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Ultimate List Of 60+ Banana Jokes That Are The Best Of The Bunch

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Bananas are an extremely versatile fruit that can be eaten at any point of the day.

If you're looking for an article to read with your kids, this article is a great choice. It has many amazing jokes for kids that are not only hilarious but also informative!

This article has various banana jokes for kids that can also be converted into hilarious banana knock-knock jokes. If you're perusing the web looking for some banana quotes, you'll find a couple of great ones in this comprehensive list. Banana humor is also great for kids that are looking for banana one-liners to impress their friends in class, or for students that need to add a little bit of a zing to a school project involving fruits. Here's a curated list of 60+ banana jokes that are the best of the bunch.

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Funny Banana Jokes That Will Split Your Sides

Smoothie jokes have a soothing effect.

These jokes about bananas will ap-peel to people of any age. Funny bananas are sweet because they are full of natural sugar! Here is a list of some funny banana jokes, along with some banana split jokes and banana phone jokes.

1. What happened when the banana team won the Fruit Championship? All the fans went bananas.

2. What did the orange say to his colleagues, a group of bananas, when they helped him fix his portfolio? I really needed this, thanks a bunch!

3. What does a banana call her grandmother affectionately? Ba-nana.

4. What did the motivating apple say to the banana who was making good life changes? I'm really proud of you, you're taking a step in the ripe direction.

5. What did the banana say to the ice-cream when they were planning on stealing from a pantry? All the profits will be split equally among us.

6. What happened when a majority of the fruits on the Banana split committee decided that the Banana was a good mascot for their brand? They came to a split decision.

7. What footwear do bananas wear while walking around town? Slippers.

8. Why did the banana decide to go to a salon after work? She had to get her split ends fixed.

9. Why was the banana's mother upset when he played in the sun? She thought that he was growing up too fast.

10. How did the monkey get hurt at school? He accidentally tripped on the stairs and didn't catch the banana-ster on time.

11. What did the thief use to open the banana safe? He used a mon-key.

12. Why was the orange jealous of the banana? He was a part of the popular bunch.

13. What day of the week do bananas love the most? Sundae.

14. What did the banana dessert do when it was caught red-handed stealing from a grocery store? It split.

15. Why didn't the banana CEO listen to anyone else except his board of directors? He was the top banana.

16. Why was the banana hospitalized after he went to the doctor? They realized that he had yellow fever.

17. What is the first thing that bananas say when they call someone? Yellow!

18. Why was everyone so upset with the banana for ruining the party? He split with the strawberry right in the middle.

19. What did the monkey say when his father asked him if he liked eating bananas? I like them a bunch!

20. What did the banana quiz contestant say when the presenter asked him if he was sure about one of his answers? I know I'm right; I can peel it in my soul.

21. What did a green banana's father say when he expressed his wish to marry a yellow banana? You should go for it because she is the ripe one.

22. What did the ghost call his son when he was dressed up as a banana for Halloween? Boo-nana.

23. What do you call a banana who's a great conversationalist? A banana smoothie.

24. What genre of books do banana peels prefer to read? Non-friction.

25. Why can't bananas stay quiet when they're in a lot of pain? They only know how to bellow.

26. What exercise equipment do bananas use the most? A peeloton bike.

27. Why was the banana so popular? Everyone thought he was really sweet.

28. What store is always filled with bananas on black Friday? Banana Republic.

29. Why was the monkey so happy after he ate the banana? He was happy that he had a fruitful day.

30. Why was the banana such a good ballet dancer? She really knew how to do a good split.

31. Why was Anna not allowed inside the convenience store? They caught her stealing a lot of fruits, so they had to ban Anna.

32. How do you address two banana lying on the floor? Oh look, one pair of slippers.

33. Why did the banana cross the road? He decided to split.

34. What did the banana girl say when the orange asked her if she was a banana? Why, because you find me a-pee-ling?

35. Do you what the banana said to the neighborhood stray dog? He didn't say anything, because bananas cannot talk.

36.Why did a banana split from the scene? He noticed a monkey approaching.

37. Why don't bananas snore when they're sleeping? They're scared that they'll accidentally wake up the rest of the bunch.

38. Why do bananas never snore in their sleep? Because they agreed not to after a split decision.

Banana Peel Jokes

A banana joke is good for the soul.

Here are some banana peel jokes solely for your enjoyment.

39. Why was everyone extra nice to the banana in school? They didn't wish to hurt his peelings.

40. How did a banana end up at the emergency room in the hospital? He told the doctors his skin was peeling off.

41. Why did the monkey choose the banana to play the lead in his production? He felt like the banana had a certain appeal that the crowds would love.

42. Why was the banana lawyer so sad? His appeel was rejected by the court.

43. What did the monkey profess to the banana musician? Your tunes convey exactly what I peel.

44. Why did the man forget to buy banana peels from the grocery store? They just slipped from his mind.

45. Why shouldn't anyone marry a banana peel? They want to split after every fight.

46. Why did the banana peel want to buy the book directly from the bookstore, instead of the online store? He wanted to get a peel of the book.

47. Why did the old banana peel like working out more than what the doctor advised? He liked to peel the burn.

48. What did the banana peel do the minute he got his Christmas gift? He peeled off the wrapping paper.

49. What did the banana peel street gang do the minute they got wind of the cops coming? They peeled out into the main road on their motorbikes.

50. What did the banana peel say to his kids when he realized someone had stolen the remote control? Whoever has stolen the control should ap-peel to my better nature, because right now it's not looking good for anybody.

51. When should banana peels get married? At the ripe time.

52. What did the plantain say to the banana peel when the banana peel asked for a raise? I'm not sure if I can give it to you, your attendance record is a bit spotty.

53. What are you supposed to do if you see a blue banana? Make life more ap-peeling for him.

54. Why did the banana peel not call for a mariachi band to play at brunch? Nobody from the rest of the bunch liked the idea.

Banana Bread Jokes

Scroll down to read some great banana bread jokes.

55. Why does every banana bread prefer the cold weather? They don't like it when it's toasty.

56. Why does everyone think the banana bread is lazy? They just loaf around the neighborhood.

57. Why was the banana bread upset when his wife didn't accept his baked gift? He didn't expect her to reject his labor of loaf.

58. Why had the banana bread not sold any of his art? He was actually a crumby artist.

59. Why was the man sad over losing his banana bread business? He depended on it for his banana bread and butter.

60. Why was a woman so worried when there was an acute shortage of bread in the city? She didn't know how she was going to put banana bread on the table for her two children.

61. What does a banana bread always wear on its feet to keep itself warm? A pair of slippers.

62. What should one do if they see a blue banana bread? Cheer it up.

Fruit Jokes For Kids

Here are some jokes about fruit that will make your kids double over in laughter.

63. Why did a banana ask a prune to go to prom with him? He wasn't able to find a date.

64. What do you call two pears that are perfect for each other? A perfect pair.

65. What happens when two trucks full of fruits have an accident on the highway? A traffic jam.

66. What do you call two berries that always feel low? Blue-berries.

67. Why did the two grapes walk quietly after they entered the hotel? They didn't want to wake up the rest of the bunch that was sleeping.

68. Why did the orange runner go to the doctor? He was worried that he was running out of juice.

69. What did the banana say to the kiwi? You're the only one who has a kiwi to my heart.

70. Where does a banana go to find a date for his hearing? The ap-peels court.

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