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55 Best Latin Jokes That Carpe Diem

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Latin may be a dead language, but there are still thousands of people who love it years later.

Latin is known as a classic language that was majorly spoken in Rome, as well as other cities in the Roman empire. To this day it is still used in the Vatican.

Have you ever thought about the origin of a word after you've said it? Even after so many years, Latin jokes and Latin language puns can still breathe life into a dead conversation. You may not get the entirety of a funny Latin pun, but you will surely understand the gist of it. Saying a Latin joke in a conversation can make you seem very well-read and educated. While those who have learned Latin during school or college will get these jokes very easily, it might be a little harder for those who have yet to take a Latin course.

Sometimes it takes a little while for a joke to sink in, especially if it's in a language that has been dead for years. If you need some help understanding some of the references in this article, you can take the help of a Latin dictionary, which will most probably have the Latin word you're looking for. We hope you enjoy reading this list of Latin jokes as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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Funny Latin Jokes

Young pretty woman sitting and reading a book

If you need a good joke to share with your Latin class, you'll definitely find it here. This list is also great for people who are looking for the best Latin one-liners or puns about classics. Here's a list of the funniest Latin jokes we could think of!

1. Why were the two Italian tourists speaking Latin in the cafe? Both of them have a Latin common.

2. Why did the insect that sucked blood every day decide to start taking Latin classes? He was trying to be Roman-tic for his wife.

3. What was the name of the man who was famous for singing in Latin? It was Greg or Ian I believe.

4. Why was the Latin professor so sick? He was explaining what the term 'ad nauseum' meant for the millionth time.

5. Why was the father so proud that his son scored a 40% on his Latin examination in college? He always wanted his son to XL.

6. What did the young Latin student say when he wanted someone to translate 'mundus' for him? It will mean the world to me if you could translate this.

7. Why do a lot of people not consider Latin to be a dead language? They think it is currently Roman around.

8. Why did the school student think he aced his Latin exam? His teacher graded him a C.

9. What should you use alongside the Latin verb 'edo'? The om-nom-inative.

10. What would a Roman man who raided someone's winery at night say? Carpe Vine-um.

11. What did the Latin professor hate? When people didn't use Latin phrases correctly, and vice versa.

12. What did the Italian man name his loyal dog? Bona fide.

13. Why was a British poet so happy? Someone had paid her a quid for a quote.

14. What did the Roman poet say to his wife when he was having trouble finding his books? Can you come here, Aeneid you?

15. What did the Roman servant do when the poet fell extremely ill and couldn't get out of bed? He kept a Virgil at his bedside.

16. What was the most favored dish of every Roman citizen? They all loved a good Caesar salad.

17. What did the Roman scholar say when someone asked him to cut down his speech by half? I can't Cicer-off that much of the speech.

18. In what period would the Romans have liked to get their photos taken because it would have been the perfect time for a selfie? The Golden Age.

19. Why were the Roman poets so annoyed with the government? It imposed a Livy on Latin literature.

20. What did the Roman poet say to his cat when she was hiding a secret? Please, Cat-tell-us something.

21. Why was a Roman poet so upset? He had lost the Ho-race.  

22. Which Roman poet was seen to be the best investment? Propertius.

23. What did the photographer tell Ovid to do when he was taking his photos? Strike a lot of metamor-poses.

24. Why did the teacher reprimand the young poet? He was acting very Juvenal in the classroom.

25. Why was a Roman author invited to Hogwarts to showcase his skills? He was very good at casting Patronius charms.

26. What did the teacher tell the young Roman boy? Lu-can definitely be a great writer someday.

27. Why did a poet's wife leave him? He cared way more about his Statius than he did about her.

28. What did the poet think when his play got a lukewarm response? I'm glad it was at least a Martial success.

29. Why was a Roman man so upset with his wife? She spent a lot of his money on Persius.

30. Why was the Roman author so annoyed by people wandering on his balcony? He didn't like anyone dirtying up the Terence.

31. How does U2's entire team work? They all work pro bono.

32. What did the frog's friends tell him when he learnt Latin prose? They told him to scribit, scribit.

33. Is there a chance that you're the fourth declension? Because you're forcing me to say U, U, U!

34. What did the student say when someone screamed "Possum Alert!"? I think it would be better if you said 'I am able to'?

35. What season do Latin students enjoy the most? Certamen season.

36. What did the Roman man say to his friend after their trip? You need to Pom-pay me for the last trip we went on.

37. What did the orator ask his lecturer when the entire class messed up the final? Are you going to Marcus down for our mistakes?

38. What did a man say when he read a horrible book in Latin? I think we should Descartes.

39. What font did most Roman authors write their scripts in? Italicus.

40. What founder of Christian Latin literature was also extremely fond of flowers? Amb-rose.

Jokes In Latin

‍If you're looking for a joke that is written in Latin or classics jokes, you're in the right place! You can easily find a joke with a Latin response to love. If you don't know Latin, you might have to pop out a dictionary so that you can translate and get to know any word that you don't understand. Here's a list of jokes that are in Latin for your enjoyment!

41. What did the Latin professor say to the student who was having a lot of trouble finishing his astronomy project about the stars? Ad astra per aspera.

42. What happens to Latin teachers after they pass away? They just decline.

43. What did a young girl say when she had a really smart plan to win the snakes and ladder game she was playing with her friends? Alea iacta est.

44. What did the realtor say when a family wanted to buy the house but wasn't ready to sign the lease? Acta non verba.

45. What did the bold font style say to the italics font style when they were playing chess? Audentes fortuna iuvat.

46. What did a Roman girl named Nature's mother say to her husband about her daughter's plants? I'm really worried about her plants but she doesn't care at all. Natura non contristatur.

47. What did the Roman man say when the lights of his house went out and he started having dark thoughts? In absentia lucis, tenebrae vincunt.

48. What did the Roman man who believed in the longevity of art say when he saw a painting that was really tall? Ars longa, vita brevis.

49. What did the Roman executor say when nobody was bidding on Heaven at the auction? Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.

50. What did the moon say to his wife when she insisted that they go to the movies with their family members, the stars? Astra inclinant, sed non obligant.

51. What did the Roman man say to his wife when he realized he was being chased by a man named Ignorance? Timendi causa est nescire.

52. What did the Roman man say after meeting a woman called Danger in a risky setting? Dulce periculum.

53.  What did the Roman eagle say when someone told him that a person was spreading rumors about him eating flies? He said, "Aquila non capit muscas."

54. What did the Roman man say when someone asked him what it was like to own a wolf that was very unpredictable? Auribus teneo lupum.

55. What did the philosopher say to the bearded man who was pretending to be a philosopher by telling old fables about beards? He said, "Barba non facit philosophum."

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