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Best 50+ Fart Jokes That Are Perfect For Any Scents Of Humor

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Let's face it, everyone right from an infant to the oldest grandpa or grandma in the world farts, both in private and in public.

This is a common thread that connects everyone with farting humor. And that's why flatulence jokes make these unpleasant-smelling acts of the body humorous because 'farts are funny' and relatable.

Farts as a child might sometimes seem okay but, once you are an adult it seems like an embarrassing act in public. One might even feel humiliated if they fart in public because people may detect a bad smell and know that it came from you. But flatulence humor and funny jokes about farting can lower the effects of these types of embarrassment. And here are the best farting jokes for kids that will make farts a thing to laugh about. You can even check a few dad fart jokes, fart one-liners, and even brain fart jokes in the list below and share it with your family and friends.

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Short Fart Jokes

Girl squeezing nose with fingers

Funny fart jokes that are short and hilarious are the best ones to make anyone crack up.

1. How do you know a clown farted? It smells funny.

2. What's invisible and smells like dead grass? A goat's fart.

3. What's worse than fart? When a fart becomes a shart.

4. What do you get after farting in your wallet? Gas money.

5. What is a fart? It is very simply the lonely cry of a turd that has been abandoned.

6. What is the person who farts alone called? A private tooter.

7. What would a cow's fart smell like? Dairy air.

8. What would a fart look like in cold weather? Snowflakes.

9. What would you call a dinosaur's fart? The blast from the past.

10. Why are silent farts called ninja farts? They are silent but deadly.

11. Why don't farts perform well at school? Because the fart gets expelled.

12. Why is a fart on kickstart? Because it needs some gas.

All-Time Funniest Fart Jokes For Kids

Best fart jokes will never die. Here is a list of funny gas jokes and funny fart jokes for kids that will make even the adults laugh. You will love these jokes about gas.

13. How did the beans wish their father on Father's day? Happy Farter's day!

14. What did one fly sitting on the poop say to another when it farted? "Hey, I am trying to eat here!"

15. What did poop say to the fart? "You blow me away."

16. What did the baby diaper say to the fart in the thank you note? "You are the wind beneath my wings!"

17. What do you do to get a bubble bath after dinner? Just have beans for dinner.

18. What do you get if you eat a meal with beans and onions? Tear gas.

19. What do you say to the fart that startles you? "I am fartled by you."

20. What is the definition of bravery? To take the chance of farting while suffering from diarrhea.

21. Why do people think Piglet farts? Because he hangs around with Pooh.

22. Why did the chicken cross the road? She didn't want other chickens to accuse her of the silent but deadly farts.

23. Why shouldn't you fart while scuba diving? The bubbles show off the hilarious farts.

24. Why would the chicken cross the road? Because of the chick beside her who farts.

25. Why did the woman stop telling a joke about her fart? Because she was told it stinks.

Fart Comedy Jokes To Say When Someone Farts  

A farting joke can be cracked right after someone farts or when you know you probably are filled to the brim and want to let the gas out with a loud fart. Check this list for some funny and old fart jokes. Next time when someone farts, say these funny things and then react to their farts for a quick laugh.

26. What would you call a fart in Germany? 'Farfrompoopin'.

27. What blessing would you give someone who wants to fart but you don't want them to? "May your farts stay in you".

28. Which one of the fart quotes suits a farter person the best? "Fart is like brilliance, it bothers everyone when it's not theirs."

29. Why are farts more than 0lbs in weight dangerous? Because if they weigh anything more than that, they are just sharts.

3o. Why did God create a fart and added smell to it? Just so that the people who can't hear it don't feel left out.

31. What would one experience first if someone farts while traveling, a sound or smell? The person who farts.

32. What do you do when you feel like no one ever listens to you? You just look around the room and let out a loud fart!

33. What would the other artistic word for a fart be? It most certainly would be called an art of breaking wind loudly.

34. What would you say if you fart and people around you look annoyed? "I would tell you a joke about farts, but I've run out of gas".

35. What can you possibly do to make the world stop laughing at you? Just as the saying goes, laugh and the world laughs at you, so if you just fart and the whole world will stop laughing.

36. What situation could possibly make one of the best birthday fart jokes? If the person who ate too many skittles starts to fart rainbows.

37. How would you biologically call a fart? It is just a kiss from the intestines.

38. Why can farts be good spies? Because the can be silent and deadly when needed.

39. Why would it smell funny in a circus? Because the clown farted.

Sophisticated Fart Jokes

Farting can rarely be considered as an act of sophistication. But making it fun can be done through the best fart joke ever, given in the list below. Here are some good fart jokes bases on fart humor.

40. What do the scuba divers worry about? A shart attack.

41. What would Britney Spears say after, as usual, she let one rip? "Oops, I did it again."

42. What would you say if someone farted in a time machine? A blast from the past.

43. What would you call it when the Queen farts? You would call it The Noble Gas.

44. What would you say if someone is farting while doing yoga? The farting yoga.

45. Why are farts like children? Because you don't mind your own but cannot stand others!

46. Why are farts the sharpest things in the world? Because they go through the pant without creating any holes.

47. Why can't skeletons fart in public? Because they don't have the guts.

48. Why does farting feel so good? Because happiness comes from within.

49. What happens when one holds in a fart for too long? You won't die, you will just feel breezy inside.

50. Why do people say there are similarities between love and a fart? Because one should never force it.

51. Why is success like a fart? Because people hate it when it's not their own.

52. Why shouldn't you fart in an elevator? It will be wrong on so many levels.

Fart Knock Knock Jokes  

Check these knock-knock jokes for some giggles. You will find some not-so-clean fart jokes here.

53. Knock Knock.

Who's there?

A fart.

A fart, who?

Not so funny for the guy behind you.

54. Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Guess who?

Guess, I am getting a fart attack.

55. Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Never who?

Never turn down the fart.

Brain Farts Jokes

Here are a few crazy brain fart ideas that one can use to make their conversations funny.

56. What would a bad idea from a brilliant person be called? A brain fart.

57. Why are earphones not advised while farting? Because wearing earphones is not going to silence your farts.

58. What would a brain be called if not a single piece of information could ever be retrieved from there? A Bermuda Triangle.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Fart Jokes then why not take a look at What Do You Call A Man Jokes, or for something more kids-friendly check these Cartoon Jokes.

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