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60 Tall Jokes And Hilarious Tall Jokes Comebacks

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A person's height can be adjudged in three ways.

They are either tall, short, or of average height. The world usually has less tall people compared to short or average ones.

The tallness of a person depends on their genes. The hereditary nature of the gene affects the height of an offspring. Normally tall people give birth to tall children and vice versa. However, if you are a tall person who is always mocked for your height, don't worry; we have the perfect antidote for it. Learn these comebacks and look savage all the time!

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Funny Tall People Jokes With Tall People Comebacks

Life is too short to be bothered by tall insults.

Enlisted below are the best height jokes, one-liners, jokes about tall people, funny, tall person jokes, funny things to say to tall guys, yo mama so tall jokes, jokes on tall women, and a height joke. Here you will also find what to call a tall person and how to annoy a tall person.

1. Tim said, "You are so tall that I could hit a tree while walking." I replied, "Hey, you need to speak loudly as I can't listen to you from up here".

2. Once someone told me, "You are so tall that I can't see your face,". So I replied, "But I can see yours, and it's hard not to look down on you."

3. John told Tim, "You are so tall, you can touch the sky." Tim said, "Yep, I'm reaching the stars."

4. John said, "You are so tall, how's the weather near your face." I replied, "You will find out if you grow up."

5. Tim said, "You are so tall that you use the streetlight poles as your coat hanger". I replied, "The world is my home; the street is my wardrobe!"

6. A friend advised me not to take the bus as my tall person head would touch the bus roof. I replied, "That's really insensitive. I use the term vertically inclined".

7. I was standing in a queue when a guy took a shot at my height. I said, "Well, at least, us tall people can see till the end of the line".

8. A man once taunted a guy for being tall. He simply showed his driving license and said, "My license shows it's six-foot-tall but don't worry, I am just five feet taller than you."

9. John said, "You are so tall that you can touch a flying airplane". I replied, "Wow, I'll alert the media houses at once".

10. We were playing beach soccer when a couple of tourists made fun of our height. I replied, "Can you repeat that again? I couldn't see you behind this tiny grain of sand".

11. Rick was constantly picked on by his friends for being a tall person. One day he just exploded and shouted, "I know I am so tall that it makes all you look like Lilliputs."

12. Someone said, "You are so tall that if you break your leg, you will use ladders as crutches". I simply replied, "I have no time to put up with you guys. Life is short, just like you".

13. I was in the garden when my neighbor said that I could reach a tree and pick its fruits. I said back, "Yes, I can reach things like success which short people like you won't be able to reach".

14. Never get angry if someone makes jokes about your height. Be ready with a comeback like, "My legs are longer than the patience which I have for your jokes".

15. Jack was in the playground when one of his friends asked, "Yo mama so tall did she play basketball?" He replied, "Your mom is so short. Did she scrub floors?"

16. Once, my neighbor told me, "Move, you tree". I sternly replied, "Careful I don't step on you, short person".

17. Emily once told me, "You are so tall that you can touch the clouds". I said, "Yes, that means I can also pick the lightning and throw it at you".

18. Once, Jonas told me, "You are so tall that you can touch the top of the building". I said, "I am 'short' of time right now. Go and bother someone else".

19. A man once said that I was a giant. I said, "Hey, say it to my face if you can reach it".

20. Rahul was constantly asked if he played basketball. He now answers back by saying, "Hey, do you play minigolf?"

The Best Tall Joke Comebacks

Yo mama so tall jokes are hilariously funny and can make a tall person laugh.

If you are looking to find the best tall people jokes, yo mama so tall jokes, tall man jokes, short person and short people jokes, jokes on ceiling fans and tall women, then you are at the right place. Here you will find how to make a tall person comeback if someone comments on your height.

21. If someone tells you, "Don't you have problems walking if you are so long?" just reply, "Nope, my skeleton is just longer than yours."

22. Someone asked, "Why are you so tall?". I patiently replied, "Hey, it's genetics. Now don't get short on me for your failed genes".

23. Someone told me, "You are so tall. How did you get inside without hitting your head?" I replied, "The door."

24. My relative, said, "You can reach the fan if you raise your arms" I replied, "Of course, I always reach out to my fans.

