37+ Waffle Puns That Are Perfect For Galentine's Day Instagrams

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As Leslie Knope says, a day dedicated to girls with breakfast, muffins, and coffee cannot go without waffles.

Celebrating breakfast food with some sandy eggo funny waffle jokes is the kind of wonderful brunch we all need. Of course, we should not be missing out on these pancakes with abs that taste heavenly, especially when combined with good company.

A waffle is the yummiest dish made from dough that is cooked between two patterned plates to give us a decorated version of pancakes. You can always spot a waffle lover in a conversation, they won't stop talking about them! They'll Waffle lot about it through jokes, puns, and quotes that'll crack everyone up. For instance:

'My friend dropped her waffle in California beach, it's sandy eggo now!'

Is a hilariously funny waffle pun, perfect for an Instagram caption. These puns and waffle quotes are so funny you'll see people getting them printed on phone cases, accessories, clothing, greeting cards, and more. Waffle house too uses the puns like Wafflin' around while naming themselves.

Here's a list of some popular puns about waffles arranged in categories that will make your browse feel happy. If you want to check out something related to specific food puns, check these bacon puns or egg puns.

Funny Puns That Every Waffle Lover Will Like

Ice cream balls with mint leaf in waffle basket

Here are some puns filled with food humor to make your morning better.

1. The round waffle said to the burnt square waffle, "Don't be such a square!"

2. A pancake and a waffle walk into a diner. The pancake starts robbing the waiter while the waffle watches outside. As waffle sees the cops a block away he turns to the pancake and says "Get the money quick! We gotta break-fast!"

3. A pancake who did 1000 sit-ups a day suddenly got abs. He is now roaming around with waffles in the gym.

4. Baseball and waffles are so alike. They both need a good batter.

5. For people who say waffles are just pancakes I say, "There is a starch difference between them".

6. I asked my father why we apply butter while making waffles. He said, "It cooks butter".

7. I had to write a short essay on why I like waffles but I couldn't. I was waffling too much.

8. I know my mother is terrible at making waffles, but she is getting batter.

9. I love covering my waffles with maple syrup. My father once saw me pour it and said, "Easy girl, that thing doesn't grow in maple-ace".

10. I suggested this place around the corner for breakfast and said, "Nothing can top their waffles!" and my father replied, "Except chocolate, cream, syrup, right?"

11. It is so simple to make a waffle smile. You just butter him up!

12. I wanted to have a Waffle House, my father took out the eggos and said "Okay, I'll have the waffle apartment".

13. I wanted to make waffles today but I messed up the batter. They turned out quite a crepe.

14. My daughter made waffles today and she forgot to put W in it. So they turned out just awful.

15. My father bought a waffle iron, he gets really annoyed with wrinkled waffles.

16. My father poured maple syrup on my essay. He said it was 100% waffle.

17. My friend doesn't let us have anything else but waffles. He is quite eggo-istical like that.

18. My friend from Paris wasn't allowed to give a reception speech at the waffle and pancake's royal wedding. They knew he'd give a French toast.

19. My friend left at 3 pm from my Galentine's breakfast party. "Thanks a brunch for the waffles", she said.

20. My grandmother was trying to read the waffle iron and burnt her hand. She's blind.

21. My son made waffles for breakfast today. They weren't that w-awful.

22. When Captain America was told that all superheroes love waffles, he  replied, "Not all superheroes, where is crepes?"

23. My son said he'd make breakfast. Then he said he wouldn't and then said he would. I know he's just waffling around.

24. My son who loves waffles said, "You look waffly-cute" when I got him his favorite waffle ice cream.

25. When my father ate 20 pancakes for breakfast I couldn't stop saying "You really ate a waffle lot!"

26. When my mother makes the waffles, the batter tries to run away. I think it is because she cracks the eggs and beats them.

27. When the waiter asked if I'd like syrup or cream on my waffle, I exclaimed "They're butter together!"

Jokes About Waffles

Here are a few ideas for jokes to create content for a conversation about waffles.

28. What did mother say when she ran out of pancakes?

Oh how waffle!

29. What did Sigmund Freud say to his patient when they didn't leave his waffle?

Leggo my Eggo.

30. What did the crepe kid say to a waffle kid?

Your father has got abs as he sweats butter and maple syrup.

31. What did the Pope like on his waffles?

Papal syrup.

32. What did the waffle say to waffle iron?

See you on the flip side.

33. What do the police like with their waffles when they are sick?

A cop syrup.

34. What do you call a waffle with a building block?

A leggo.

35. What do you get when you trip to the beach and drop your waffle?

A sandy eggo.

36. What would you call a waffle that gives you gas?

A belchin' waffle.

37. Where do waffles go for a vacation?


38. Why did the police arrest pancake but not the waffle?

Because he was acting un-waffle-ly.

39. Why did waffle deny pancake party invites?

He was a square.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Waffle Puns, then why not take a look at pancake puns and jokes, or for something different take a look at octopus puns and jokes.

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