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Dayna Clarke
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Originally Published on Nov 01, 2020
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Sunflower in a flower pot.

These sunflower puns and Instagram captions will have you blooming until next spring and will undoubtedly bring the best of smiles to your kids' faces.

Seriously, that floral feeling is one that needs to be shared. There's always a pun to pair with any occasion, and if your garden is already blooming, you'll want to be prepared for some great Instagram captions; these top sunflower puns may do just that.

Did you know that sunflowers have a fascinating history throughout time? Just like tomatoes, potatoes, and corn, the vibrant plants didn't originate in Europe. They were actually cultivated in North America dating back to 3000 BC! Originally, they were developed for food, medicine, dye, and oil.

Over the centuries, uses of sunflowers have also changed. In Mexico, the flowers were widely believed to soothe chest pains.

A number of Native American tribes also agreed with the plant's curing properties.

The Cherokee tribes utilized an infusion of sunflower leaves to treat kidney problems while the Dakota tribes brought it out to relieve chest pain and pulmonary troubles. Much later, they were exported to the rest of the world by Spanish conquistadors around 1500.

They were even brought to Russia by royalty: Tsar Peter the Great was immensely intrigued by the bright flowers he witnessed in the Netherlands that he took some back home to Russia.

They then became very popular when people discovered that sunflower seed oil was not banned during the Lent period, unlike the other popular oils, the Russian Orthodox Church restricted its community from using.

By the nineteenth century, Russia was planting two million acres of sunflowers every year.

One thing is for sure across cultures, sunflowers are a symbol of faith and loyalty, optimism and happiness, long life and good luck. They are associated with all things cheerful and really are a vibrant flower.

The flower doesn't only look like the sun, but also requires plenty of it. They grow optimally with around six to eight hours of sunlight a day, but more is even better.

Sunflowers may grow as high as 16 feet tall, although many varieties have been developed to bloom at different heights. Sunflowers planted too close together will compete and not blossom to their full potential.

If you are looking for giant sunflowers, be sure to buy seeds specifically for the super tall varieties. There are some dwarf versions of sunflowers, such as the Teddy Bear, which will not grow very tall.

For thousands of years sunflowers have greatly inspired the world's most creative minds in the art and literary world. Brilliant artists such as Vincent Van Gogh have produced famous and iconic paintings of this flower, so allow us to inspire you with our top sun flower puns and Instagram captions!

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Top Sunflower Puns

Sunflowers, in all their colorful yellow glory, are a jolly sight to behold, but there's more to their nature than just beauty. These multipurpose plants deliver healthy snacks, useful oil, and bird seeds.

So, let your garden knowledge flourish with these puns about Helianthus Annuus. Interestingly, the Annuus half of the scientific name of a sunflower refers to the fact that sunflowers are an annual plant and live for just one year! Here's our top floral puns and perfect Instagram captions.

1. A friend perfected his garden sunflower flower beds through a process of trowel and error.

2. I was going to organize all my dried sunflowers; then I realized I had more pressing problems to deal with.

3. Apparently, it's good to talk to your sunflowers. I tried to teach my sunflowers mathematics, but they ended up with square roots.

4. I tried to make the sunflower laugh, I was just pollen his leg.

5. I hope the sunflowers would win the competition. I was really rooting for them.

6. The sunflower didn't look very well. I asked if he was feeling bouquet.

7. The sunflower was feeling lonely. He said he just wanted to get some-bud-y to love.

8. The sunflower seemed really stressed out. I told him to take stalk of his life.

9. I am going to offer the sunflower a job. I say, take it or leaf it.

10. Here comes the sunflower.

11. The sunflower told me his love for me blossoms every day.

12. I like to go with the sun-flow-er.

13. The sunflower didn't want to go to the funeral; he thought it was too mor-bud.

14. Why am I so hot right now? Because there's a sunflower near me.

15. My mum complains I never buy her sunflowers. I didn't even know she sold sunflowers.

16. I took a photo of my sunflower, now it can photosynthesize.

17. You can't plant sunflowers and make a garden if you haven't botany.

18. A sunflower is a bit like the letter 'a' because a 'b' always goes after it.

19. The 70-year-old sunflower refused to go to the doctor. He needed a pollenoscopy.

20. Someone keeps sending me sunflowers with the heads cut off. Think I have a stalker.

21. I was really confused when I saw my neighbors flower bed alive and blooming. I said, "Didn't your sunflowers die last week?". They aren't sunflowers he said, "these are "re-incarnations"

More Super Puns About Flowers

Sunflowers perform a behavior known as heliotropism. The sun flower buds and young blossoms will face east in the morning and follow the sun as the earth moves during the day.

