The Best 90+ Egg Jokes That Are Absolutely Egg-Squisite

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Mother egg gave birth to a baby yolk
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The perfect eggs-amples of egg jokes are here!

Let's take a look at some of our eggs-ellent jokes! Following our collection of pancake puns and bacon puns, we have compiled our best egg jokes to tickle your funny bones!

You will find various jokes about eggs, ranging from Easter egg jokes, egg yolk jokes, egg roll jokes, corny egg jokes, omelet jokes, hard-boiled egg joke, and funny breakfast jokes, to egg sayings and hen jokes and egg jokes for kids!

The most popular type of eggs is the white ones because the hens that lay them are low maintenance compared to the hens that lay brown ones, even though there is no difference in nutritional value. There are a lot of sayings about eggs, which we can go through here.

For starters, not only are eggs loaded with vitamins and minerals, but you can also gain a lot of proteins and healthy fats.

Eating eggs is low in calories for such a high protein intake, making them a great source of nutrition. Eggs also help create antioxidants that fight cancer and reduce the effects of aging in your body.

Iowa produces the most considerable amount of eggs in the world - around 16.5 Billion eggs per year! Did you know that on an average, one hen can lay about 300 to 325 eggs per year?

A hen usually starts laying eggs when it is around 19 weeks of age. With all that said, take a yolk through our eggs jokes!

Funny Egg Jokes

Blue figure of egg with painted upset face isolated on beige

Scramble through these funny egg jokes!

1. Why was the egg cracking jokes all day long? Because it woke on with its funny side up!

2. Why was the naughty egg sad? Because it was eggs-pelled from school.

3. Why did the egg feel uncomfortable taking a lie detector test? Because it knew it would crack under pressure.

4. How does an egg surf the internet? It uses Internet Eggs-plorer.

5. Where do eggs go for vacations? New-Yolk!

6. Why did the arrogant egg not get along with his friends? Because he was an eggo-maniac.

7. Why was the egg enrolled in school? To get egg-ucated.

8. Why was the egg a bore at the party? Because it couldn't take a yolk on itself.

9. What would you call it when a chicken from outer space lay eggs? An eggs-traterrestrial egg.

10. Why did its parents punish the chick? Because it used fowl language.

11. Why was Humpty Dumpty happy about autumn last year? Because he had a great fall.

12. What did the egg say to his friend for his late arrival? "Sorry omelet!"

13. How did the eggs get out of prison? They scrambled!

14. If Batman's nemesis was an egg, what would he be called? The Yolker.

15. Why did the eggs escape the prison? Because they were afraid of being beaten.

16. Why was the egg socially awkward? Because he never came out of his shell.

17. Why was the egg breathing heavily? Because it was eggs-hausted!

18. Why did the egg turn up at the interview in a casual dress? Because nobody eggs-plained the dress code to him.

19. Why did the egg not install ventilation in her kitchen? Because she wasn't an eggs-haust fan.

20. What is an egg's favorite magic spell? Eggs-pecto Patronum.

21. Why did the egg lose its appeal in court? Because its arguments were eggs-aggerated.

22. Why did the egg cry when he was beaten? Because he eggs-perienced pain.

23. What sport do eggs excel at? Eggs-treme sports.

24. Why was the egg happy when his plan was executed flawlessly? Because everything went eggs-actly as planned.

25. What did the egg do at the funeral? He eggs-pressed grief.

26. What did the Doctor prescribe to the sick egg? A medical eggs-am.

27. Why did the uninvited egg get angry at the class reunion? Because he was egg-nored.

28. Why did the egg lose its way around town? Because it was mislaid.

29. Why did the egg visit the haunted house? Because he wanted to get terri-fried!

30. What did the egg order at Starbucks? An eggs-presso.

31. Why did the egg get into a car crash? Because he eggs-elerated too much!

32. What happened to the egg that was electrocuted? It was shell shocked.

33. What did the egg say to the other egg which was copying his material? "You're poaching my best jokes"!

34. What superpower did the egg wish it had? Eggs ray vision.

35. Why did the man buy his eggs from the black market? Because he liked his eggs poached.

More Egg-Static Jokes

Here is a list of more awesome egg jokes for you.

