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Puns and extraterrestrials have one thing in common and that is they are no longer alien concepts. Alien and space humor can sa-turn your frown upside down.

Space isn’t just for nerds who are into science. It is a whole new world, and we earthlings are bound to be curious about it. We naturally tend to look up at the stars and wonder if there is life. If other life does exist, maybe they wonder if humans exist or not.

Funny space jokes rock your world, without a doubt. If you are looking for some of the best and funny alien jokes, this list of some of the funniest wisecracks from outer space will light up your world and help you appreciate the universe more. Subsequently, you can also look at sun jokes or 'Star Wars' jokes.

Interstellar Space Puns About Outer Space

If you want to have a laugh about some of the best jokes about outer space, this list is your safe space.

1. When I was reading the book on anti-gravity, I could not put it down.

2. Learning about space all day can get exhausting. Sometimes you need to take a launch break.

3. The Orion’s Belt is such a huge waist of space.

4. The scientists’ new paper about new alien life forms eventually didn’t get published. They said it was too far out.

5. Astronauts are the only people on Earth who get to keep their jobs after they get fired.

6. When Einstein released his theory about space, it was about time!

7. A scientist working for NASA decided to never get married because she needed her space.

8. Not everyone can pull off wearing a spacesuit, but you're going to rocket.

9. I have an unhealthy addiction to space jokes, but I believe that someday I will over-comet.

10. The rotation of the Earth really makes my day.

11. Astronauts and aliens listen to Nep-tunes on the radio.

12. I just graduated from astronaut school. Let's go out for launch.

13. When the moon needs to call someone, it uses its last quarter.

14. When the astronaut accidentally collided with the moon, he Apollo-gized.

15. The restaurant on the moon failed because it had no atmosphere.

16. In space, you can keep your pants secured to your waist with an asteroid belt.

17. It is rare to get proper cell reception in outer space because it is 0-G.

18. The animal that followed the cow over the moon was a space sheep.

19. You can find the most space felines in the catmosphere.

20. Neptune broke up with Uranus because they wanted a Plutonic relationship.

21. When Jupiter became friends with Saturn, he asked him to give him a ring sometime.

22. Life on Earth is very expensive because it includes a free trip around the sun every year.

23. When astronomers finish calculating the time from sunrise to sundown, they call it a day.

24. Stars go to school to get brighter.

25. The sun did not need to go to college because it already has a million degrees.

26. The moon dropped his fork and stopped feasting because it was already full.

27. An astronaut's favorite sweet treat is a Milky Way.

28. An astronaut's favorite type of book to read is a comet book.

29. Cows have always wanted to travel to outer space to see the Milky way.

30. When an astronaut needs a haircut on the moon, eclipse it.

31. The lights on a lunar Rover are called moonbeams.

32. A non-vegetarian astronaut is a meteor.

33. The stars that wear glasses are the movie stars.

34. When the NASA scientist felt betrayed, he said "You d-asteroid my trust."

35. An astronaut feels claustrophobic when he is out of breathing space.

36. When I first when to the space museum, it was out of this world.

37. When any planet is sad, they should speak out and get it out of their solar system.

38. Jupiter was very closed up because she was battling her personal de-moons.

39. When it was time to celebrate the day earth was born, everybody wished her, "Happy Earthday!"

UFO Puns And Alien Puns

Unidentified flying object on light blue neutral background.

Here is a list of the best and the funniest alien puns for kids, Area 51 puns and funny alien puns that will make you go starry-eyed. You can also convert these into UFO jokes and alien jokes for kids.

40. The alien got fired from his current job because he was spacing out at work.

41. The alien social media is called Spacebook.

42. When aliens first meet cats, they tell them "Take me to your litter."

43. The interstellar currency that aliens use should be called Starbucks.

44. The little alien wanted to have a space-themed party for his birthday, but sadly there was no one to planet.

45. The alien parent couldn't afford to buy his kid a telescope. The price of it was astronomical.

46. To make a nervous alien feel better, give him lots of space.

47. An alien Santa Claus usually rides a U-F-Ho-Ho-Ho.

48. When everyone decided to raid Area 51, the aliens said "Comet me, bro!"

49. When frustrated aliens get too mad at the talkative ones, they ask them to shuttle up

50. All aliens with road rage shout,"get outer of my space!"

51. After the Big Bang, the hipster aliens said that Space was cool before it mattered.

52. When aliens show affection towards their wives, they say "I’ve over the moon for you. I love you to the moon and back."

53. When the teenage space alien was throwing a temper tantrum, the alien dad said, "It’s just a phase."

54. When aliens appreciate their best friends, they tell them, "You rock my world!"

55. When aliens make new human friends, they say, "You’re out of this world."

56. An alien who parties can be heard saying, "I am having a blast!"

57. When an alien falls in love with a human, they say, "You have abducted my heart."

58. When an alien phone connection is faulty, he shouts, "I can’t hear you, I am Neptune-ing you out!"

59. When an alien finally meets his friend from the Earth, he says, "Jupiter recognize me, or else!"

60. Aliens harvest their crop with tractor beams.

61. When the alien writer first stepped on Earth, it said "Take me to your reader."

62. An alien's favorite place to visit on Earth is the planetarium.

63. If you want to make baby aliens sleep, just rocket.

64. Aliens usually cook Unidentified Frying Objects in their skillet.

65. When you cross an alien with something sweet, cute, and fluffy, you get a martian-mellow.

66. An alien who lives in a bog is called a marsh-ian.

67. Aliens place their spaceships in front of the parking meteor.

68. The student alien could not understand a thing about the lecture on Halley's comet. It went completely over his head.

69. The alien in Area 51 was so disappointed. He kept pressing the space bar on his keyboard, but he was still on Earth.

70.  When an alien dies, the newspapers generally publish their orbituary.

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