50+ Best Guitar Puns That Strike A Chord

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Guitars are one of the most popular instruments around the world.

There are mainly three different types of guitars, classical, electric, and acoustic guitar. But all the guitar players are hailed among all kinds of music fans.

An acoustic guitar has a plane hollow wooden body, which helps in the resonance of sound. The strings can either be made of steel or nylon.

Steel stringed guitars are hugely popular and one of the most widely used instruments from the stringed family. Usually, these guitars have a total of 6 strings.

Classical guitars differ only in a small margin with respect to acoustic guitars, but there is a huge difference when it comes to playing style. These guitars have a hard wooden body, and the strings are made of white nylon.

Electric guitars are hard-bodied instruments. They are made up of metal body or metal fused wooden body.

These instruments are incapable of producing the sound of their own and require the help of an amplifier to produce their sounds. Among professional musicians and guitarists, electric guitars are most commonly used.

The guitar family also bridges out to bass guitars, which have four low strings and helps in the bass effect of a song. The other family member is a ukulele, which is a mini guitar having four high pitched strings.

Here we have the sheet music full of guitar puns, including band puns, guitar one-liners, and some that you can even use as guitar captions. We guarantee you'll headbang in laughter with these puns.

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Best Puns On Guitar

Man playing Guitar

Here you will find the best bass guitar puns or some acoustic guitar joke, or maybe some guitar player jokes. Pick up a guitar, start playing a lovely blues scale and have a go at whichever picks at your heart.

1. Once, my guitar started getting anxious and nervous. I strummed it lightly and told it not to fret!

2. My friend wanted to post a Tik Tok video of him playing the guitar but then decided against it as it would probably be band!

3. If you have a guitar that used to play snooker previously, you might call it a cue stick!  

4. If a brewery botanical had an active interest in playing the guitar, he would probably be called Ginny Hendrix!

5. Once John, George and Ringo went to a musical instrument shop to buy an electric guitar. They were less Paul!

6. Woody couldn't play his guitar because he didn't know where his Pixar!

7. Last night in a bar, a guy tried to attack me with the neck of a broken guitar. I retorted out, "Is that a fret?"

8. The music teacher of our school was arrested by the police today on the charge of holding A Minor in detention!

9. The best thing about guitars is that they can strike up a beautiful chord with anyone!

10. A woman was tried at court for killing her husband with a guitar. The judge asked her if she was a first offender, to which the lady replied, "First was a Schecter and then a Fender."

11. Last night, I was cooking pasta and was short of herbs. My wife's guitar came in handy as I could add some bass-il to the dish!

12. My brother, who is a wonderful guitarist, named his Les Paul guitar provolone. Now, whenever he played it, it shredded cheese!

13. The favorite brand of computers which are excellent guitarists is A-sus!

14. Guitars absolutely love eating cheese. Their favorite type of cheese is obviously string cheese!

15. My wife is a law enforcement officer of the Police department and loves playing the guitar. She is the She-Riff!

16. Always try adding a piece of wood to your guitar to magnify the sound vibrations. It will be a perfect soundboard!

17. If KFC decided on manufacturing electric guitars, their tag line would probably be 'Finger Pickin' Good'.

18. If you place your guitar picks in unusual places, you might get caught by the police. They might consider you to be a pickpocket!

19. I once tried to play guitar with a friend of mine. However, he was a show-off, and that didn't strike a chord with me!

20. The only American former vice President who loved playing Guitar Hero whilst doing maths questions was Al-Gore-Rhythm!

Hilariously Funny Guitar Puns

‍If you're a guitar player and suddenly in the mood for some laughs, here we have perfectly hilarious guitar chord puns, string guitar jokes, which you can even use as one of your Instagram captions.

21. The most blessed and holiest of all guitar chords is Gsus!

22. Unfortunately, once I busted my guitar wide open. I'm selling it on eBay now. Literally, no strings attached!

23. While playing air guitar, the best chord exercise that one can do is with the vocal chords!

24. The famous guitarist had to give up his playing after an unlucky accident. It, unfortunately, was a Fender bender!

25. A couple of my friends jammed yesterday at my house. The distance from our axes to the plug point was pretty far, but luckily we had a power chord!

