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55+ Electrician Jokes That Are Sure To Cause A Spark

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Electricity is the most primary component of human lives since Edison's times.

Literally, no one can live without fans, bulbs, computer, and some occasional jokes on electricity. Jokes about electricity have been going around since Edison invented the light bulb.

Did you know that during 1752, Benjamin Franklin demonstrated the well-known kite experiment that led to the almost miraculous discovery of the most sustainable source of power that is electricity? To begin with such an attempt, as one of America's leading scientists and also among America's founding fathers, Benjamin tied a key together with a kite and tried to fly it during a terrible thunderstorm! Well, he did not get electrocuted or blown away but he did in that process prove that lightning and static electricity were one and the same thing.

We have amassed a set of punny electrical humor 'coupled' with jokes about electrical engineers. Even funny electrician jokes, funny electrical jokes, sparky jokes, and funny electrician sayings are very popular.  These electrical jokes, usually involving a bad electrician, will surely knock your 'bolts' off. This sparky article clustered with electrician humor is bound to be a hit among kids and adults equally and will definitely jolt them!

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Sparky Electricians Jokes That Will Illumine Your Mood

If you have too many lightbulbs you would not need an electrician too often!

Fun fact: fossil fuels are still a major source of producing electricity apart from sun, wind, and water (these are renewable energy sources). Fossil fuels cause pollution and are discouraged, though they can be quite useful. However, you may like the right joke on electricity here, and trust us, it won't pollute you! You should be aware that if you make jokes about electricians, they might have the capacity to shock you.

1. Do you know what electricians talk about? Current Events.

2. Who is an electrician and also a part-time detective? Sherlock Ohms.

3. Why did they arrest the electrician? He was accused of a battery charge.

4. What did the electrician do when he was asked to fix the electricity at my house? He re-fused.

5. Do you know why pets like to snuggle with electricians? Because they are electro-cute.

6. Could you guess what an electrician's favorite city is? Washington DC.

7. Why did Ryan fall in love with a female electrician? Well, he wanted to take her ohm as she was kind of a live wire.

8. What do you do when you find out the electrician you hired is unlicensed? Nothing. Because you are shocked.

9. What flavor of ice cream does an electrician prefer? Shock-o-lot.

10. What brand of car does an electrician drive around? A Volts-Wagon.

11. What are some worms that eat up electric wires? Electro-maggots.

12. Do you know why fluorescent lights keep humming? It is because they cannot remember the words.

13. Why did the electrician get killed in a debate? They say he used conductive reasoning.

14. Do you know how parents of electricians punish them? By grounding them.

15. Why did the electrician lose his job? It's because he re-fused a lot.

16. What did the electrician say right before dying? The power cable does not have any power.

17. What does an electrician usually have for breakfast? Ohmlettes.

18. How do you know an electrician loves his job? You could occasionally see sparks flying.

19. Do you know what is an electrician's favorite rock band? AC/DC.

20. Why do electricians make really bad sailors? Because they always want to be grounded.

21. Why do electricians always make for terrible revolutionaries? It is because they hate resistance.

22. Do you know why the optimistic electrician get fired? He kept changing the negatives into positives.

23. Do you know why electricians are always up to date? Because they are current specialists.

24. Why did Mr Ohm think Mrs Ohm was only made for him? Because he could not resistor.

25. Do you know what a bad electrician is called? A shock absorber.

26. Why can there never be an LED beauty pageant? It's only because the winner would be Miss LED.

27. What did the electrician say when he was full at the buffet? No-0hm-ore.

28. What is the first thing an electrician says when someone breaks up with them? I thought you would not hertz me.

29. What would you call Usain Bolt if he were an electrician? Usain Volt.

30. Why do electricians tend to fall in love with proficient train drivers? Because they make good conductors.

31. How did the baker punish the son of the electrician? He beat him with a breadboard!

32. How do you cheer up an electrician? Scream you can-dou-it!

33. Why was the thermometer smarter than the average electrician? Because it had more degrees.

34. Do you know the difference between electricity and lightning? You pay for one but the other one kills you free of cost!

35. Do you know why the light bulb failed his math quiz? He just wasn't that bright.

36. Do you know why the lights went out? It's pretty obvious, they really liked each other.

37. Do you know what the favorite tool of a Jedi electrician is? A lightsaber.

38. Do you know about the monk who meditated with a lightbulb? I heard he wanted to achieve early enlightenment.

39. Where did the light bulbs go out to do their Christmas shopping? They were at the outlet stores.

40. Do you know what the bulb said to the generator? You are the reason I spark up every day.

41. What do you tell a friend who you just found out was harassing electricity? You tell him not to abuse power.

Electronic Jokes And Electrical Engineering Jokes That Will Keep You Wired

In the area/field of electrical engineering, there is a ton to be serious about. But, everybody loves a good joke once in a while. You may have heard one or two jokes about how an electrician goes and does something stupid during work. You may like such jokes but don't you want more different jokes? Well, here we offer you different kinds of funny electrician jokes that will shock you into hysteric laughter.

Here is a list of funny electrical engineer jokes that will have you cracking up.

42. How would you differentiate between an electrical engineer and an electrician? They should be made to pronounce the word 'unionized'.

43. Do you know why power naps are amazing? If you take enough power naps you can build up enough charge.

44. What was the best part about the antennas getting married? The reception was outstanding.

45. What do you gift your best electrical engineer on his birthday? Shorts!

46. What made the electron nauseous? Well, he has been spinning.

47. Why should electrical engineers never be surgeons? Because they tend to shut down faulty systems and then start them again.

48. What did the national transistor party do after suffering weak gain at the poles? They just shifted their focus to base and started to energize it.

49. Do you know the shocking nickname that the class bestowed on the electrifying new student? Watt?

50. Why did the professor throw the promising student out of the class on the fifth floor? Because he felt that the student had potential.

51. Do you know what happens to electrons when they are exhausted from all their energy? They get very  Bohr'd.

Funny Electrician Jokes

Neon lights and coils really brighten up Sunday nights or dull Monday mornings!

Even though electricity is a very serious affair there are some really funny electrician one-liners and puns about them. Hop and skip through the list of funny electrician jokes below and get seriously shocked by them!

52. How did Mr Power react after flinging off the disgusting electric charge he had on him? He was ex-static!

53. What happens when you bury a light bulb in the garden? It grows up to be a power plant.

54. What's the favorite pokemon of electricians? Electrode.

55. What did the thrift shop do when the customer brought in for return a sweater which had picked up a lot of static electricity? They refused to take it back free of charge.

56. What kind of humor does an electrician hate the most? Well, shock humor.

57. How does one electrician greet another? They say, "Watts up!"

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for funny electrician jokes then why not take a look at vampire jokes, or ghost jokes.

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