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Fire has been a crucial part of human civilization since the time of the Stone Age.

Besides its obvious uses for daily life activities, fire is worshipped as a deity in many human cultures. In fact, ancient science and philosophy classify fire as one of the four classical elements.

The discovery of fire was not planned. It happened rather by accident, when millions of years ago, an ancient man rubbed two pieces of stone together and voila, there was a spark! And that, perhaps, was the beginning of man learning to tame one of the forces of nature. Moreover, fire is often associated with the qualities of boldness, passion, and energy! But hey, enough with the history jabber, alright? It's time get on with some fire jokes right away!

Jokes and puns about fire are a pretty classic way to make humor out of this incredibly useful source of energy. Moreover, these are perfect for the little ones. There are numerous fire puns you will find on the internet. For example, there's one that goes, 'A pyromaniac's favorite catchphrase is "so fire so good!"' Besides, jokes about fire, firemen, flame, wildfires, and arsonists are as good and funny as any fire dad jokes. But your search for some rib-tickling fire jokes ends right here because we have some of the funniest fire jokes, best flame jokes, firefighters' jokes, and more, for you. We're sure you'll enjoy every joke and that they will remind you about the importance of fire safety!

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Flame Jokes To Get You Crackling Up

These funny flame jokes here will surely make the little ones, as well as the adults, burst out in giggles! This list includes the funniest jokes about fire which we're sure you'll like.

1. Why can’t you have a flame tattoo if you’re a teacher? Because schools don’t allow fire-arms.

2. Why couldn't a man smell the smoke in his room? He'd burnt his nostril hair!

3. How do you think god kindles the flame of love between soulmates? With a match made in heaven!

4. What happens when a group of arsonists that burned down the orchestra hall go up in flames with it? You have no symphony for them.

5. What do you say when a chopper that Batman is flying bursts into flames? You say, “Christian, bail!”

6. What is a flame thrower's favorite movie? Fast and Fiery-ous.

7. What do you call an overcoat that goes up in flames? A blazer!

8. What do you call it when a flower shop bursts into flames? A florist fire.

9. What do you do when you light a lamp with a match but it becomes too heavy to carry? You use a lighter flame.

10. What did the statistician say when half his body was engulfed in flames and the other half encased in ice? He said, “On average, I feel fine!”

11. What did the scientists say when a herd of goats suddenly burst up in flames? They said, “We still don’t know what the cattle-yst was.”

12. What did the flame say to her friends after she fell in love? “I found the perfect match!”

13. What do you call it when an arsonist turns himself in at the police station to get famous?  His claim to flame.

14. What direction does an elevator move in when it's on fire? It goes up in flames!

15. Which band do dragons love to hear? The Flaming Lips.

16.What did the dad say when his son asked, “Are we breaking the rules by setting fire to the building?” He said, “We are, son.”

17. Why was the firefighter lovesick? He couldn’t get over his old flame.

18. What happens when a cow tries to sneak past a dragon? You get a fine flaming yawn.

19. What do you call a fire that can float on water? Flame-buoyant!

Fire Jokes To Turn On The Heat

Check out our funny fire jokes that we're sure each one of you will like! Which fire joke from here is your favorite?

20. What do you get if you make a computer mouse from the feces of gigantic fire-breathing creatures? Dragon-drop interface!

21. What would you get if you walked across fiery coals? Hot chee-toes!

22. Did you see the news about a circus catching fire? It was in-tents!

23. What happened when the shoe factory was on fire? Many soles were lost!

24. What do you call it when god makes a wooden stick that fires up when rubbed? A match made in heaven!

25. What do you call it when a wheelchair is on fire? Hot wheels!

26. What happens when you throw some '70s vinyl records into the fire? A Disco Inferno.

27. Where do pyromaniacs find a partner? On Match.com!

28. What happens when you sleep like a log? You wake up in the fireplace!

29. How do you describe a scene where people walk on hot, fiery coals? Sole destroying!

Fireman Jokes You Can Read With Your Flame-ily

A black fireplace box

A firefighter's job is no joke, but jokes about firefighters are something that every fireman will find hilarious! Here's our take on funny firefighter jokes.

30. What do you say when a firefighter loses his job? His career went up in smoke.

31. What award will you give to a firefighter? The most extinguished person.

32. What happens if a firefighter throws too many housewarming parties? The police book them for arson!

33. What happens to firefighters who don’t perform well at their jobs? They get fired!

34. Which holiday is a firefighter’s least favorite? May day.

35. Why do Mexican firefighters use the fire extinguisher only when the cheese burns? Because they’ve been told to use it in queso an emergency.

Fire Alarm Jokes

While we should take a fire alarm very seriously, we can sure make a joke or two about fire alarms, right? Here are very funny some fire alarm and fire safety jokes.

36. Why did the police evacuate a concert where a band was performing 'Boogie Wonderland'? It had set off the Earth, Wind, and Fire alarm.

37. Why did the man hug the fire exit and said everything was ok? It had a sign that said it was alarmed.

38. What happens when you turn off the little fire alarm? The fire does not know when to wake up.

39. What should you ring when a little dragon starts singing? A fire alarm!

Wildfire Jokes To Spread Some Laughter

A forest fire takes seconds to spread. So, why not make forest fire jokes viral? We have some hilarious wildfire jokes for you here. Which joke do you like the most?

40. What do bees do during a  forest fire? They take off their yellow jacket!

41. Is climate change a reason for more and more wildfires? Without a drought!

42. What do you call a movie based on the hot California summers? Mrs. Droughtfire!

43. What happens when a wildfire makes a little joke? You get burned!

44. How quickly can a forest fire start? Lightning fast!

45. What do you call a forest fire in Greece? A Grease fire.

46. Why can’t marsupials apply to fight the Australian wildfires? Because they are overkoalified.

47. What do you get when you Google “How to start a forest fire?” You get thousands of matches!

48. Why was the man crying frantically amidst the ashes of the burnt forest? He had lost a deer friend in the wildfires.

Pretty Lit Arson Jokes

Intentionally setting fire to a property will land you in jail but an arson joke or two does no harm!

49. What will a pyromaniac say when its children want to become firefighters? “You are not arson anymore!”

50. What did the dad say when his son asked what a firefighter’s least favorite English letter was? He said, “R, son.”

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 40+ Fire Jokes then why not take a look at mechanic jokes, or 80+ Best Dog Jokes That Will Make You Howl.

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