100+ Best Dance Jokes That Are En Pointe

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Dance is one of the truest and most articulate expressions that frees the soul from its binds.

It liberates human beings when they dance with feeling and pour out their emotions in dance. Dancing can express rage, love, passions, joy, fun, happiness, sassiness, and the like.

It is a universal art form that people from all walks of life from all around the world can relate to. To dance is to make your body one with your soul. Some people aim for perfection while some aim for grace. Dance gives you a new attitude and helps you make an entertaining story that is a feast for both the soul and the eyes. There are a plethora of dance types that originate from around the globe and are widely popular in certain traditions in certain countries. Many take up dancing as either a hobby or a release and hence it is a great way to relieve oneself of all that extra tension buildup in one's life due to the mundane drudgery that life can seem to become sometimes.  Many dancers might assume they have two left feet before they started dancing. But soon after a little bit of practice, a small confidence boost, and some good choreography, they realize they don't actually have two left feet. All some people need is a little bit of practice.

Dance can make you laugh, it can make you cry. It can make you feel swell and can make you feel fly. The best thing about dance is that there are no limits and you can make up your own steps on the go just like any other art form. Just as liberating as dancing is, so is joking about it. Dance jokes are greatly relevant amongst dancers and even people who do not dance but love watching dances. We all know that those ballet classes can get very stressful with all the perfection they require. Hence, cracking a few silly jokes about ballet dancing and ballerinas is a good way to ease the tension that builds up in your brain as well as your muscles. A dance joke can ease that. Jokes and laughter can make you feel way lighter, hence making your dance routine easier for you to pull off because stress can be an energy killer. Dance is all about the ball of energy that you are, as is a dance joke!

If you are looking for some dance jokes, we have curated a perfect list of all the best dance jokes including salsa dance jokes, ballroom dance jokes, dancers' jokes, square dancing jokes, dance teacher jokes, and the like. So if you are looking for some good salsa jokes or other dance jokes, you will love this list which has no room for bad dancer jokes, bad dancing jokes, and two left feet jokes.

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Funny Dance Jokes For Kids

Two little girls repeat the exercises after the teacher on the barre.

Looking for some funny dance jokes that will never bug you, but boogie you instead? You can tell these jokes to your dance teacher or friends. These jokes might make you jump to the beat when the next song starts playing and say five, six, seven, eight! Even if you don't know what five, six, seven, eight means, you will still be able to enjoy these jokes. Here is a list of some of the funniest dance jokes.

1. What type of birds just love to dance? Ravens.

2. How can you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie in it.

3. Why can computer coders dance very well? Because they know their algo-rhythm very well.

4. Where did hamburgers go dancing? At the meatball.

5. Why do skeletons hate going to dance? They have nobody to go with.

6. Why is the internet bad at dancing? It has an Al Gore Rhythm.

7. Why are dinosaurs bad at dancing? Because they don't exist.

8. Why do Native Americans do rain dances in the month of April? April showers bring May flowers.

9. How many dancer instructors would it take to change a light bulb? Five six seven eight.

10. What is a dance that begins at 10 am called? Attendance.

11. Why did the ghost get kicked out of the human party? Because he shouted, "Dance till you're dead!'

12. What is the favorite dance of a wire? The tangle.

13. How can you make the heart dance? Just give it a beat.

14. What latest dance did your sister go crazy for? Social Dis-dancing.

15. How is a dance instructor different from a doctor? It all depends on how fluid they need your movements to be.

16. What type of dance is the most unexpected and surprising? The coinci-dance.

17. What is the least favorite dance of an egg? Break dancing.

18. What is the favorite dance of buns? A-bun-dance.

19. What is a person who dances on top of cars called? A morris dancer.

20. What will you get if a dancer and an insect are crossed? A cricket ball!

21. What is the dance for people who don't like each other called? Avoidance.

22. Who is dark, tall, and has great dance moves? Dark Raver.

23. Why are dogs, such bad dancers? They have two left feet.

24. What type of music do baby swans love dancing to? Cygnet-ure tunes.

25. What is the favorite dance of a vampire? The Vaults.

26. What is the favorite dance of a frog? The Lindy Hop.

27. What is the favorite dance of a duck? The quackstep.

28. Which type of dance do chickens hate doing? The foxtrot.

29. What type of music do cows love to dance to? All kinds of moosic.

30. Which inventor solved all hair problems of all dancers? Bob E. Pinns.

31. What did everyone say about the dance that the intoxicated man was doing? He was just staggering.

32. What do people who cannot stop dancing get treated for? Saturday Night Fever.

33. What kind of birds have the greatest dance moves? Twerkys.

34. Where does a soccer player get to dance? A soccer ball.

35. What type of music do all ghosts get to dance to? Soul music.

36. What did the bank robber who was also a dancer get to say during a robbery? Everybody get down!

37. What did the two knives who get to dance with each other mention? They thought they were looking sharp.

38. Why are all of the dance studios owned by Fred Astaire usually located on the first floor? He is afraid of stairs.

39. Why do people find it cool if you get to be a dancer? Nobody gives you hate for having an attitude.

40. Why does the mushroom love to dance? He's a fungi to hang out with.

Funny Dancing Jokes About Different Types of Dance Forms

Looking for some funny dance jokes on dance forms? These great jokes will make any dancer say wow! Even if they don't make a dancer say wow, they will at least make one dancer say "I want to share this with my friend!" This list includes disco jokes, tap dance jokes, square dance jokes, line dancing jokes, salsa dancing jokes, tap dancing jokes, ballroom dancing jokes, tango jokes, Irish dancing jokes, and others you will simply love.

