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70+ Best Popcorn Jokes That Are Not Corn-y

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Popcorn jokes can be enjoyed as much as a movie if not more.

Popcorn jokes are one of the most pop-ular food jokes. People like 'stalking' up their corn jokes to share with their family during movie nights.

Popcorn is the Avengers of food. Everybody loves them. Even most parents do not stop their kids from having popcorn. The reason behind this is popcorn is made of corn which is obviously very healthy, for bonus points, and it's tasty. So something that is both tasty and healthy ticks all the boxes for parents as well as kids. Popcorn can be enjoyed almost at any time. We can have popcorn while watching a movie, as a late night snack, or when you just feel like you need to pop something in your mouth to keep yourself busy. We don't even need a proper reason to have popcorn! Now, popcorn has different types. There are butter popcorn, cheese popcorn, caramel popcorn, and the list goes on. So as a result, popcorn jokes can be of many types too. We can all have a good laugh when we make jokes about butter, caramel jokes, cinema jokes, corny jokes, and more - all related to popcorn. We have a few funny jokes on popcorn that you will love as a fellow popcorn lover. Grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy this list of chuckles.

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Clever Kernel Jokes

Funny food humor is often appreciated.

Kernel is to corn what apple is to an apple tree. Kernels are fruits that are going to become popcorn when heated or cooked. A lot of people stock up on kernels and make them into popcorn when they crave it or when they are going to watch a movie. Making a kernel pop into a popcorn not a very expensive or time-consuming process.

There's certainly a kernel of truth to this statement; a popcorn joke would not have been made if it was not for kernels. We might as well go as far as to even say that kernel is a 'pop' corn because it's the father figure of popcorns! It would be totally unfair to have popcorn jokes without kernel jokes. So here's our list of some funny jokes on kernels that will help you enjoy a good laugh.

1. What is the similarity between a kernel and a stupid question? Both can pop out at any moment.

2. Why do balloons hate kernels? Because they might pop.

3. Why did the kernel turn into a popcorn one fine day? Because it was a hot day.

4. What happened to the corn that went to join the force? He became a Kernel.

5. Who ordered the corn to pop? The Kernel.

6. What do kernels do in their free time? Hip pop dance.

7. Why could the kernel not pop? She was cornfused.

8. What did a kernel say to another kernel to express his love? "You pop me up like no other".

9. Why would a miser tape a bunch of kernels to his ceiling? Because he could not afford fire alarms.

10. What happened when I accidentally stepped on a kernel? I became a cereal killer.

11. What did the kernel's friend ask the kernel? "What's popping?"

12. Why are popcorns considered close to the military? Because they have a lot of kernels.

13. What do kernels do to lose weight? They become popcorn.

14. Why do all the corns hate the kernel? Because he always bosses around.

15. Why did one of the five kernels not pop? He was wearing sunscreen.

16. What kind of music do kernels listen to? Pop music.

17. What did the kernel say to his girlfriend after movies? "I hope you are having a grain time."

18. Why did everyone believe the corn's story? Because there was a kernel of truth to it.

19. What is a kernel's favorite type of candy? A lolli-pop.

20. What did everyone say to the kernel when he finally popped? "Corn-gatulations!"

21. What happened when the kernel decided to change its career path? He was in a different field.

22. What happened to the very angry kernel? He became a popcorn.

Funny Popcorn Jokes

Popcorn jokes that pop up suddenly during movie nights get a lot of praise because everybody can relate to them. A few pop jokes can lift up the funny spirit in people and get them in a good mood. Who would not want to read a popcorn joke that reminds them of the taste and flavor of popcorn? Funny jokes become funnier when we are trying to make a popcorn joke. Cute jokes on a funny food like popcorn can make it extra delicious and enjoyable with a sprinkle of humor. Even though popcorn jokes can be corny jokes at times (pun intended!), they will always be funny. We have a list of jokes that are corny enough to make you laugh and think at the same time. Grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy these corny jokes.

