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Spanish is a famous language known to be one of the most popular languages globally.

Spanish, currently, is the fourth most widely spoken language on earth. So learning Spanish is a valuable skill that many children and adults have tried to master.

Spanish is the official language of around 20 countries in the world. Having its origins in Old Latin, Spanish was spread to America in the late 14th century. Nowadays, the language is used in Europe, Central and South America, and parts of Africa. Though there is a slight change in vocabulary and phonetics in Central American Spanish, its differences depict its evolution. Unlike English, Spanish grammatics are very different. Nouns and pronouns are different for either gender, while some can be utilized for the neutral gender.

Learning Spanish can be great fun whether you live in a Spanish country or not. A Spanish joke goes a long way when you're learning Spanish and tends to earn the speaker a lot of praise amongst fellow Spanish speakers. Funny jokes in Spanish can sometimes make the difficult task of learning Spanish a little bit easier.

Learning Spanish jokes is always a good idea! Funny jokes in any language, especially funny Spanish jokes, can be a great ice breaker for any social gathering. Making funny Spanish jokes on the spot is like hitting the bullseye! You won't find funny Spanish language jokes as good as these anywhere else en la galaxia!

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Funny Spanish Jokes

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Here we have some of the best funny jokes in Spanish that will blow your mind. These funny Spanish jokes are great for those who want to learn about jokes and puns in different languages. If you desire to be fluent in Spanish, then you need to know at least one good joke in Spanish. It doesn't matter if the joke is cringy, too simple or downright bad! Learning a joke is the final step for every Spanish learner. These funny Spanish jokes are perfect for kids will make people of all ages laugh. Don't go loco laughing at this unique and funny Spanish humor!

1. Why did the football fan visit Madrid? He wanted to see something real.

2. Do you know about the girl who wanted to see what was used to make her clothes? They showed her the fábrica.

3. What did the man from Barcelona say when someone sprayed graffiti all over his building? Oh my Gaudi!

4. The man started telling a story that began with "Once there were eleven ducks..." "Once?" his friend asked, and the man replied, "Si, once!"

5. What is the news actually called in Spain? Evento actual.

6. Which is the Spanish fruit that laughs the most? La naranjajaja.

7. What would you call it if someone achieved their lifegoal of solving and being able to exit a big maze on record time? Éxito.

8. What did the Spanish man like cooking on his pan? Un pan.

9. How did the woman say her boss was because he said some severe words to her the other day? She said he was severo.

10. Why did the Spanish man not go to leave Sevilla for New York with his friend? He was feeling a lot of Spain in his arm.

11. What did the Spanish man say when his friend showed him the suits he'd bought? He said, "¡Son traje-icos!"

12. What does the lazy man do when he goes to the pool every other day? Nada.

13. What did the bald fisherman always roam around with on his head? Un balde.

14. What was everyone calling him when the strange man saved a woman from the fire? "Bizarro! Bizarro!"

15. Why was the foodie obsessed with Madrid? He thought it was tapas.

16. What would you call it if the husband and wife settled their argument every time, made concessions for each other, and lived happily for a long time? Verdadero compromiso.

17. What did the contestants have to do in the quiz competition to win? Contestar correctamente.

18. What did the man say when his flight from Barcelona was canceled due to bad weather? Might as Guell stay here a few more days.

19. Why did the man get a slap in the face when he ordered his food in the restaurant? Because he ordered 'torta'.

20. Why did the woman show the Spanish man to the ATM when he asked for a place to sit and rest? Because he asked for the location of 'el banco'.

21. Why did the man not want to walk and talk during his trip to Barcelona? He didn't want to Rambla on and on.

22. What do you call a very angry bear in Spanish? Furi-oso!

23. What did the Spanish man say when he saw a thief stealing something from his car? Hey! That's migas!

Fancy Spanglish Jokes

Here you'll find some of the fanciest jokes in Spanish also for the English speaking folks to impress their Spanish or bilingual friends at the next gathering. You should take the chance when you have it because who knows what will happen en el futuro? Have a blast with some funny Spanish-English jokes.

24. What coding language do the Spanish programmers use to make jokes to make people laugh? Jajajajavascript.

25. What did the travel agent say to the girl who wanted to book a flight ticket to Spain a day before the Tomatina festival? I can have a look, but it might be too-ledo.

26. Why did the police cut the man's phonecall angrily saying they didn't want to hear about his dinner? Because the man said he saw un chorizo last night.

27. What did the waiter reply when a man at the restaurant asked him, "¿El pescado viene solo?" The waiter told him, "Not really, I brought it."

28. What was the Spanish football fan's dog doing when his favorite team was losing? He was Barca-ing.

29. What did the tea have to say to the sugar when they were going to meet? It said, "Te espero en el café."

30. What did the one loaf of bread tell to the other bread that was sad? It said, "¿Te presento a una miga?"

31. What is the favorite dance of all the tomatoes? Salsa.

32. What did the Spanish chef say when the new chef messed up his seafood order? I'll bacalao it for now, but it can't happen again.

33. What happened to the guy who said yes to taking a Spanish language course on a cruise ship? He got lost at sí.

34. What did one Spanish sauce say to its colleague, the Chinese sauce, the first time they saw each other? It said, "Soy sauce."

35. What did the man say after losing all of his watches in Spain? He said, "Adios omegas."

36. What is the person with a sauce packet in his ear doing? Escucha salsa.

37. What did the Spanish man say to his friend who was freaking out about removing Spanish cities from his vacation itinerary? Keep Palma, don't worry, it'll sort itself out.

38. How does a Colombian bathtub introduce itself? Yo soy la-tina.

39. Which is the holiest bird? Ave María.

40. What planet comes after Marte? Miércole.

41. How should you write "nose" in English? "No sé".

42. Son, would you want to be a Christian? No, prefiero ser Messi.

43. What does the Old MacDonald say when he sees his daughter? Hi-ja Hi-ja Oh.

44. What did Rowan Atkinson say when he was introducing himself during a show in Spain? He said, "Soy Bean."

45. Where was the mailman going to go when he decided to start his life in Spain? Probably Parcelona.

46. What did the man spend most of his doing in Northern Spain? He spent his time basque-ing in the sun.

47. Why should you take your pets with you when you're visiting Spain? Because you can't possibly leave your Catalonia.

48. What do you call a Spanish man who always stays alone and borrows money from the bank? A Barceloaner.

Funny Knock Knock Jokes

Lastly, we have some of the best knock-knock jokes in Spanish. A good knock-knock joke needs to be a part of every Spanish learner's handbook. A joke can also act as a good conversation starter if you've just started talking to someone who speaks Spanish. If you like any of these funny Spanish jokes, you can use them too. These jokes for kids in Spanish are something that adults will love them too. Some of the jokes here are some of the funniest ones en el mundo.

49.  Knock knock!

Who's there?


Juan who?

'Juan' are you answering the door?

50. Knock knock!

Who's there?


Juan who?

One, two, three... Happy Birthday!


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