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A Complete List Of Undertale Puns

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Undertale is an indie role-playing video game that took the internet by a storm just the day it launched.

Developed by Toby Fox, the game is a self-aware commentary on not only RPG tropes and cliches, but also on the player's relationship to it. Its soundtrack, also composed by Toby Fox, is another big reason for its popularity.

Other than its innovative combat system and game design, it is also known for its unique cast of eccentric characters in a strange world. The game often raises very dark ethical and moral questions. But on the surface, it is light-hearted and comedic oftentimes. Other than situational humor, the game is also littered with direct jests in the character dialogues, notably from the hoodie-draped skeleton Sans. Sans makes the most puns in Undertale, but there is no proper number as to how many puns he makes in one playthrough. Take a read of the list of puns.

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An Anthology Of Sans The Skeleton Puns

‍Sans is indubitably the fan-favorite character in the Undertale fandom. Whether you go for murder-heavy or pacifist runs, Sans is an ever-important presence. Sans' general flippancy is what makes him endearing (the name itself is a reference to the meme-bait comic sans font). The biggest manifestation of this is Sans' skeleton puns. Below are most if not all of Sans' funniest puns, as well as a few extra new puns that fit in with his repertoire.

1. Looks like you had a rough day. But it's going tibia okay.

2. I know I can be difficult at times. Hope you don't have a bone to pick with me.

3. I have got a ton of work done today. A skele-ton.

4. It's easy to tell when a skeleton is lying. You can see right through them.

5. Sans' funniest pun is about what instrument he plays. A trom-bone.

6. Sans is very calm, because nothing gets under his skin.

7. A list of Sans' puns would be sans-tastic.

8. Sans is quite funny. One could call him... humerus.

9. Sans gave me a nice culinary presentation. 'Bone appetit', he said.

10. Sans laughed for quite a while. The joke had really tickled his funny bone.

11. But first, let me take a skelfie.

12. Graveyards are so noisy. It's mostly all the coffin'.

13. I knew where you'd go next. I felt it instinctively, I felt it in my bones.

14. Sans doesn't need a telephone. He'd rather use a telebone.

15. Papyrus was standing by the fire for too long. It turned him bone-dry.

16. Sans is not overweight, he is just a little big-boned!

17. Couple of days ago, a stray dog came and stole away Papyrus' left leg. You could say Papyrus wasn't left with a leg to stand on.

18. A skeletal snake would be quite the rattler.

19. There was once a very hard-working skeleton. He always worked himself down to the bone.

20. The skeleton wanted a friend to talk to, he was feeling bonely.

21. If you ever see a fellow skeleton running down the road, jump out of your skin and join them.

22. Skulls are meant to be eternally single. They literally have no body.

23. Mr Funny Bones' new stand-up set didn't elicit much applause. Most of his jokes were pretty bare-bones.

24. A few days ago, Papyrus had a dream about his motorcar. He describes it as an auto-body experience.

25. Papyrus got mixed up with a biker gang. He's bad to the bone now.

26. This Sans' puns list is getting pretty long, but we got a femur.

27. Sans seems like a smart fellow, but he must have had his own embarrassing mishaps in his time. Everyone's got skeletons in the closet.

28. Papyrus was oft-misunderstood as a child. The first track in his mixtape was Spooky Scary Skeletons.

29. Couple of days ago, a dog stole Sans' left arm and left femur. But Sans is all right now.

30. A skeletal ape would be called a babone.

31. Papyrus ran headfast into a windmill... he's such a bonehead.

32. One could also call him a numbskull.

33. Skeletons can't play church music, obviously. They got no organs.

34. A skeleton's top restaurant order should be spare ribs.

35. Ultimately, Asgore ended up making Papyrus a nice hedge skullpture.

36. Papyrus does not like Sans' cooking. He doesn't have the stomach for it.

37. Sans has a reputation for being lazy. He's almost bone idle.

38. A skeleton mounted on his newly purchased Harley Davidson motorcycle. 'I'm bone to be wild', he said.

39. The other day Papyrus did the tiling on his roof. He chose the all-time skeleton-favorite material, shin-gles.

40. Papyrus prepared his valentine's day gift for his lover. It was a heart-shaped box with bone-bones in it.

41. Few could traverse the hallway maze made of bones. It was rather marrow.

42. Sans' favorite band is probably Boney M.

43. Melee was too dangerous, so the skeleton guard resorted to his trusty bow and marrows.

44. A French Sans would greet you with the ol' bone-jour.

45. Some of these puns aren't that hilarious, but come on, throw us a bone.

46. The teenage skeleton band was into bro culture. They called each other vertebruhs, because they always had each others' backs.

47. The skeleton did not invite his cousins over because he thought they were marrow-minded.

Hand-Picked Papyrus Puns

Papyrus, Sans' brother, is in some regards a character foil to him. But despite his foolhardy, sincere nature, he seems to share Sans' pun proclivity as well.

48. All a lazy skeleton does is sit and boondoggle!

49. The lazy skeleton should put a little more 'backbone' into his work.

50. It's the season of dog petting. All the dogs want to be pet. It is just one big 'pupularity' contest.

51. Careful, the ice is slippery. No one wants to pratfall during a cool technique.

52. A skewer kabob but with only bones is called kabones.

53. The skeleton was great at dancing. He was a bone-a-fide opera star.

54. Fangs for visiting my web-site, spider.

Miscellaneous Undertale Pun Collection

These Undertale jokes are not mentioned in-game in any way, but they are about different Undertale characters like Toriel. Undertale lovers will appreciate them (if they didn't find Sans' Undertale puns too corny, that is).

55. I went to a party, and mettaton of new people.

56. I mistook the 3D hologram cow as the real deal. It looked Toriel.

57. She was Asgoregeous as the first day I'd seen her.

58. The aquatic zoo was a bad place to go to. Turns out I hate Alphys.

59. A challenging and harsh environment builds Chara-cter.

60. The biggest whistleblower in Undertale lore has got to be Ed Snowdin.

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