23. What kind of pizza toppings do corn get? Popperoni.

24. What kind of corn do dogs like? Pupcorn.

25. What should you use to make spicy popcorn? Poprika.

26. Why did popcorn's friend not laugh at his joke? Because it was corny.

27. How did the popcorn husband praise his wife? He said, "You are a-maize-ing."

28. Why do my corn people like popcorn more than movies? Because popcorns are way butter.

29. What should be the name of a band for corn? Pop-korn.

30. What customs do popcorn society follow? Pop culture.

31. Who is popcorn's distant relative? Poppies.

32. Why was the popcorn so happy? Because she just won the corntest.

33. Why was the popcorn picking up a fight with everyone? Because he was salty.

34. What would a gymnast popcorn be famous for? Probably for its sommer-salt.

35. What kind of jokes would cheddar popcorn make? Cheesy and corny jokes.

36. What do you call one piece of popcorn? Unicorn.

37. What comes free with popcorn? Butterfingers.

38. Why could the popcorn not watch the movie? Because he was over even before the movie started.

39. What were the charges against the popcorn in court? A-salt.

40. What is popcorn's zodiac sign? Capri-corn.

41. Why could someone not enjoy the popcorn they sneak into the theater? Because there are no microwaves.

42. What do you call a famous popcorn singer? A pop star.

43. Who is popcorn's favorite character? Mary Poppins.

44. Why did the popcorn cross the road? Because Popper was performing on the other side.

45. What happened to the lady who had to pay a fine for smuggling popcorn in the theaters? She paid more than what she would have to buy popcorn at the theaters.

46. Why do people not order plain popcorn? Because there are butter ones out there.

47. Why does popcorn have such great visual power? Because they have corn-ea.

48. What happened to my brother who ate the expired popcorn? He faced the cornsequences.

49. How does a popcorn taste past its expiry date? It Shucks.

50. What did mama corn say to the baby corn? "Stop popping around with your friends all day".

51. What movie does popcorn watch on repeat? In-the-pan-dance Day.

52. What kind of dance move do popcorns love? Popping and locking.

53. For what crime do popcorns never get charged? Being engaged in buttery.

54. What does a corn cob call their father? Pop corn.

55. Why were popcorns amazing friends as kids? Because corns are always all ears.

56. What happened to the popcorn who was selected for the play in his school? He was in Act II.

57. What's the subtle difference between popcorn and pea soup? Well, you are able to pop corn but can't really pee soup.

58. What competition did the popcorn win the first prize in? Pop quiz.

59. What kind of jokes do pop corn say to everyone around? Dad jokes.

Non-Corny Jokes About Corn

Food jokes are not always corny.

Corn humor is often stated as corny or unfunny. But that is absolutely not true. A funny food joke should make the person reading the joke laugh and remind them of the food at the same time, and that makes it relatable. Things are always funnier when you can visualize them. Even if there's a few dad jokes element in the jokes, that does not mean they will not be cute jokes or you won't enjoy a good laugh. Funny corn jokes do not necessarily have to be corny corn jokes. Here's a list of sweet jokes on corns that will make you laugh out loud because there's no popping without corns.

60. Why was the corn beaten up by the neighbors? Because he was stalking.

61. Why could the corn not go to school? Because he was in the can.

62. What do you call buying a huge amount of corn at once? Stalk investment.

63. How much does pirate corn cost? A bucc-an-ear.

64. What kind of corn likes to eat meat? The corn-ivouros ones.

65. What do corns play with during their free time? Cornballs.

66. What happened when I swallowed an entire corn cob? I was corn-stipated for days.

67. Why do other veggies not like corn? Because he always cracks a corny joke.

68. How was the baby corn I met yesterday? It was sweet.

69. How does a corn generally smile when they hear a corny joke? From one ear to the next.

Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock jokes, corny or amazing ones, come with a sense of anticipation. Here are some wonderful knock-knock jokes for you.

70. Knock Knock.

Who is out there?

Corn's dad.

Corn's dad who?

Pop corn.

71. Knock Knock.

Who knocks?


Pop who?

Popcorn's ready - start the movie.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for popcorn jokes then why not take a look at Donut Jokes, or Chocolate Puns.

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