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Looking for some out-of-this-world fun for the whole family? Here's a stellar collection of the best alien jokes that everyone will love. Somehow, jokes about aliens combine a sense of eerie wonder with hearty laughs that always hit the spot. These extraterrestrial wisecracks never fail to amuse fans of science fiction and lovers of entertaining and clever puns.

Get ready to explore a galaxy of giggles with the best alien jokes that you'll want to phone home about. The kids will be giddy with laughter and the adults won't be able to hide their chuckles. These jokes are sure to take you to the moon and back with laughter!

Funny Alien Jokes

UFO, an alien plate hovering over the field.

Extraterrestrial humor is becoming increasingly popular and it’s not hard to understand why. What better way to feed young imaginations than with jokes that tweak the idea of what’s possible or what might be hiding right here on Earth? If you’re looking to entertain during a long car ride or lighten the mood at a family gathering, these alien-related jests are sure to crack a smile on everyone's faces.

1. How do aliens harvest their crops? With tractor beams.

2. How do you make an alien’s baby sleep? You rocket.

3. Why don't aliens frequently visit Earth? Because it's rated just one star.

4. Why don't aliens visit the restaurant in space? Because it's got no atmosphere.

5. On what part of a computer do aliens like chilling the most? The space bar.

6. What did the alien say to the cat? "Take me to your litter."

7. What currency do aliens use? Starbucks.

8. What do aliens like to read the most? Comet books.

9. Which music artist do aliens love the most? Bruno Mars.

10. Why was the alien reading a book on anti-gravity? He just could not put it down.

11. How do aliens keep their jeans up? With asteroid belts.

12. How do aliens organize a space party? They planet.

13. Why do aliens not eat clowns? Because they taste funny.

14. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a green alien? To say "Wait until it is ripe."

15. Why couldn't the alien pay attention to what his friend was saying? Because he spaced out.

16. Why wasn't the alien well-liked by his peers? Because he was not down to earth.

17. Why is it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with an alien? Because he always needs his space.

18. Why is it difficult to converse with aliens? They do not understand the gravity of certain situations.

19. What is an alien's favorite beverage? Gravi-tea.

20. Where did the alien teacher take the students on their educational trips? To the planetarium.

Witty Alien Jokes

Are you ready for more cosmic comedy? These jokes are out of this world and perfect for funny kids who love to reach for the stars. For space-themed parties, family dinners, or casual get-togethers with friends, these alien jokes serve as a delightful way to lighten the atmosphere. So, set your coordinates for laughter, and blast off with these funny alien jokes.

21. What did the aliens say when they landed in the world of bookworms? "Show me your reader."

22. What do aliens use skillets in the kitchen for? To cook unidentified frying objects.

23. What do aliens love to add to their hot chocolate? Martian mallows.

24. Which is the only Earth animal that aliens know of? Cows, because of the cow that jumped over the moon.

25. What do you call an alien who has muscles? A flexa terrestrial.

26. Where does an alien send her babies to get brighter? To the sun.

27. Why does an alien prefer a light year to a normal year? Because it's got less calories.

28. How does an alien park his spaceship in space? He uses a parking meteor.

29. What does an alien say when he likes something a lot? "It is out of this world."

30. Where do aliens normally go to board a train? Space Station.

31. What do you do when an alien is angry? You give him some space.

32. What do aliens wear to a Halloween party? Space suits.

33. What do aliens keep their tea cups on? Flying saucers.

34. Where do aliens go for higher studies? To the universe-ity.

35. What does an alien do when he has to get in touch with Saturn? He gives Saturn a ring.

36. How does an alien measure things? By using a meteor stick.

37. How do aliens keep in touch with each other on social media? They use Spacebook.

38. Which chewing gum do aliens love the most? Orbit.

39. What do you call an alien who is really really slow? A snailien.

40. How does an alien cut his hair? Eclipse it.

Clever Alien Jokes

Aliens may primarily be the stuff of science fiction, but they have certainly invaded the humor sphere. They've been the subject of countless movies, books, and yes, even jokes. Sharing these clever alien jokes with friends and family is a fantastic way to spread the fun. These cosmic quips are perfect for tickling the funny bone and igniting laughs that are out of this world!

41. Why are illiterate aliens jealous of the sun? Because the sun has a million degrees.

42. Which chocolate type do aliens love the most? A Mars bar.

43. What does an alien call his ex? A SpaceX.

44. Why did Mickey Mouse need the alien’s help? He was trying to find Pluto.

45. What did the alien say to his girlfriend? "We have a plutonic relationship."

46. What did the baby alien say to his mom? He said, “Mom, my life revolves around you!”

47. Why do aliens not get along with each other sometimes? Because they can be mercurial.

48. Why are there just eighteen letters in the English alphabet? Because E.T. flew away riding a U.F.O with the C.I.A in pursuit.

There you have it; a collection of alien jokes that allow parents and children to share laughter over something as intriguing as life beyond the stars. These hilarious alien interactions are sure to be a hit with kids, sparking their imagination beyond earthly confines. Who knows, they may even spark interesting discussions about the vast universe and humans' place in it. The next time the mood needs lightening, perhaps during a family game night or when stargazing on a clear night, you can simply recall this list of alien jokes. As laughter fills the air, you'll be reminded that joy, like the cosmos, is infinite and truly out of this world.

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