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The guitar is a six-stringed musical instrument.

It is widely played by many musicians all across the world. Guitars are mainly of three types: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and classical guitars.

All guitars are mainly made up of wood. An amplifier is required to produce the sound made by an electric guitar.

Bass guitars are guitars that consist of four strings. Some electric guitars have more than six strings, and they are extensively used in metal music. Unlike violins, guitars have frets in them, which mark a particular note box.

The guitar family also includes ukuleles, banjos, and mandolins. Ukulele is a small mini-sized guitar and has four strings. Famous guitarists like Eric Clapton, Steve Vai, David Gilmore are adored by all music lovers.

So grab your six-string and take a peek at these lovely guitar jokes, one-liners and we are very sure they will strike a chord in your heart! Scroll through and tune up your guitar humor.

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Bass-ically Funny Jokes About Guitars

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Here we have got some funny guitar jokes, and funny guitar player jokes, and one-liners that will leave you in splits. Take your pick.

1. What does a guitar player do to ensure that their guitar doesn't get stolen anytime? They store it in a bass case!

2. What is the best way to describe a guitar that never finishes its work at the office? It's a quitar!

3. Why do the majority of guitarists like cycling? Because a cycle comes with two pedals!

4. What is the best and ideal way to invite a guitarist to a party? You should always invite them chordially!

5. What is the perfect way to define a guitar that always likes moving on its own? It's a Walk and Roll!

6. When guitarists die, why are they buried 6 feet under? This is because guitarists are really nice people deep down!

7. How can you differentiate between a guitar and a tuna fish? You can always tune a guitar, but you can never tuna fish!

8. How can you identify when a lead guitarist is right outside of your house? They don't know when to come in!

9. How do you understand that a guitarist is extremely worried? When he starts to fret a lot!

10. Why are the majority of guitar jokes one-liners? So that the rest of the members of the band can understand!

11. Why was the amateur guitarist licking his guitar? Because he wanted to increase his taste in music!

12. Why do rhythm guitarists move around the stage while performing? They move away from the sound!

13. Why was the guitarist arrested and charges pressed against him? Because he had held back A minor!

14. What do you name a female law enforcement officer who is exceptional in playing rhythm guitar? She is a She-Riff!

15. Why did the aspiring guitarist put his guitar and pedals in the freezer? He did it because he wanted to play cool music!

16. Why was Darth Vader visiting all the guitar shops of the entire universe? Because he desperately wanted to find the rebel-bass!

17. If former Vice President Al Gore played guitar, what kind of music would he have been playing? He would have been playing algo-rythm!

18. Why was the famous guitarist extremely anxious and tired? Because he was strung out!

Guitar Jokes That'll Rock Your Mind

In this list, we have some of the best music jokes, chord jokes, band jokes, a funny guitarist joke, and many more that will definitely rock your mind with laughter.

19. Why did the cow keep on playing the wrong note in the guitar while trying to play the Lydian minor scale? Because he kept on playing the beef flat note too many times!

20. What did the guitarist say when the band's manager said that he will attack him with the headstock of the guitar? The guitarist said, "Are you trying to fret me?"

21. What happens when U2's initial albums are remastered without any of the guitar parts? It usually takes away the Edge of the sound!

22. Why was the cow in the jungle rock band? Because he was the only moosician, who could play the guitar!

23. What did the posh angry guitar tell the moon guitarist? Why don't you pick someone of your own size!

24. Why was Stephen Hawking a good guitarist who could play the air guitar very well? Because he knew a lot about string theory!

25. What kind of cheese does a guitar enjoy in his sandwich? A guitar likes string cheese best!

26. Why did the farmer play guitar in the field while farming? He played it because it was music to his ears!

27. What do you end up with if you cross a chicken with a guitar? You get a chicken that sings chords when you pluck it!

28. Why do guitars stay blue and are always sad and depressed? Because the poor guitars are always picked on by others!

29. What did my guitarist friend say when I asked if he knew how to play 'Wonderwall'? He replied, "Maybeeeeee!"

30. Why couldn't Woody play his favorite guitar? Because he was unable to find where his Pixar!

31. Why did the guitarist put his old guitar on sale at eBay without the strings? Because he wanted to sell it with no-strings-attached!

32. What did the woman who was on trial for killing her husband with a guitar reply when the judge asked if she was a first offender? The lady replied that the first was an ESP and the second was a Fender!

33. What did the new guitar student do when he became afraid of his guitar tutor? He stopped going for his classes as he fretted going for them.

34. What is the best way to describe a female rock guitarist who can also make beautiful crochets? She is definitely a real knit picker!

35. What did my grandfather say when I asked him if he will leave behind his vast guitar and vinyl collection for his family? He said that it was all music to his heirs!

36. Why are violinists extremely brave and not at all cowardly like a guitar players? Because in any given situation violinists never ever fret!

37. Why did the lead guitar player carry a gigantic ladder to the concert? Because he badly wanted to hit the high notes correctly!

Roasts About Guitars And Guitarists

Here you'll find some roasts about guitar players, funny guitarist jokes, some bass guitarist jokes that'll definitely help you tune up your life with laughter and joy.

38. How can you differentiate between an electric guitar and a lawnmower? You can always tune a lawnmower!

39. Which is the easiest and the simplest way to find out who is a guitarist at any party? Wait patiently. He will come and tell you!

40. How much time does it usually take to tune a 12 stringed guitar? Well, actually, no one knows!

41. What is the perfect way to describe a guitar player who knows only three chords? A music analyst and sound critic!

42. What do you do to slow down a guitar player who can shred really fast? Nothing. One should just put some sheet music in front of him!

43. How can you identify a guitar nerd amongst your friends? It is always the guy who owns and will play a classical guitar!

44. What is the one thing that a guitar player will never say in his life? I wish I was a bass player!

45. What do you call it when two guitarists start a shred battle at the same time? A cacophony!

46. What did the airport guard say to the guitarist when the latter asked him how to get to the Royal Albert Hall? The guard replied, "you have to practice really hard".

47. How many lead guitarists does it take to change a light bulb? Zero. They are particularly known for stealing the light of others!

48. Why can't all the bass players get through the door? Because they can never find the right key!

49. What did my wife tell me when I just started taking guitar lessons? She replied, "Please, can you play far, far away!"

50. Exactly how many guitar players are required to change a light bulb? Eleven. It will only take one to change the light while the others will argue as to how they could have done it better!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Guitar Jokes then why not take a look at Music Jokes or Piano Puns.

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