40+ Best Rugby Jokes That Will Tackle You To The Ground

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Originally Published on Aug 11, 2020
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Do you love rugby and can't resist a good joke? If so, you've come to the right place. Rugby, renowned for its toughness, grit, and camaraderie, also has a lighter side, ripe with humor. Let's get into the rucks and scrums of the comedy world to bring you the best rugby jokes that will have you laughing your socks off.

Whether you're a seasoned player or a dedicated fan, these rugby-themed one-liners, puns, and gags will tackle you to the ground with laughter. Perfect for sharing at the next Rugby World Cup, during your rugby practice, a pre-game session, or even at your local rugby stadium, these jokes will put a grin on every rugby lover's face.

Don't pass on the opportunity to inject some fun into this lovely sport because these hilarious rugby jokes are conversion-ready and bound to score some laughs!

Question And Answer Rugby Jokes

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Rugby, a game known for its physical intensity and strategic teamwork, is not only thrilling to watch but also full of comic potential. That's why this collection of question-and-answer jokes about rugby is sure to score a try with fans of the sport. Whether you're sharing them during a half-time break, at a rugby club, or simply want to tickle the funnybones of any rugby lover you know, these quips are guaranteed to cause a ruck-us of laughter.

1. Why did the rugby player bring a ladder to the game? Because he heard the match was up and down.

2. Why did the rugby ball refuse to play American football? It didn't want to be deflated.

3. Why did the scarecrow love rugby matches? Because he was outstanding in the field!

4. Why did the rugby coach bring a map to the rugby game yesterday? Because he wanted to show the team the way to the finals.

5. What tea do rugby players drink? Penal-tea.

6. How do you organize a rugby party in space? You 'planet' in advance.

7. What do rugby players do when they can't find their jerseys? They try anything.

8. Why does the family bring binoculars to watch rugby games? To get a closer look at the 'try'-umphs!'

9. How do you organize a party at a rugby club? You set up a 'try-fest'.

10. What insect lives in your mats and is good at scoring tries? The rug bee.

11. Why did the rugby player go to see the vet? Because his calves were sore.

12. What do you get if you cross rugby and the invisible man? A game like no one has ever seen.

13. Why did the Star Wars Character make a great rugby player? Because they had 'the force' behind them.

14. Why was the rugby ball feeling down? Because it was getting booted all day.

15. How did the rugby fans play pranks on the opponent team? They released a swarm of bees on the bee team.

16. Why do many American rugby fans excel in geography? Because they can name all the countries where they wish to watch more rugby games.

17. Why do rugby fans eat up the sport? Because it's 'scrum-ptious.'

18. Why was the rugby player upset on their birthday? Because they got a red card.

19. Where's the best place to shop for a new rugby kit? New Jersey.

20. Why couldn't Cinderella play rugby? Every time she tried to score, her shoe fell off!

21. Why don't grasshoppers watch rugby? They prefer cricket.

22. What's a bee's favorite sport? Rugbee.

23. Why did the chef get kicked out for playing rugby the wrong way? Because he was always making turnovers.

24. What ship holds 12 rugby teams, but only one team leaves it each year? The Premier-ship.

25. Why did the rugby team start a gardening club? Because they wanted to tackle weeding problems together.

26. Why don't rugby players need GPS? They always find the try line.

27. Why did the rugby referee's retirement recently make headlines? Because he finally decided to 'pass' on the whistle.

Funny Rugby Puns And Sayings

This lineup of hilarious rugby puns and sayings is guaranteed to see you through every stage of the rugby season. Whether you share them with your teammates at practice, at a rugby game, or strategically drop them into match commentary, these funny puns knock it out of the park. No conversions are needed here; they're already a guaranteed win!

28. One rugby joke a day keeps the scrum away.

29. If life's a game, then rugby's the best try you'll ever have.

30. Rugby players are great musicians; they have mastered the ruck and roll.

31. In rugby matches, to go forward, you must go backward.

32. When it comes to playing rugby, you've either got the ball, or you're about to get a ruck-us!

33. Life is like a rugby ball; you never know which way it will bounce.

34. A Scottish man walks into a bar. There's usually an Irishman and an Englishman in this joke, but they're still at the Rugby World Cup.

Funny Rugby Team Jokes

some of the rugby joke puns

Discover a collection of hilarious rugby one-liners guaranteed to make fans chuckle. Whether it's a clever quip about players' strategies or a witty remark about your favorite team, these one-liners have something for everyone. Just one rugby joke from this collection is bound to get big laughs from adults and kids who love rugby humor.

35. The local rugby team invited the comedian to practice. They wanted to learn how to play pranks without getting penalized.

36. The local rugby team brought a string to the game. They wanted to tie the score.

37. Went to a rugby referee's retirement party last night. It was a good 'send-off'.

38. They've invented a new version of rugby where only people who wear glasses can play it. It's a non-contact sport.

39. International rugby players make great chefs. They know how to dish out big hits.

40. Went to a rugby match to watch the Wasps last week. They were okay, but rumor has it they've got no bee team.

41. The princess got kicked off the rugby team. She kept running away from the ball.

42. I visited the local rugby stadium to watch the team play. It's really cool inside, probably because of all the fans. 

And there you have it, a round-up of the best rugby jokes sure to cause more than a few belly laughs. Whether you're a seasoned pro, a dedicated fan, or a newbie to the sport, these jokes will bring a smile to your face. So, next time you're watching your favorite team or out on the field with all the fans, don't forget to share your favorite joke. After all, rugby is all about teamwork, companionship, and, of course, so much fun!

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