26. Cows are lovely musicians. They have small customized guitars for them called 'Moo-kuleles'.

27. My brother dropped my electric guitar on the floor, and it made a hole in the marble tiles. Guess he had no idea it was a heavy metal guitar!

28. I went to the music store and bought myself a guitar made completely out of diamonds. Now I will have no difficulty in playing hard rock!

29. My wife gifted me a pebble that looked identical to a guitar pick. She thought I would be able to play rock music with it!

30. Bass guitarists avoid romantic dinners at all costs. They just don't want too much treble!

31. I was experiencing a problem with my guitar. Ultimately I fixed it by low tuning my guitar. I really had to find the bass of the problem!

32. My son hates his guitar coaching classes. He is absolutely fretted going to them!

33. Guitarists mainly write and play sad music, they just can't stop fretting.

34. A woman was arrested for killing her husband with a seven-stringed axe. The police claimed that it was an assault with the help of a medley weapon!

35. To impress a lot of my friends, I started taking guitar lessons. It is A Major task, and now I can only C Minor improvements from my end!

36. Radio hosts like speaking to their guitars before going to sleep. They usually say, "Good night for now but stay tuned!"

37. The funniest thing about a guitar pick is that you can always pick a guitar, but you can never Piccalilli!

38. After a dangerous accident, I picked up a guitar and started learning to play it. Now on my recovery, it has played an instrumental role!

39. If Aang of Avatar was a guitarist, he would be able to bend guitars. We wouldn't have called him 'The Last Airbender' but 'The Last Fender Bender'!

40. Guitars are the most sad and depressed instruments. They always get picked on by others!

Music Puns That Pulls Strings Of Your Heart

These puns on guitar will strike your heart like when your favorite guitar player plays the perfect guitar chord from your favorite song.

41. When a couple of U2's sounds were compiled and remastered with guitars, it really took 'The Edge' off their music!

42. I once was a part of a heavy metal band. I was the lead guitarist!

43. Darth Vader was on a quest, and he started visiting every known music store in the universe. He badly wanted to find the rebel bass!

44. I visited my friend and, to my utter surprise, saw him licking his electric guitar. To a bewildered me, he said he had good taste in music.

45. Anyone can easily tell if a bass guitarist is at their door. They simply don't know when to come in!

46. The perfect way a guitarist should implement to secure his guitar from getting stolen is to keep it in a bass-case!

47. Guitarists are extremely fond of playing the guitar in bicycles as there are two pedals!

48. Earlier, I hardly got to play the guitar, but since the quarantine, I have Benjamin Moore!

49. My guitar teacher was also a good musician. He always started his lessons by saying, "Pick up a chord, any chord".

50. If a bunch of strawberries and blueberries start playing the guitar together, it will be a jam session!

51. The only country in the world which is ruled by miniature guitars is Uke-reign!

52. The characters of 'Avatar - The Last Air Bender' love guitars. Toph loves Rock and Roll while Aang loves playing Air Guitar!

53. Never cross a guitar with a hyena. You will end up with a Yamaha ha ha ha ha!

54. The Bass guitar didn't like going out with his friends. He lived a low-key life!

55. The guitarist, while returning from a show, had a bad accident. He barged his pickup into a bridge and almost broke his neck!

56. Majority of the guitar teachers are Iraqi and absolutely love weird tunings because they are quite fascinated with BAGDAD.

57. The fisherman was sad. He lost his tuna and thus couldn't play guitar at the market!  

58. I once sold a guitar to a man with no hands. He said that he would play it by his ears!

59. I wanted my favorite ESP Y winged model, but the shop didn't have it. So the owner pulled a couple of strings and got it for me.

60. Guitarists treat guitars like a religion. They become happy as long as they practice it for an hour at least in a week!

61. Jim plays like a prison guitarist. He can always be seen playing behind bars and can never find the right keys!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for guitar puns then why not take a look at music jokes, or for something different take a look at travel jokes.

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