25. Somebody asked, "Were you always this tall?". So I replied, "Nope, I started short but grew unlike you".

26. Someone once asked me, "Doesn't it hurt your back while ducking under the door?" I replied, "Well, doesn't it hurt your legs to reach for the top shelf?"

27. My friend said, "You are so tall that even Shaq is a dwarf to you". So I replied, "The shrimp who is speaking right".

28. Once, a girl told my sister, "You are so tall, why do you still wear heels?" So my sister said, "Hey, you are so short, why do you still wear flats?"

29. Once, a guy asked me, "How's the weather up there? "I replied, "It's a lot brighter than the IQ which you got down there."

30. What if someone made fun of your height? Just reply, "Hey, grab a ladder, climb up it and speak to my face".

31. One of the students asked my friend, "How is the atmosphere up there?". My friend replied, "Can you repeat it, all I heard was a whining sound".

32. My relatives said, "You are so tall you don't need a ladder to climb?" I just replied, "How does it feel to hear anything I say after 10 seconds?".

33. Whenever my sister is teased about her height, she replies, "Tell me something I don't know. Too bad you can't".

34. A man once told me, "You are so tall you can just touch the stars". I replied, "Be careful unless you don't want me to throw a shooting star at you".

35. At college, a guy once joked that I am as tall as the Empire State Building. I said, "The tallest architectural masterpiece in the US?"

36. How to respond if someone jokes about tall people? "Can't you find some new jokes, this one is as old as the dinosaurs".

37. I was once asked as to how I became so tall, so I replied, "I ate giraffe seeds when I was a kid".

38. If someone asks, "In how many years did you grow this tall?" just reply, "It's a long mathematical calculation. You need to calculate the coefficient of x no. of years".

39. A man said, "Hey, what's the weather there?" I said, "If I spit on you, it's going to rain really hard".

40. What should you say to the annoying relative who always asks you to pick things from the top shelf? Always reply, "Only if you pick the things from the bottom shelf".

The Best Jokes About Being Tall

Enlisted below are the best jokes about tall people, yo mama so tall jokes, short person and short people jokes, funny quotes about being tall, tall people comebacks, tall people jokes, and comebacks for tall people. If someone tries to make a tall person angry, these comebacks will set them straight!

41. I whispered back when someone made fun of my height. When he asked what I said, I replied, "Whatever I said went literally above your head".

42. While visiting an airport, my friend asked me to duck when a plane went above our heads.

43. When my friends joked about my height in class, I replied, "At least, sums do not go above my head!"

44. Matthew said, "You are so tall that you are a basketball hoop!" I replied, "Actually, I get to be on a basketball court."

45. "You are so tall that wherever you go, you can see your house," said my friend. I replied, "At least I don't lose my way home".

46. Alex said, "You are so tall that your forehead hits the moon". I calmly replied, "At least, I have a crater named after me on the moon".

47. My aunt said, "You are so tall that you created the Mariana Trench!" I replied, "Guess, I will never drown!"

48. My friend said, "If you jump, you'll reach space!" I replied, "At least, I can go to space whenever I want".

49. Someone told me I am tall enough to play basketball. I replied, "You surely play minigolf!"

50. Once, a guy said, "You are so tall that your nightmares are ceiling fans". I said, "At least, I get air".

51. One day, a friend said, "You are so tall that you are like a giraffe". I replied, "Animals look up to me!"

52. My friend said, "You are like Mount Everest". I replied, "All the mountaineers dream to be on my summit!".

53. "You are so tall that you look like the Burj Khalifa'' said, my friend. I replied, "At least, I am world-famous and have a  5-star rating.''

54. My aunt once told my sister, "You are so tall that you look like a pine tree". She replied, "At least, I am useful to other people!"

55. A friend told me, "You are so tall that I can never stop seeing you". I replied, "Why would you want to?"  

56. James commented, "You are so tall that you walk three blocks with every step you take". I replied, "I can return home faster than a tube train."

57. "You are so tall that Google Earth is attached on your forehead," a man told me. "I am employed by Google, are you?" I replied.

58. The trainer said, "If you do push-ups, the sun will burn your back". I replied, "You could say I am the first man on the sun!"

59. Alex said, "You are so tall that a stadium is a toilet for you". I replied, "Why are you watching me pee?".

60. John commented, "You are so tall that you eat food out of a satellite dish". I replied, "Imagine how fast my internet is!"

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