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80+ Best Choir Jokes And Puns That Hit The Right Note

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Funny singing jokes and singing puns have been around for ages!

Choir humor is an integral part of jokes about singing. Hilarious jokes about choirs and choruses are very common on the internet.

Jokes on choirs can include soprano jokes, alto jokes, tenor jokes, baritone jokes, acapella jokes, and many more. Church choir jokes and bass choir jokes are widespread too. On the other hand, puns on choirs may easily include alto puns, tenor puns, singer puns, and chorus puns. So without much ado, let's dive into these jokes and puns that are going to make your singing lessons fun for sure.

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Funny Choir Jokes

Ladies singing in a group

Take a look at these jokes on choirs that are awesome. The usual suspects of choral jokes like 'How many choir singers would it take to change a light bulb?' are also included.

1. Why would the singer go to the bottom of the ocean to start his baritones? So, he could have a good start!

2. While performing what do you call it when all the choir singers start laughing? You call it a mass hysteria!

3. How many tenors will it take to change a light bulb in the wall? None of them can do it because they can never get that high.

4. Why are the lead singers in the choir so arrogant and full of themselves? This is because they think the entire show and the world revolves around them.

5. Why could the choir singer not get into the auditorium? This was because he had lost the key.

6. What is the similarity between a choir director and an inanimate object? Neither of them can communicate with humans.

7. What can one say is the definition of an alto in the choir? You can call him the soprano who reads notes.

8. How many altos will it take to change a light bulb? It would take 6 because one would change while the others deliberate whether it is too high for their reach.

9. What is the common thing that basses say during a performance? "Hey, what page are we on?"

10. What happened to the bass vocalist who left the choir? She successfully pursued a so-low career in music.

11. What is the reason for choir singers rocking left and right on stage? This is because it is difficult to hit a moving target.

12. What did the choir director say to the nervous singer? He advised her to b natural.

13. Why was the soprano singer arrested recently? This was because he was in a lot of treble.

14. How can the choral director tell that a tenor singer is bad? If, even the other tenors notice how off-tune that singer is.

15. What would you call a mermaid who could sing spectacularly at the lower end of the scale? You could call her the Deep C Diva.

16. What happens when a lead singer comes to visit his parent's house? Because he has lost the keys, he doesn't how or when to get in.

17. What would the choral director say to the new choir singer who wasn't performing that well? He would say, "You are nothing but treble for us!"

18. What was the name of the movie which showed the humble beginnings of a choir group? It was the movie 'Straight Outta Choirton'!

19. What is the favorite song for the church choir to sing on a weekend? They love singing 'Hymn for the Weekend'!

20. What do you call it when someone tries to use their fake voice in a choir? We say that he has a falsetto!

21. Why were the entire choir locked inside the dressing room during the performance? This was because they had missed a key change!

22. How long would the conductor take to change a light bulb? No one can tell because everyone watches the singers, not him.

23. What is the favorite TV show of the choir singers? They love watching 'The Sopranos'!

24. Why did the underfire singer take a bucket to his choir performance? So that he could carry his tune easily.

25. What did my friend say when the terrible singer was about to sing a choir song? "Well my friend, she will start to sing now, sopraynow!"

Cheerful Choir Puns

Much of the choir humor is about choir singers thinking that the world revolves around them! But, these puns will make them think twice and perhaps will change the definition of an alto for you!

26. There are some singers in the choir that can never understand hard work- they are just there to get the easy A's.

27. I had to join the choir in school because there were no other alto-rnatives.

28. The musician hadn't even seen the fire in the next building when he alerted everyone that it was a major fire. He could tell it wasn't a minor one because he had listened to the sound.

29. When the bass choir member decided to go out to bat for his baseball team, he was in a tough spot. The only way to win was a double bass hit.

30. Our choir director loved eating deli meat during intervals. His favorite was the so-la-mi!

31. The choir singer couldn't find help to fix his piano. So, he had to buy a duet-yourself kit.

32. The church choir can always afford the best instruments and microphones for their performances because they have loads of har-money.

33. In a choir that I was part of there was this young singer who wouldn't pay heed to any instructions and had a carefree personality. Oh boy, he was a t-rebel!

34. Before the choir performance, the lead singer got a panic attack and started saying that he descant sing the songs.

35. There is a very inspirational movie about the choir singers. It is called the 'Chariots of Choir'!

36. People in the Scandinavian countries make for excellent choir singers because they have grown up with the Northern Lights.

37. When my nephew got a chance to sing in the local church choir, I was mildly surprised. This was because I would have never thought he had it in hymn.

