30+ Laugh-Out-Loud Minecraft Jokes For Your Kids

Amelia Grace
Dec 12, 2023 By Amelia Grace
Originally Published on Aug 21, 2020
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Minifigure Steve with diamond sword and Alex run away from the Creeper.

Despite having sold over 238 million copies, Minecraft isn't just one of the world's most popular games; it's a magical playground where creativity meets adventure. When the game was made public back in 2009, it was to become so much more than just stacking blocks.

When you mine ores or build castles while playing Minecraft, you're also sharpening those brain tools with some problem-solving, geometry, and resource management. Now, how would you like to add a sprinkle of laughter to the mix?

From witty one-liners to puns that'll tickle your funny bone, here are the best Minecraft jokes that are perfect for sharing with your fellow miners.

Funny Minecraft Jokes About Steve To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Blocky buddy Steve isn't just one of the most recognizable characters in the Minecraft universe; he's also the star of some of the funniest jokes in the pixelated world. Whether you're a seasoned miner or just love a good laugh, these Steve-centered zingers will surely brighten your day. Dive into these favorites, and let the laughter begin.

1. How does Steve keep fit? He runs around the block.

2. Why did Steve need mouthwash after destroying the mobs? Because he had bat breath.

3. How does Steve measure his shoe size? In square feet.

4. What did Steve say to the skeleton? "I've got a bone to pick with you".

5. How do Minecraft players avoid sunburn? They use sunblock.

6. What would make the skeleton laugh again? Someone tickling its funny bone.

7. What did Steve say to Diamond block? "I dig you."

8. How does Steve manage to chop trees down with his bare fists? Well, how wood I know?

9. What tops off a creeper's ice cream sundae? Whipped scream.

Alex with sheep shears catching to shear the dyed sheep on Waterfall Base

The Best Minecraft One-Liners For Keen Players

These jokes are sure to add a sprinkle of fun to any gamer's experience, infusing their Minecraft adventures with laughter and joy. Whether battling foes or constructing virtual worlds, a little humor can make the gaming journey all the more exciting.

So grab those enchanted swords, gather your Minecraft-loving friends, and prepare to dig into some giggles that even a Creeper couldn't resist!

10. My ocelot was having trouble watching YouTube. It turns out, the video was just on paws.

11. What is Steve's favorite sport? Boxing.

12. Last night I went to a Creeper party, it was weird, obviously.

13. Ocelots are like crisps. You can never just have one.

14. Steve walks into a bar and the bartender says "Sorry, we can't serve miners."

Minecraft Question And Answer Jokes To Get You Giggling

If you can't get enough of the blocky landscapes and creative adventures of Minecraft, here's something to add a touch of humor to the game. Introducing a collection of Minecraft-themed question-and-answer jokes designed to get players giggling. Prepare for laughter that's as explosive as a Creeper but far more delightful!

15. What do you learn at witch school? Spelling.

16. How do Minecraft players celebrate? Go to square dances.

17. Why are zombies so good at Minecraft? They are dead-icated.

18. What do Minecraft players do when they want to celebrate something? They throw block parties.

19. Did you hear about the new Minecraft movie coming out? It's gonna be a blockbuster.

20. What is a Creeper's favorite food? Sssssalad.

21. What did the zombie say to the villager? "Nice to eat you!"

22. What's a witch's favorite make-up? Ma-scare-a!

23. What music do Minecraft players listen to? Bedrock 'n' roll.

24. Why is it so hard to score against basketball players who play Minecraft? They're always blocking.

25. Did you hear about that Creeper-only party? It was a blast!

26. Why can you always spot Zombie Pigmen at Subway? They like to "Eat Flesh".

27. Why does Stampy have a fence around his love garden? People are dying to get in.

28. What's the difference between a killer rabbit and a counterfeit bill? One is bad money and the other is mad bunny!

29. What's a Creeper's favorite subject? Hisss-tory.

30. What do Minecraft players use to kill skeletons? Bones and arrows.

31. What is Ghast's favorite country? The Nether-lands.

32. Why can't the Ender dragon read? Because he always starts at the end.

33. What was the name of the Minecraft boy band? Kids on the Block.

These jokes are more than just a giggle-fest; they're a way to bond with friends and family and let's face it, a well-timed joke can make any mining adventure more memorable. Just remember, like any good mining expedition, timing is key, so pick the right moment for your zinger.

Now, grab your virtual pickaxe and dig into the world of Minecraft, armed with Minecraft puns that'll make your next gaming session an absolute blast!

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