60+ Best Popcorn Jokes That Are Not Corn-y

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Looking to add a pop of fun to your next family movie night or gathering with friends? Grab a bowl of your favorite buttery popcorn and get ready to share some laughs with this collection of popcorn jokes that are anything but corn-y.

Whether you're a fan of the classics or prefer something with a twist, these jokes are sure to have everyone in the room chuckling and reaching for another handful of popcorn.

From kernels of wisdom to a sprinkling of silliness, these jokes are perfect for watching a movie or hanging out with friends and loved ones. They are also great for sharing with friends, bringing smiles to a family game night, or even brightening a random passerby's day.

Add a pinch of humor and a splash of creativity, and watch as the room fills with smiles and laughter.

Clever Kernel Jokes

These clever kernel jokes are a delightful mix of jokes that'll make snack time a whole lot funnier. Perfect for family gatherings, movie nights, chuckles with friends, or playful picnics, these jokes are the perfect sprinkle of humor for all ages. These clever kernels of comedy are sure to butter up even the most serious snackers.

1. What is the similarity between a kernel and a stupid question? Both can pop out at any moment. 

2. Why do balloons hate kernels? Because they might pop. 

3. Why did the kernel turn into popcorn one fine day? Because it was a hot day.

4. What happened to the corn that went to join the force? It became a kernel. 

5. Who ordered the corn to pop? The kernel.

6. What do kernels do in their free time? Hip pop dance. 

7. Why could the kernel not pop? It was corn-fused.

8. What did one kernel say to the other to express its love? "You pop me up like no other".

9. Why did the miser tape a bunch of popcorn kernels to the ceiling? Because he could not afford fire alarms.

10. What did the kernel's friend ask it when they met? "What's popping?"

11. Why are popcorns considered close to the military? Because they have a lot of kernels.

12. What do kernels do to lose weight? They become popcorn.

13. Why did one of the five kernels not pop? It was wearing sunscreen. 

14. What kind of music do kernels listen to? Pop music. 

15. What did the kernel say to his girlfriend after the movies? "I hope you are having a grain time."

16. Why did everyone believe the corn's story? Because there was a kernel of truth to it.

17. What is a kernel's favorite type of candy? A lolli-pop.

18. What did everyone say to the kernel when it finally popped? "Corn-gratulations!"

19. What happened when the kernel decided to change its career path? It was in a different field. 

20. What happened to the angry kernel? It became a popcorn.

Funny Popcorn Jokes

Popcorn spilling over the phone displaying

Nothing spices up a gathering like a good popcorn joke! Whether it's movie night or just a laughter-filled evening with loved ones, these funny popcorn jokes are sure to make everyone's taste buds tingle with delight!

From classics to zingers, these funny popcorn puns and jokes are perfect for all ages. It's time to turn ordinary munching into an extraordinary time of fun and laughter.

21. What kind of pizza toppings does corn get? Pop-peroni.

22. What kind of corn do dogs like? Pupcorn. 

23. What should you use to make spicy popcorn? Poprika. 

24. Why did popcorn's friend laugh at his joke? Because it was corn-y.

25. How did the popcorn husband praise his wife? He said, "You are a-maize-ing."

26. Why do people like popcorn more than movies? Because popcorns are way butter. 

27. What should be the name of a metal band for corn? Pop-korn.

28. What customs do popcorn society follow? Pop culture. 

29. Who is popcorn's distant relative? Poppy.

30. Why was the popcorn so happy? Because it just won a corntest. 

31. Why was the popcorn picking a fight with everyone? Because it was salty.

32. What would a gymnast popcorn be famous for? Probably for its sommer-salt. 

33. What kind of jokes would cheddar popcorn make? Cheesy and corny jokes.

34. What do you call one piece of popcorn? Uni-corn. 

35. What comes free with popcorn? Butterfingers.

36. Why could the popcorn not watch the movie? Because it was over even before the movie started.

37. What is a popcorn's zodiac sign? Capri-corn.  

38. What do you call a famous popcorn singer? A pop star.

39. Who is popcorn's favorite fictional character? Mary Poppins.

40. Why do people not order plain popcorn? Because there are butter ones out there. 

41. What happened to my brother who ate expired popcorn? He faced the cornsequences. 

42. How does popcorn taste past its expiry date? It Shucks. 

43. What did mama corn say to the baby corn? "Stop popping around with your friends all day".

44. What movie does popcorn watch on repeat? 'In-the-pan-dance Day'.

45. What kind of dance moves do popcorn love? Popping and locking.

46. What does a corn cob call its father? Pop corn.

47. Why were popcorns amazing friends as kids? Because corns are always all ears.

48. What's the subtle difference between popcorn and pea soup? Well, you are able to pop corn but can't really pee soup. 

49. In what competition did the popcorn win the first prize? Pop quiz. 

50. What kind of jokes does pop corn tell everyone? Dad jokes.

Non-Corny Jokes About Corn

Thinking about what to share at the dinner table? Look no further!

These non-corny jokes about corn are the perfect addition to any meal or gathering. Packed with a harvest of humor and a farm-fresh twist, they'll leave everyone ears-wide grinning. Whether you're a corn enthusiast or just kernel-y interested in a good laugh, these jokes are a-maize-ing for kids and adults alike.

51. Why could the corn not go to school? Because it was in the can.

52. What do you call buying a huge amount of corn at once? Stalk investment.

53. How much does pirate corn cost? A bucc-an-ear. 

54. What kind of corn likes to eat meat? The corn-ivourous ones.

55. What do corns play with during their free time? Cornballs.

56. What happened when I swallowed an entire corn cob? I was corn-stipated for days.

57. How was the baby corn I met yesterday? It was sweet.

58. How does a corn generally smile when it hears a corny joke? It grins from ear to ear.

Knock Knock Jokes

Who's there? A barrel of knock-knock jokes waiting to spread some laughter!

Whether they make you roll your eyes or erupt in a giggle fit, knock-knock jokes come with a twist of suspense that adds an extra layer of fun. So, brace yourselves, joke enthusiasts, because this collection of fantastic knock-knock zingers is coming your way. Ready to answer the door?

59. Knock! Knock!

Who is out there?

Corn's dad.

Corn's dad who?

Pop corn.

60. Knock! Knock!

Who knocks?


Pop who?

Popcorn's ready; start the movie.

61. Knock knock…

Who’s there?…


Papa who?…

Papapapapapapapa popcorn.


The corniest jokes often bring the most joy and laughter. There's also nothing like a well-placed popcorn pun to lighten the mood and bring a sense of togetherness, whether you're huddled up on a family movie night or sharing a giggle with friends over a snack.

So, what are you waiting for? Arm yourself with these deliciously witty popcorn zingers and be the life of your next popcorn-filled gathering. After all, laughter, just like popcorn, is best when shared.

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