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40+ Best French Jokes You'll Love

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France is known for its rich cultural significance.

The people of France are extremely proud of their heritage and traditions. Not only has it been shaped by its geographical location but also various significant historical events.

France, and most importantly, Paris, has been the hub of high culture ever since the 17th and 19th centuries all around the world. Not only has it contributed significantly in various literary fields and fields of art such as fashion, film, and literature, but it also has significantly flourished in the fields of technology, mathematics, and social science as well. Being ranked as the fourth country that had the most positive impact on the world, it has had a significant amount of political, economic, and military influence over the years. The cuisine in France is a major part of French culture. Traditional French food is one of the most popular cuisines all around the world. Having been developed throughout the centuries, it had adopted various cooking traditions from neighboring countries as well. The country is also considered to be a popular tourist destination as well that have attracted people from every part of the globe just to revel in the scenic beauty of the country, taste their amazing food, and vibe with the rich traditional culture.

For people, yearning to visit France, learn French or anywhere else but do not have current access to, here is a nugget of wisdom. Humor can be a metaphorical mode of transport that can make one travel worldwide even if they are stuck in one particular place in the world. Travel humor and funny jokes related to various countries and traditions can not only bring one closer to that culture but also incite laughter and joy. And as we all know it, joy is the fuel that makes the world go round. Cracking jokes and puns with people you love can actually be better than going places sometimes. If you learn French, then puns can make it easier too. After all, to learn French, you need to play with words. Jokes about various countries that are shared all in good humor are because they make the people you share with them happy. You visit new places and gain a little more knowledge through the new people who meet after all. You can of course read French books to acquire knowledge. But why consume de la même chose every day? You can rather read up on some unique jokes.

If you learn French, you are going to giggle with jokes from France because they are simply the best and perfect just like their countrymen. If you are looking for some funny French jokes, here is a revolutionary list of the funniest French jokes, Paris jokes, jokes with French play on words, jokes related to the French language, and the French population in general. It also consists of funny jokes in French, French jokes for kids, and French dad jokes, and the like. With this list, you are bound to have some pun on your trip to France. If you want more puns, you can look into our other articles on geography puns and baking puns.

The Punniest Artistic Jokes From France

French jokes are in fact revolutionary, without any doubt.

Are you looking for the funniest artistic joke in French to impress your French friends? This list will have the cracking like mad.

1. What did the loanshark say to the Frenchman who loaned some money? When you come back, you better have my Monet.

2. How does one usually feel after visiting France? Fin-tastic.

3. What did the French policeman say after charging the driver for DUI? Why were you Rodin your car under influence?

4. What type of photography do French photographers like? Candide.

5. What did the French lover say to his wife who was late for work? It is time to Hugo to work, mon cherie.

6. Why does everyone love visiting France? Because it is beautiful in every Cezanne.

7. What did the tourist decide after visiting France for the third time? He wanted to Gauguin.

8. What do French people say when they meet new people? I hope your Degas great!

French Funny Jokes That Are Revolutionary

If you are looking for some life-changing funny joke in French, this list will blow you away.

9. Why should you never joke about French history? Because it is nothing to Lafayette.

10. What did the husband say to his French wife when they were going on a trip? How did you Charlemange-age to pack so many things?

11. What did the French woman say to the receptionist at the airport? I am in great Henri to visit France!

12. How did the French leader Napoleon have fun? By throwing a Bonapart-y.

13. How does a French person greet someone in Americs? By saying "Welcome to Louis-ville."

14. What did the French friend answer when he was asked to wear a costume for the party? I will come in dis-Guise.

15. What did the mother say to his son when he verbally abused her? I can’t believe you have the de Gaulle to say that to my face.

16. What seems to be the quietest sports in France? Para-shooing.

Jokes In The French Language

There is no need to be out on your hunt for some humor in French. This list will help you get plenty of jokes in French.

17. What would a French dog who loves eating potatoes be called? A pomme de terrier

18. Why did the tourist want to visit France? Because it was a beret good time!

19. How did the French woman feel after dressing up for her dinner date? Very France-y.

20. Why do tourists avoid visiting France in summer? Because it is st-Eifel-ing.

21. What did the tourist say when he wanted to visit the French museum? I Musee French art.

22. Why do musicians love visiting France? Because of the good musee-c.

23. Why do most French tourists end up happy after visiting France? It is impossible to Rouen the trip.

24. Why do most people love visiting France? It is a oui bit different!

26. Why do many art critics love to read about French painter, Eugène Delacroix? They never get Bordeaux-ed about him.

27. What did the tourist say when his mother asked if he could visit France again? Of Corsican!

28. What do people usually say after visiting France? I ain’t Lyon. I love France.

29. When the French woman returned home after her trip, what did she say? I have so much to Marseilles about France

30. In France, why does everyone have a confident attitude? Because they hate Toulouse.

31. Why do people barely complain about life in France? Because they have Nantes-thing to crib about.

32. What did the wife say to her husband when they bought a new house in France? I Cannes watch the French Riviera from this view.

33. What did the tourist's kid say when he saw the Eifel Tower? I love this French Tour.

French Puns About Food

French food can be used for making French puns too.

What is a trip to France without the food? French cuisine is an integral part of its culture. Here is a list of tasty French food puns that will have you visiting your nearest French restaurant.

34. What did the French husband say when his wife said she will not go and dine with him? Wine not?

35. What did the exasperated Frenchman say when his friend wouldn't keep quiet about France? Oh for crying out loud! Baguette up about it!

36. What did the French friend say when she had to leave after finishing dessert? I do not want to leave, but it’s time for me to escargot, I'm afraid.

37. What type of breakfast do French people usually prefer? The breakfast of champignons.

38. Why did the woman hate being alone in a deserted street in France? Because it gave her the crepes.

39. What is the favorite song that French people love listening to? 'Hey, macaroon-a.'

40. What do people in France meet someone they haven't met in a long long time? Our paths will croissant again.

41. Why do people from all around the globe love eating French food? Because the taste is brie-ond brie-lief!

42. Why is French onion soup a favorite amongst people in France? Because it is absolutely soup-er.

43. Why do French people simply love their country and cultural heritage? They think that they are the creme brulee of the crop!

47. What is written in the book of the French Constitution? The d-eclair-ation of man's every right.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for French Jokes then why not take a look at something different like sheep puns or river puns.

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