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75+ Best Ghost Jokes For Kids That Are Terrifyingly Funny

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Ghosts are referred to as spirits of dead beings, mainly that of humans.

Ghosts are said to be invisible in nature, while some ghosts or spirits are said to appear in front of humans. There are different types of ghosts, like spooks, poltergeists, phantoms, etc.

The belief in ghosts and spirits has been popular among humans since time immemorial. Different traditions and customs often refer to ghosts and spiritualism. Many people all over the years disapproved of the fact that the ghosts are real, but opinions stand divided on this topic. But, when has divided opinions ever stopped humor? Jokes like 'where did the ghost go?', 'what are the things that ghosts like?' or puns on words like bam-boo are widely prevalent. So, dive into these ghost jokes that will make even the ghosts roar with laughter.

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Funny Ghost Jokes That Are Spooky

Haunted pumpkins on table

Here we have some funny jokes for Halloween and ghosts, some cute Halloween jokes, and all the spooky jokes that you'll ever need.

1. Why do the ghosts go to the home stadium of the team that always loses? Because ghosts like going there for the boos!

2. Why does a ghost starch his sheet whenever he can? Because he badly wanted everyone scared stiff!

3. What did the ghost hunter say when he caught a ghost at night? He exclaimed, "Gotchu Boo!"

4. From where do ghosts buy their food and other essential commodities? They all buy these things from the ghost-ery store!

5. What is the best way to detect when a ghost is very, very sad? It is usually whenever he starts boo-hooing!

6. For which position did the ghost give a trial when he badly wanted to play soccer? He gave his trials for the position of a ghoul-keeper.

7. What kind of friends usually turn up whenever a ghost organizes a party in his house? They are usually any kind of old friend he could dig up!

8. What is the favorite game of the little ghost which he plays all night in the ancient manor? He absolutely loves playing hide and shriek!

9. What did the man think when a lot of ghosts visited his house out of the blue? He had no other better choice but to hope that it was the festival of Halloween!

10. During Thanksgiving dinner, what is the only food dish which ghosts look forward to the most? Ghosts are known to dig the grave-y most!

11. What is a ghost's favorite type of popsicle? Any ghost absolutely loves the particular flavor of lemon and slime!

12. Why are ghosts most sad and melancholy when it rains hard? Because the rain always dampens their spirit!

13. In a building, which rooms do ghosts hate the most? Ghosts are known particularly to hate the living room!

14. At dinner, why couldn't the ghosts eat the delicious liver curry? It is probably because they didn't have the stomach to eat it!

15. Where do working ghost parents keep their baby ghosts during the daytime? The little ghosts are usually kept at day-care centers!

16. On which particular day of the week are all ghosts, ghouls, and spirits known to be the most fearsome and scary? It obviously has to be on Fright-day!

17. What is the perfect way to describe a little ghost that carries itself under a torn white sheet? It is most definitely a hole-y terror!

18. Even though they are dead, why are some of the ghosts very, very happy? It is probably because every shroud is bound to have a silver lining!

19. What is the favorite dish of the ghost, who is a panda? It obviously is a bam-boo!

20. Why did the very excited ghost go to the big sale during the Labor Day celebrations? It was probably because he was a seasoned bargain haunter!

21. What is the reason for demons and spirits being so well acquainted? It is because demons are known to be a ghoul's best friend!

22. What did the mother ghost tell the little ghost who was always interrupting when the elders were speaking amongst themselves? The mother ghost said, "Listen, kid, you must only spook when you are spoken to".

23. What did the ENT spirit surgeon find when he was operating on a patient ghost? He found nothing but boo-gers!

24. What is the appropriate timing when ghosts eat their breakfast? They usually eat breakfast during the mourning!

25. Which play by William Shakespeare is most enjoyed by all ghosts and spirits? It most definitely is Romeo and Ghoul-iet!

Jokes About Ghosts That Are Hil-eerie-ous

This is the list of Halloween ghost jokes that are some corny Halloween jokes, some silly Halloween jokes, boo jokes.

26. How can you know when a ghost is telling lies to you? It's simple as you can very easily see right through them!

27. What is the best way to describe a ghost that lives only at fireplaces? It is definitely a toastie ghostie.

28. What is the ideal holiday location for all ghosts? All the ghost go to Mali-boo on their vacation!

29. What is the main reason behind the incredible fitness of all ghosts? They maintain their shape by exorcising every day of the week!

30. Where did the good family of ghosts go on their summer vacation? The family took a lovely trip to the Boo-hamas!

31. Which place is a great spot for the entire ghost family to spend a lovely weekend? The ghosts would definitely love visiting Lake Eerie!

