40+ Milk Jokes That Are Udderly Hilarious

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Milk jokes are nutritious for the soul, just like milk is good for the body.

"A glass of milk will do you wonders!" is a thought that health enthusiasts swear by. Milk has been a wonder drink ever since humans discovered its benefits and uses.

There are countless dairy items made from different types of milk. It is known as one of the most common household items found in the fridge. Other than just helping one's health, there are many kinds of milk that come with different uses and different benefits as well. If there is one industry that will probably always be manufacturing goods, it is the dairy industry. It is highly unlikely for the milk industries to ever dwindle, because of the mass number of people who drink it on a daily basis around the world. Hence, not only is it good for the calf, but also the world because of its nutrient-rich properties as well as uses. You can also get milk for people who are lactose intolerant, that is how popular it is. You can never go wrong with milk unless you somehow get it to spoil. Its extensive uses are like a boon to the food industry because there are so many other products that use dairy products in their food production as well.

The most important ones include the cheese industry, ice cream industry, and the dessert industry. Even if there are dairy-free options, many people prefer products with dairy content. Dairy-free chocolate is not popularly consumed and most people have the same opinion about dairy-free desserts.

Countless dairy items like butter, cream, chocolate, and curd, are made out of milk.  There is also one thing that is very nutritious for health as well, and that is milk jokes. Milk jokes work great if you want to make a fitness enthusiast happy. They also can make kids laugh because kids are known to drink a lot of milk when young. A large population of people, in fact, will find most jokes relevant because they have milk or milk products every day. You can even send milk jokes to people who love cows or own a cow farm. If you know a kid who loves milk or if you know someone who works in the dairy industry, you can have a good laugh with them if you share a nice milk joke with them.

Milk jokes happen to be udderly hilarious because they are nutritious for your soul. Sharing one with even yourself if you happen to have milk a lot is also another nutrient-rich way to keep your soul healthy. Jokes and puns make serious topics like health lighter, so why not crack a milk joke sometimes? Here is a list of 40+ Milk Jokes that are udderly hilarious, just for you!

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Udderly Hilarious Jokes About Milk

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Are you looking for a dairy good dairy joke about milk? Here is a list of some funny milk jokes, milk carton jokes that have been inspired by milk puns, just for you!

1. What do romantic cows eat? Pizza, because it is so cheesy!

2. What is milk called when it gets whatever it wants? Spoiled milk.

3. What did the man say when he got robbed of all his milk by his friend? How dairy?

4. Why was the dairy farmer asking for directions? He lost his whey!

5. What did the customer say to the cashier who asked if he wanted his milk in a bag? Just leave it in the carton, please.

6. What kind of milk does the oil tycoon like? Spoiled milk.

7. What's faster, milk, or bread? Milk because it's pasteurise before you see it

8. A wife asks her husband to go to the shop to buy a carton of milk, and if they have eggs, to get six. The husband returns with six cartons of milk. When the wife asks "Why did you buy so much milk?!" he replies, "they had eggs."

Jokes About Cows And Cow Humor


Are you looking for the best cow milk joke or puns about cows in the Milky Way? Here is a list of a-moo-sing milking jokes about cows that are udderly hilarious.

9. What type of milk do calves drink? Dairy-free.

10. Why do milking stools only have three legs? Because the cow has the udder one.

11. What type of milk can one get from a cow who is a dwarf? Condensed milk.

12. What type of cows give Russian milk? Moscows.

13. What do you call a cow that never gives milk? An udder failure.

14. Why are cows always running around asking for cash? Because they are milked dry by the farmers.

15. What happened when a cow won a huge lottery and landed his dream job? He milked the opportunity for all it was worth!

16. Where do space cowboys go to get some milk? The Milky Way.

17. What type of people should stay away from footless cows? Lack-toes intolerant people.

18. Why was the young boy so sick? He drank too much cow milk in one moo-ve.

The Funniest Milk Jokes About Different Types Of Milk

If you are looking for some funny milk jokes about types of milk, this list of almond milk jokes, soy milk jokes, and other types will make you feel whole.

19. When do dairy farmers take their milk to church? When it needs to be pastor-ized.

20. Why does everyone love smooth milk so much? Because it is soy fine!

21. What happened when the milk's mother realized the milk was hiding in the freezer? According to her "I-screamed!"

22. What should you tell a cow that says she gives almond milk? You must be nuts.

23. Why did the fool get confused when he opened the can of evaporated milk? Because he found liquid in it.

24. How does regular milk introduce itself in Spanish? Soy milk!

The Punniest Milk Jokes Ever

Trying to have some pun with dairy and milk? Here is punny list of milk jokes that will fill you up!

25. When do the supermarkets in Japan restock their milk? They restock it dairy.

26. What do you call milk that visited the moon? Legen-dairy.

27. What type of milk does a cow give when it is scorching hot outside? Powdered milk.

28. What do you say to a person with milk on their lip? Great mooostache!

29. Why is cold milk always so relaxed? Because it chills in the fridge.

30. Why do Western Asians like to drink sour milk? It is curdish.

31. Why do some people like milk after it is churned? It's butter that way.

32. What happens when a bottle of milk starts living in the countryside? He becomes cottage cheese.

33. What did the wife say to her husband when he forgot to get the milk? I think I skimmed past it.

34. What do you get when two people boil tea leaves in milk together and put it into the freezer? Solid-dairy-tea!

35. Why was the old milk so impatient when he was in the line at the grocery store? He had been whey-ting for a long time.

36. Where do Canadians get their milk from? Cowgary.

37.  How did the parents feel when their naughty kid replaced their milk with lemon juice? They were very sour about it.

38.  Why do vegans love almond milk so much? It is not like udder milk.

39. What is the toughest thing about becoming a vegan? Having to milk the almonds.

40. What did the farm owner tell the dairymaid who broke her leg in the cow's pen and was now working at an extremely slow pace? She was milking it too much.

41. What do you call a cow which is a female and can't produce milk? A miss-steak.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 40 Milk Jokes then why not take a look at Egg jokes, or Chocolate puns.

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