bad jokes for kids or perfect dad jokes, depending on the way you say them.

45. Do you know what was the favorite food of patriots during the revolutionary war? Chicken Catch-a-Tory!

46. Do other countries also have the 4th of July? Why not? It's the next day after the 3rd of July.

47. Do you know why Americans never knock? Because freedom rings.

48. Why could not George Washington sleep on the night of 3rd July? Because he couldn't lie.

49. What does everyone like to eat on the fourth of July? It's fire-crackers.

50. What does everyone eat while watching the fireworks show on July fourth? They eat pop-corns.

51. What do the dogs do on the night of 4th July? They go to the bone-fire.

52. Where would you look if you want to find T? In the Boston harbor.

53. What would you call a duck that betrayed its flock? Bene-duck-t Arnold.

54. How is a healthy person similar to the United States of America? They both have good constitutions.

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