41. Where can you dance in California? San Fran-disco.

42. Why did the line dancer cross the dance floor? To get to the other slide.

43. Why was the butterfly not permitted entry into the dance? It was a moth ball.

44. How do Arabians like to dance? Sheik-to-sheik.

45. What type of animals are bad at dancing? Ones that are four-legged.

46. What type of music do the Pilgrims love to dance to? The Plymouth Rock.

47. What type of dance is the least favorite of hippies? The square dance.

48. What type of dance should people do when it is the end of summer? The Tango.

49. What dance do most fish do when they go to parties? The conga.

50. What type of dancing do plumbers love to do?  Tap dancing.

51. When do moms act like a dance teacher? When they say to check the attitude.

52. How do dancers multiply numbers? They jazz square them.

53. What is great for the soul but bad for the soles? Dancing.

54.  What is the favorite type of dance of owls? The hooooooola.

55.  What type of dance do most people do while eating chips? The Salsa.

56. What type of dancer has a brown and full head of hair? A contemporHAIRY dancer.

57. Which popular dance tv show do ponies love to watch? So You Think You Can Prance.

58. Who is an astrophysicist who loves dancing called? A Rockette scientist!

59. What kind of pie loves to dance? The merengue pie.

60. What is the favorite dance of a mystery writer? The twist.

61. What the favorite tap dance move of all cocktails? The flap.

62. What do line dancers do when they are tired? They line down.

63. What do cars do when they go to the disco? Brake dance.

64. What type of dance do burgers love doing? The burger-loo.

65. What happens when one sole line dancer visits a party? You get a One-Liner.

66. What is the Coca Cola factory's most popular dance? The can-can.

67. What type of dance do moms love doing? The Mom-bo.

68. Why did the little girl dance on her jam jar? Because it said, "twist to open."

69. What are two line dancers doing the Shoot the Rooster dance called? Pair of Shoot.

70. What is a one-legged line dancer named? Eileen.

71. Where do line dancers go to eat breakfast when they are tired of dancing? To IHOP.

72. What type of dance do most astronauts love to do? The moonwalk.

73. What is the favorite dance of a vampire? The Fang Tango.

74. What do snails wear when they go out dancing? Escargogo boots.

75. Which place do fortune tellers go dancing? At the crystal ball.

76. Where is it an offense to dance barefooted? At the sock hop.

77. What is a line dancer traveling on a cruise ship called? An Ocean "Liner."

78. What do golfers say when they meet hip hop dancers? Every day I am Schauffele.

79. How many square dancers would it take to change a light bulb? Eight.

80. Where do most computers go out to dance? To the disc-o.

81. How does a ballroom rumor get viral? Through the Grapevine.

82. Why is the Irish dancing show named 'Streamdance' not as great as 'Riverdance?' It is just a tributary act.

83. What would limbo dancers who take their dancing seriously do to win a competition? They would bend over backward.

84. Why did the contemporary dancer cross the road? Because she had to do the routine on the other side.

85. What type of dancing might you sink? Tap dancing.

Ballet Jokes And Ballerina Dance Jokes For Dancers

If you want a good ballet joke or a ballerina joke, you will simply love this list of nutcracker jokes, ballerina jokes, and jokes related to ballet dancing. Check out this dance joke list!

86. What do ballet dancers perform when they are overweight? 'Dance of the sugar plump fairy.'

87. What did the dancer say after giving birth to twins? Balance is all it is about now since I am a pas de deux.

88. What do ballet dancers feel like when they cannot find their shoe? Looking for it is pointeless.

89. What did the dancer say to the other after sabotaging her dance routine? The turnout is fair plié.

90. Which under-sea monster loves to dance classical ballet? The Nutkraken.

91. Why was the ballet dancer late to class? Because she wore her leotardy.

92. What is the favorite number of a ballerina? Two-two.

93. What is a ballet dancer who is also good at playing basketball called? A baller-ina.

94.  Which classical ballet dance do pigs love performing? Swine Lake.

95. How do ballerinas continuously practice all day? They run on batterie power.

96. What is a dancing sheep known as? A baaaah-lerina.

97. What happens when a computer is crossed with a ballet dancer? The Netcracker suite.

98. Why do ballerinas wear tutus? Because one-one will be smaller and three-three will be bigger.

99. What did the ballet teacher advise Yoda? Tendu or tendu not, there is no trying.

100. What would a book telling the story of a short ballerina be ideally called? 'Girl with the dragging tutu.'

101. What did the ballerina feel after repeating her dance rehearsal for eight whole hours? The agony of de-feet.

102. What is the number one priority of a dancer? To always have a pointe.

103. Why did the ballerina dancer cross the road? Because the combination on the opposite side needed to be reversed.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Dance jokes then why not take a look at Music Jokes, or Piano Puns.

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