36. Which day of the week do eggs hate the most? Fry-day!

37. Why was the egg disappointed with its role in the movie? Because it was just an eggs-tra.

38. Which show did the egg partake in to showcase his talent? Eggs-Factor.

39. How do clowns like their eggs cooked? Scrambled.  

40. What did the egg do when it had enough of the humans? It eggs-terminated all of them!

41. What did the court do to the innocent egg? It eggs-onerated him.

42. What happened to the eggs who lost all will to live? It had an eggs-estential crisis.

43. Why did the egg decide to bungee jump? Because it wanted to do something eggs-traordinary!

44. What do you call a self-centered egg? An egg-omaniac!

45. Why was the egg afraid of the Dalek? Because it kept saying "Eggs-terminate, eggs-terminate"!

46. What did the egg feel after achieving nirvana? It felt eggs-tatic.

47. What did the Doctor prescribe the obese egg? An early morning yolk.

48. Why was the egg stuck in the maze? Because it couldn't find the eggs-it.

49. Why did the pirate bury an egg along with his gold and treasure? Because eggs marks the spot!

50. Did you hear about the egg that was caught in the act of escaping? Its plan was unscrambled.

51. Why was the egg sad after failing his college entrance exam? Because he found out how medi-yolk-er he was at studies.

52. Why did the egg feign innocence? Because egg-norance is bliss.

53. Why do eggs stay away from one another? Because they don't want to become an egg sandwich.

54. Did you hear about the egg that was skeptical of god's existence? He's egg-nostic.

55. What did the rebellious egg do when it was growing up in Japan? It joined the Yolk-uza.

56. Why did one of the eggs hatch a day after the others? Because it was a laid bloomer.

57. Why did the chef get angry at his assistant for messing up the egg dish? Because it was a complete scramble.

58. Why did the egg lose all its inheritance? Because of its compulsive scrambling habit.

59. Nobody knows how the barn caught fire—the plot chickens.

60. Why did the egg never go out anywhere? Because it was antisoshell.

61. What do you get when an oval planet blocks the sun? A solar egglipse.

62. What do you call an artificial egg? A bootlegg.

63. The eggs jumped off the frying pan and still didn't crack. It was a calculated whisk.

64. Where do eggs keep their money? In their bank eggounts!

65. What happened to the egg who won the lottery? It went from reggs to riches.

66. Why was the chicken happy after seeing its medical test report? Because all the results were n-egg-ative!

67. What did the egg say to the frying pan? Let's get fried!

68. Where do you find the best eggs in England? Yolkshire.

69. Why did the hen lay eggs on the mountain slope? Because the farmer wanted egg rolls.

70. How do you cook a bunch of funny eggs? You throw them in the crack-pot.

Chicken Egg Jokes

Well, you can't keep the chicken away from the egg! Here are some funny chicken and egg jokes:

71. Why was the chicken so big and strong? Because it egg-ercised every day!

72. What do chickens use to wake up? An alarm cluck.

73. How did the chicken get her courier so fast? Because she opted for Eggs-press service!

74. Where do you find information on Poultry farming? On the Hen-cyclopedia about eggs!

75. What do you name an egg which is smart? An Egg-Head.

76. What did the evil hen lay? Deviled Eggs.

77. Why did the chicken take part in the 10k race? Because someone egged it on!

78. Which day is the chicken and the egg terri-fried of? Fry-Day the 13th!

79. Why did the hen lay eggs every day without resting? Because she had the hen-durance!

80. How does the chicken get into their barns? They use the hen-trance.

81. How are brave chicken born? From hard-boiled eggs.

82. What did the hen do after getting off the roller coaster? She laid scrambled eggs.

83. What do the chickens do in the scorching weather? They lay hard-boiled eggs.

84. Why was the egg dressed in warm clothes in the winter? Because the clothes were hen-pecked.

85. Why did the chicken not understand why the eggs were laughing? Because they cracked an inside yolk.

86. Why was the farmer surprised by the eggs laid by the chicken after an earthquake? Because they were all scrambled eggs.

87. What did the curious chicken say to the egg who was lying? "Do not eggs-agerate!"

Knock Knock Egg Jokes

Take a look at some of the Knock-Knock jokes on eggs:

88. Knock, knock.

Who is out there?


Eggs who?

Eggs-ams are just around the corner!


89. Knock, knock.

Who is there outside?


Eggo who?

Eggo-nomy is crumbling; save your money!


90. Knock, knock.

Who is knocking outside?


Eggs who?

Eggs-tremely disappointed you don't remember my voice!


91. Knock, knock.

Who is knocking the door?


Eggs who?

Eggs-perience pain by opening this door!


92. Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Omelet who?

Omelet-ing you go this time!


Here at Kidadl, we have collated together lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone! If you liked our suggestions for The Best 70+ Egg Jokes That Are Absolutely Egg-Squisite! Then why not take a look at waffle puns, or for something different, take a look at goose puns.

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