32. Before starting the car, what did the father ghost tell the kid ghost? The father said, "I'm not starting the car until and unless you fasten your sheet belt".

33. How did the ghost actress look at the premiere of her movie? She looked absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

34. After a lovely dinner, what kind of dessert does a ghost eat the most? Ghosts love eating I-scream for desserts!

35. What kind of bean does a ghost eat the most? They love human beans the most!

36. What can be the best way to describe the absolutely funny jokes of a stand-up comic ghost? They are absolutely dead funny!

37. What kinds of roads and streets do ghosts haunt? They love hanging out in dead ends!

38. From where did the stylish ghost buy his bedsheets? The ghost visited a boo-tique to buy the sheets!

39. Why was the ghost arrested by the forest ranger? Because the ghost had no haunting license!

40. What did the ghost class teacher tell the kid ghost who was unable to understand the algebra? He said, "Take a look at the board, and then I will go through it again"!

41. What kind of special keys do ghosts use when locking their rooms? Ghosts usually use spoo-keys when locking their rooms!

42. Why are ghosts known to avoid stairs but only use elevators? Because elevators always lift their spirits!

43. What kind of dessert is most loved by a ghost after a hearty meal? It usually is a boo-berry pie!

44. Which special food dish do ghosts usually eat for their supper? Ghosts eat spook-eti for suppers!

45. What kind of product do ghosts and spirits use for washing their hair? They use a sham-boo!

46. What do ghosts do to find more information about their future? They take the help of horror-scopes!

47. Whom did the boy ghost take to his prom? He took his ghoulfriend to prom!

48. What is the favorite breed of horse that a ghost usually loves riding at night? It most definitely is a nightmare!

49. From whom do ghosts buy their favorite cookies during the holidays? They usually buy them from the ghoul scouts!

50. What happened to the forgetful ghost who got completely lost in the fog? He became mist!

Haunted Jokes That'll Keep Your Spirit Up

Here you'll find the ghost joke and paranormal jokes that will definitely make you fly through the room laughing like a ghost.

51. What kind of make-up does the famous ghost actress usually use before her shooting? She usually uses a concealer!

52. What is a funny way to call a ghost who has a broken leg? You can call him a hobblin' goblin!

53. What unfortunate incident happened to the man who refused to pay the fees of an exorcist? The man's house was ultimately repossessed!

54. What did the old man say when his grandchildren wanted to hear scary ghost stories from him? The old man replied, "Well, that's the spirit".

55. What did the bartender tell the ghost who visited the pub at 4:30 A.M. in the morning? With a straight face, the bartender said, "Sorry, we don't serve spirits after 2:30 A.M.!"

56. What did the husband ghost say to his wife as a compliment on Valentine's day? He said, "You are really a monster cause you look Frankenfine".

57. What did the man ghost tell his lover as a lovely compliment? He said, "Are you really a ghoul, cause you have been haunting my dreams for a long time"!

58. Why do vampires love playing baseball at night and not during the day? It's because they can simply turn into bats at night!

59. Where do ghosts like to go swimming? In the Dead Sea, of course!

60. What is the main problem when you see two twin ghosts of witches? It becomes virtually impossible to differentiate and know witch is which!

61. Why was the ghost banned from participating in fencing? It is mainly because he has got an invisible touch!

62. What promise did the husband ghost make to his wife on their anniversary? He said, "No matter what happens, I will never ever ghost you".

63. How did the one ghost propose to his ghost girlfriend? He simply went down on his knees and said, "Will you be my Boo?"

64. What kind of mistakes do ghosts make? They make boo boos.

65. What is the ideal way to greet a ghost? You should say, "How do you boo?"

66. What do you call a ghost that is known to haunt the hospitals? The surgical spirit!

67. Which is the favorite type of tree of all ghosts? It is definitely the ceme-trees!

68. What did the man ghost tell the lady ghost when they met for the first time at a party? He said, "I think you are not a ghost. You are most definitely a zombie cause you are just drop-dead gorgeous".

69. What did the ophthalmologist advise the old ghost who was having difficulty in seeing things? He advised him to wear spook-tacles!

70. How do ghosts usually send their posts? They usually send it via the ghost office!

71. For the extravagant party, what kind of make-up did the lady ghosts wear? They wore some mas-scare-a!

72. How do ghosts love cooking their eggs? They usually love the eggs to be terri-fried!

73. During dinner parties, what do ghosts usually serve to their guests? They serve poultry-geists!

74. How did the ghost rugby team fare in the tournament? They were brilliant as they could easily score by drop ghouls!

75. Which ghosts have the best hearing amongst all other ghosts? The eeriest has the best hearing, obviously!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for ghost jokes then why not take a look at Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids, or Moon Jokes.

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