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Leaves play a vital part in sustaining life on earth.

Leaves use photosynthesis and help generate food for every living being on earth. Directly or indirectly, we depend on leaves for our food.

Most leaves are green in color because they have chlorophyll (a green pigment) in them. Chlorophyll helps them to trap sunlight and create food through the process called photosynthesis. Not all leaves are green though. Some leaves come in different attractive colors which make them quite photogenic too! Plus, many leaves start changing color during Fall. Autumn or Fall is the time when certain trees start losing their leaves. These trees turn a new leaf during the time of spring as fresh green leaves start arriving on them. Fun fact - the trees that lose their leaves in Autumn are called deciduous trees. The trees which don't are evergreen (yeah, that's what they are called)! Now, let's crack some jokes on leaves.

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Leaf Jokes

Good puns are funny and classy. We have brought some of the best leaves jokes with a bit of leafy touch that you may like. You may just like these falling jokes, leaf puns, and green jokes and make them a part of your favorite lists. So, take a leaf of faith and read these jokes.

1. What is a cup of tea made with old tea leaves called? Maturi-Tea.

2. Why was the tea leaf a bad father? He was an absen-tea parent.

3. What looks like a half of one leaf? The other half.

4. How can one tree make itself heard to the other tree at the far end? By amp-leaf-ication.

5. What did the motivational leaf tell to the procrastinating leaf? Don't worry, be-leaf in yourself.

6. What is leaf foliage called when they fall during autumn? The Great Barrier Leaf.

7. Why is it bad to iron a four-leaf clover? Because you are not supposed to press your luck.

8. How would a loose leaf watch TV? Paper view.

9. What do old leaves do to get rid of their wrinkles? Faceleaft.

10. What do a cross of ivy and four-clover leaf give? A sudden rash of good luck.

11. Why would a leaf go to the hospital? Because he was feeling green.

12. What does one leaf say when he is stressed or angry? Leaf me alone!

13. How did the struggling leaf get the job? It turned out, he had the right qua-leaf-ications.

14. What did momma leaf say to her son after he failed his exam? I be-leaf in you.

15. Why should you never ever date someone who is called Autumn? Because they will leaf you.

16. What do you say to your colleague who went AWOL in fall? Why were you absent without leaf?

17. Why did the leaf get sent to prison for robbery? His alibi was unbe-leaf-able.

18. What happens if a tree falls into mud? It leafs an impression.

19. What kind of leaf tends to wobble out of trees? A jel-leaf.

20. Where would trees go for putting? On the leafy greens.

21. What did the little tree tell the bully tree? Just leaf me alone.

22. What do the leaf promise his wife? I will never leaf you.

23. How can you teach botany to a dumb leaf? By simp-leaf-ying it.

24. What do you call a leaf that doubts autumn? Disbe-leaf.

25. How did the bully leaf make the little leaf cry? He vil-leaf-ied him.

26. What do trees feel in spring? Re-leaf.

27. How can one tree contact another tree? Through a teleafone.

28. What did the teaching tree do when he went overseas? He took a leaf of absence.

29. What clothes did papa leaf brought for his son during winter? A full-sleafed jacket.

30. How did the leaf get a promotion on the second year of his job?  He leaft a good impression on his boss.

31. What happened to the leaf when he was caught cheating during the quiz? He was disqua-leaf-ied.

32. How would you describe a musical leaf? Mel-leaf-luous.

33. What did the leaf feel when he first saw his long-lost nephew? he was so g-leaf-ul.

Autumn And Fall Jokes

Forest in autumn

Fall or the season Autumn is picturized by the color yellow and orange leaves. Listed are some of the best back to back autumn jokes that you may make during Fall.

34. Why did the tree not come to work during autumn? Because he was on paid leaf.

35. How do leaves travel from one place to another? They use an autumn-mobile.

36. Why are leaf blowers deadly in battle? Because they are leaf-al.

37. What medicine did the doctor give to the yellow leaf? Chloropills.

38. Why do leaves from dogwood trees fall? Because they are afraid of the bark.

39. How do trees promote their concerts during fall? By handing out leaf-lets.

40. How did the leaf die in autumn? The leaf blade out.

41. What does Autumn do when Winter sets in? Autumn leaves.

42. For which crime was the maple tree arrested? For shop-leaf-ting.

43. Why do leaves turn yellow in Autumn? Because the process is autumn-ated.

Tree Jokes

There can be a number of jokes related to leaves or Autumn. Enlisted below are some trees jokes that you would like.

44. Where did a leaf shaped like a chicken come from? A poultree.

45. What did the tree reply when asked "Are you ok?" "Yeah, I am Pine!"

46. What do you do when you don't see Mr Tree in the office for weeks? You think he moved to a new branch.

47 Why do witches roam in forests? They have spiritual be-leafs.

48. Which leafy vegetable is high in vitamins? Cau-leaf flower.

49. Which tree has hands? A Palm tree.

50. How do trees use the internet? They log in.

Knock Knock Leaf Jokes

We all like some good-old knock knock jokes. Here are a couple of long leaf jokes for you to like.  

51. Knock Knock

Who's there?


Leaf who?

Just leaf me alone.

52. Knock knock

Who's there?


Tree who?

Have a tree-rific day!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly Jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 50+ Leaf Jokes then why not take a look at Flower Puns, or Tree Puns.

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