38. When the choir lead singer was asked if he was sure that he wanted to perform despite being sick, he replied, "I am very 'Sure On This Shining Night'!"

39. During the last leg of the lengthy tour, the choir singers were exhausted. An opera singer, who was part of the choir, commented, "I wish I could sing in my 'Sleep'!"

40. The choir singer had left the group for personal reasons a while back, but now he was Bach to sing a Mass in B minor for Christmas.

41. The acapella choir singer recently had an injury in his right knee. He is now looking to have apatella replacement surgery.

42. When the head singer started to sing an elaborate melody in the middle of the rehearsal, the music director of the choir told him, "Aria crazy?"

43. Some people are naturally well suited for group performances. But for others, it really is an achoired taste.

44. Everyone was angry when the singer was fired from the choir because there was no bass-is for his dismissal.

45. I have recently started practicing my choir songs during work. My colleague asked me to sing so-low so he can't hear me.

46. My friend asked me how many dollars were the tickets for the choir performance. I replied that it was around tenor so dollars.

47. There was a choir member who hated being part of the choir. Well, maybe this was because he was always in the ante-choir!

48. The two not-that-great choirs got into a fight. It was a standoff between the OK chorales.

49. When the lead singer didn't listen to the instructions of the composer, he was warned that there was going to be choir consequences for this.

50. There is a region in the world where there are more choirs than anywhere else in the world. It is called the Pacific Ring of Choir!

51. I have never seen such an energetic group of singers. They are such a live choir!

52. When the tenor singers vandalized the stage, the authorities said that there weren't going to stand such tenorrist acts.

53. The bass singer had got into an accident. He had driven off into the Bass Clef!

54. The singer couldn't get into the performance because he had forgotten his access pass. He had to climb over the barbed choir to get in.

55. A group of ch0ir singers decided to start an alto-rnative rock band and named it Arcade Choir.

Awesome Jokes Related  To Choirs

‍Scroll through these music jokes, singer jokes, vocalist jokes that are hilarious.

56. How many bees should one need to have a choir group? You will need a hum-dred bees.

57. Why do zombies make great singers in the acapella choir? This is because all their organs are dead.

58. Why can pirates be such great options as choir singers? This is because they are comfortable hitting the high seas.

59. How did the policeman know that the opera singer was fine after being in an accident? Because he was singing, instead of groaning, in pain.

60. Why did the choir singer love singing in the bathroom? This was because he was a massive fan of soap operas.

61. What should we call a computer that sings in a choir? We can call it a-dell!

62. Why can skeletons never form a choir group? This is because they don't have organs.

63. Why did the church choir think that they can perform The Messiah? This is because they thought they could Handel the pressure of the performance.

64. What is the favorite choir song of the beaver family? It is the wonderful song, "My Gallant Beaver'!

65. Why was the music composer angry at the choir? This was because no one had taken a stand during their performance!

66. What was the reason for the pony not being able to sing at the choir? Well, he was a little horse that day.

67. Where do choir singers get married? Choir singers get married at the alto-r.

68. What is the favorite song to sing for a choir made of mime artists? They love singing 'Silent Night'!

69. Why are choirs in Texas so good at repeating short compositions? This is because they love singing the Austinato.

70. Why had the teacher got in a fake singer, who was actually a motorcyclist, to sing in the choir? This is because he was there to direct the choir for con moto.

71. Why did the choir singer stink at the rehearsal? Because he hadn't been able to take a  shower as the sopran-out.

72. What will be the name of the choir that 'Game of Thrones' characters form? They will call it 'A Song of Ice and Choir'!

73. When there was a dispute between the two choir groups, why did the police not stop them? Because they wanted to fight choir with choir!

74. What is the type of ant that loves to be a part of a singing group? It is called a choir ant!

75. What is the Billy Joel song that all choir groups love to perform? It is called 'We Didn't Start The Choir'!

76. What is the name of the choir group that sings for movie teasers? They are the Trailer Choir.

77. If choir groups participated in a wrestling match, what would the stipulation be? It would Last Choir Standing!

78. Why are choir singers good at deducing someone's age? This is because they are experts in add-age-io.

79. How did the music composer get perfect singers for his choir? He got them through trial and tenor.

80. What did the music composer say when he saw that all his compositions were going haywire? "What is this 'Tenor Madness'?'

81. How many sopranos does it take to change a lightbulb? None. They make the altos do it saying, "Go a little higher!"

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked Choir Jokes and Puns then why not take a look at Music Puns, or Guitar Puns.

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