50+ Fire Puns That Will Make You Light Up

Persis Love
Dec 12, 2023 By Persis Love
Originally Published on Oct 16, 2020
Fact-checked by Isobel Murphy
A brick fireplace in which a fire burns
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Word play is puntastic and if you and your family have a burning desire to take your fire based puns to new farenheits, then this is the list for you.

There are so many different words related to fires, heat and temperature that it is a great topic for kids who want to know a set of puns. And with bonfire night coming up it's the perfect time to master the art of wordplay. With this ultimate list, no-pun will be a match for you and your puns!

Before we get on to the puns, do you know exactly what fire is? Fire is a chemical reaction between fuel, oxygen and heat that releases light and heat.

The most common types of fuel used for fire are oil, coal, wood and gas.

Flames are the part of the fire that is visible to the eye as light, and they can burn in different colors depending on what the fuel is. Fire is a really important tool for humans, scientists think that humans began to cook food on fire around one million years ago.

If you like these puns, why not take a look at these firework puns and rock puns?

Puns About Fire

Keep the kids laughing with these funny puns that we have found for you.

1. I have a burning question.

2. I lava good fire pun!

3. Dad is so mad, he's fuming!

4. I'm going to stay up all ignight.

5. Double blazed windows will keep the heat in.

6. He's a just a little flame, lacking farenheit.

7. I'm de-lighted with my new fireplace.

8. Fire away!

9. This year I'm going to new farenheits.

10. It's a sure fire way to put that flame out.

11. That kid's a bright spark!

12. How ironic! I got fired as a firefighter.

13. My dog is my favourite firery friend.

14. We've got to furnace the new apartment.

Fuel Related Fire Puns That'll Put Fuel On Your Pun-Fire

We think you'll like these fire and fuel related puns.

15. Oil Say!' what a lovely bunsen burner.

16. Can't we just oil get along?

17. It's oil greek to me.

18. Don't put oil your eggs in one basket.

19. As good luck wood have it.

20. Left out in the coal.

21. It's as coal as ice.

22. Be careful not to catch a coal.

23. It's anybody's gas what Toby's up to.

24. What gas around comes around.

25. I've got some humungas fuel for the fire.

26. It gas without saying that these are the best puns in town.

27. He's being really hot and coal.

28. Slept like a log last night, woke up and my house was on fire!

29. We are kindling spirits.

A black fireplace box

Cooking Related Fire Puns

Spark your kids' love for cooking with these firey cooking puns.

30. Fry as hard as you can.

31. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

32. Out of the frying pan into the fryer.

33. Get to the back of the barbe-queue.

34. This firefighter's favourite cake is one with a caramel blaze.

35. I'll be up cooking all ig-night.

36. Last year's Christmas dinner was a monst-roast-ity!

37. That overcooked meal was a real burnanza.

Fire Puns For Culture Vultures

Culture vultures will love these fire puns.

38. When I go to university I'm going to get the highest degree.

39. When the Sistine Chapel burnt down years ago they blamed Matchelangelo!

40. This book warm loves Dante's Inferno.

41. I love the outdoors, I can't say no to the call of the wildfire.

42. I'm going to be burning up the dance floor at the disco inferno.  

43. My favourite book is Where The Wildfires Are, I could read it all day.

44. A prehistoric pyrotechnic is called a dino-myte.

45. Romeo and Juliet found each other through matchual attraction!

46. Vulcan is up in the hall of flame for being the god of fire.

47. Cinderella is my favourite fireytale.

48. Arson-al have found their way into the FA cup final.

49. All's flare in love and war.

Guy Fawkes Puns

Why not have a giggle with the family this bonfire night?

50. Poor Fawkes was flamed for the crime.

51. He would have got away with the gunpowder plot if he had flare for it.

52. Guy Fawkes had an older sister, he was not the first burn child.

53. Guy Fawkes and his wife were a perfect match! They had a flareytale wedding!

54. He had to get all fired up before carrying out the gunpowder plot.

55. Trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament is how he got flamous.

56. The gunpowder plot was a red-hot s-candle.

57. Guy Fawkes wasn't so bad, from my persparktive.

58. In the end the gunpowder plot was pretty unsuccessfuel.

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