Interestingly, the Spanish word for sunflower also translates to "turns towards the sun". The Spanish word for this flower is 'girasol'.

Although the lifespan of a sunflower is just one year, they can still be useful. Once the sunflowers have wilted outdoors, and the heads have become brown, they can then be used for the seeds.

Dried sunflower heads which you can cut off the stalk can make excellent, natural bird feeders. You can put the flower heads up in tree branches or onto standing feeders for the birds to eat.

Why don't you document the life cycle of planting sunflowers on Instagram? Here's some more great Instagram captions to accompany, so put the petal to the metal and get reading!

22. The sun flower with no smell really confused everyone. It just made no scents.

23. The sun flower wasn't invited to the birthday party. He's not a fungi.

24. The sun flower merchant refused to work in a two-story building, he said he was a floor-ist.

25. You don't see many sunflowers for sale these days. I wonder if that's because of defloristisation.

26. The sunflower couldn't ride a bicycle anymore. Its petals broke.

27. The answer was sun flower on the biology exam, but if you didn't know you could always guess anther.

28. I lost my job at the florist; they couldn't stand my sunflower puns. I said, where's this stemming from?

29. The sun flower said to the bicycle, come on petal.

30. I can't think of a good sun flower pun right now. Thistle have to do.

31. Sometimes I drop sunflower seeds in my neighbor’s garden, it's sow cheeky of me.

32. Stealing sunflowers would be a terrible crime. It's de-flora-ble.

33. Then sunflower wanted to become a writer. I said it was too flowery.

34. Put the petal to the metal.

35. Did you hear about the sunflower that never bloomed? It was a bud omen.

36. Since sunflowers produce aroma, and flowers are typically associated with love, couldn't sunflowers be considered aromantic item?

Sunflower Puns Featuring Other Flowers

A beautiful girl in an embroidered shirt with fluttering hair sniffs a sunflower flower.

Did you know a sunflower is actually thousands of little flowers? Every sunflower's head is actually formed of smaller flowers.

The petals visible around the outside rim are known as ray florets, and they are unable to reproduce. However, the disc florets in the middle, where the seeds grow, have both male and female organs, and each produces a seed.

Sunflowers can self-pollinate or take pollen blown by the wind or transported by insects. Fascinating facts aside, these sunflower puns go wonderfully with other flowers and make the best Instagram captions, they really don't daisy-point!

37. A guy gives flowers to all of his family. To his wife he gives a rose, to his parents he gives orchids, to his daughters he gives daisies. To his sons he gives sunflowers.

38. The sunflower wasn't feeling well to-daisy.

39. The sunflower couldn't finish his homework, I told him three daisies may be enough.

40. Sunflowers like to whistle through their tulips.

41. The sunflower wanted me to go. I said no you begonia!

42. I feel really bad for sunflowers seeds, if they are really unlucky, they could get themselves into a pickle.

43. The bird in my garden couldn't eat the sunflower seeds, it was impeccable.

44. The sunflower seed couldn't leave the casino, he was on a roll.

45. The sale of sunflower oil is prevented, only essential oils may be purchased.

46. The sunflower fell in love with an apple tree, they lived apply ever after

47. The recipe said add sunflower oil and stir, I didn't really understand but I guess I’ll ketchup later.

48. The grass and the sunflowers in my garden are always fighting. Guess you could say I am caught in the middle of a turf war.

49. I planted some sunflowers in my garden earlier, but all the birds came and ate them. Seedless to say tomorrow I won't be planting any.

50. I never really cared much about planting sunflower seeds, but after a few years, I think they would really grow on me.

51. What does a sunflower flower write on their Valentine day's card? Aloe you vera much

52. My teacher told me I should have planted sunflowers for my homework. Whoopsie Daisy

53. The sunflower told the DJ at the disco he was lavender songs

54. I stepped on a sunflower, he told me I put him in an orchid position.

55. The sunflower said, "I wish people would leaf me alone".

Perfect Flower Puns For Instagram Featuring Sunflowers

These punny one liners are sure to make the best sunflower captions for social media any day of the year. Have a look at these flower puns for Instagram.

56. Bloom baby bloom.

57. Girls just want to have sun- flowers!

58. Would you like to say aloe to my new friend sunflower.

59. Advice from a sunflower: be outstanding in your field.

60. Plant smiles, like a sunflower would.

61. All you seed is love.

62. Seed between the lines.

63. Turn your face to the sun-flower.

64. You grow girl!

65. Leaf everything to me.

66. Remember your roots, said the sunflower.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns, jokes and riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for sunflower puns then why not get laughing at these tree puns and jokes that are unbe-leaf-ably funny, or if you want something different take a look at these nature puns.

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