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58 Adorable Alpaca Puns

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Have you ever seen anything cuter than a baby alpaca?

Originally from South America, these friendly, fluffy creatures were domesticated over 6000 years ago by the Incas. They can also be found in Peru, Chile and Bolivia, and there are alpaca farms all around the world.

Alpaca and llamas are very similar to look at, and the easiest way to tell them apart is by their ears, alpaca have pointed, spear shaped ears while llama have ears shaped more like bananas; also llamas are twice the size of their little alpaca pals.

A male alpaca is called a 'macho', a female alpaca is a 'hembra', and baby alpaca are known as 'cria'.  There are two different breeds of alpaca. Suri have super long locks for a coat, while the Huacaya (pronounced 'wuh-kai-ya') have a super dense, mega fluffy fleece. Alpaca wool or 'fleece' feels very soft and luxurious, but it is also incredibly hard wearing and durable. Not only this, but it is also hypoallergenic as it doesn't contain lanolin like sheep's wool, it is pretty much a perfect material. Wool made from alpaca fleece is worn all around the world.

Did you know that alpaca can hum? Mother alpacas will hum to their young, they also create this musical purring sound to communicate with one another. To alert the herd to potential danger or when they feel spooked, alpaca will turn the humming up a notch and make a 'tooting' sound!

Alpaca is the kind of word that just works when it comes to puns, so whether you are looking for clever alpaca birthday puns for the perfect card, or just some funny alpaca puns to amuse your kids, we have got you covered!

For more laughs, take a look at these hilarious llama jokes and these funny sheep jokes.

Classic Alpaca Puns

Alpaca puns are funny because they use wordplay to make us laugh.

If you are looking for the perfect alpaca pun to make someone giggle, you are bound to find one on this list. Keep an eye out for family members kitted out in an alpaca knit, you never know when you'll get your moment!

1. Shall we go on an adventure? Alpaca my bags!

2. A picnic sounds great, alpaca lunch.

3. You're my best pal-paca

4. The alpaca's are disappearing... could it be the alpaca-lypse?

5. I'm not sure that's the best idea, seems like you've had an alpaca-lapse in judgement!

6. Whatever life throws at me, alpaca punch!

7. I'm having a movie night with my alpaca, but he always wants to watch 'Alpaca-lypse Now'!

8. I love camping! Alpaca my tent.

9. I think it might rain later, don't forget your al-mac-a!

10. Lets always be pal-pacas.

11. I only sing alpaca-pella.

12. Did you see that super furry little insect? I think it was an alpaca-pillar!

Hembra Puns

Hembra means 'feminine' in Spanish,  and is how female alpaca are referred to, the word hembra also lends itself to  some hilarious alpaca puns!

13. I think my alpaca needs to hem-brace the fact, she'll never be as tall as a llama!

14. Did you re-hembra to feed the alpacas this morning?

15. My alpaca's favourite month is definitely Dec-hembra, or was it Nov-hembra?

16. I think I've been spoiling my alpaca, she's been acting a little hembra-tty.

Macho Puns

Macho is the Spanish word for 'male', it is also the name of male alpacas. it has associations with being tough and strong (macho, macho man), this may not really suit the sweet and mild tempered alpaca, but they are called macho all the same, so here are some excellent puns to go along with the not-so-macho image!

17. My alpaca absolutely loves super spicy cheese machos.

18. Not too much salsa on those machos! My alpaca only likes guacamole.

19. I though my alpaca was having a busy day, but seems he's not up to macho afterall.

20. Are both alpaca teams ready? It's macho time.

21. Game, set, macho.

22. Alpacas are amazing chefs, they make an excellent gaz-macho.

Cria Puns

In Spanish, cria translates to 'breeding' or 'young', and this is what we call the fluffy, big eyed, cutest creature in the world: the baby alpaca! If you are looking for a gift for a little one, look no further than a soft toy version of on of these cuddly little crias!

23. When alpaca get sad, they just need to have a little cria.

24. My baby alpaca is so ambitious, she just wants to climb that cria ladder.

25. Please don't cria!

26. Baby alpacas are so brave, they are practically cria-less.

27. Those baby alpaca are plotting, looks like they've had a brilliant i-cria!

28. You can search cria and far, there's nothing cuter than a baby alpaca.

Peru Puns

The original home of the alpaca, Peru is a country in western South America . Peru is known as the home of one of the seven great wonders of the world: Machu Picchu, and some of the finest knitwear and textile artists in the world!

29. Do you ap-peru-rove of the alpacas climbing on the furniture?

30. Here are the instructions for looking after the alpacas this week, they are totally fool-peru-oof.

31. Don't worry, we can peru-oof it!

32. I think they will be OK in the rain, alpaca's wool is water-peru-oof.

33. Baby alpacas sometimes just want your a-peru-val, that is all!  

Alpaca Fleece Puns

Did you know that alpaca fleece used to be considered a total luxury? Although it is more widely available now, it is still one of the softest and most versatile materials to knit, crochet and make clothes, blankets and other items with, and the softness feels wonderfully indulgent to snuggle up with, too.

34. Wool, wool, wool, what's going on here?

35. Wool you alpacas please behave?

36. All's wool that ends wool!

37. Alpaca's yarn when they are tired.

38. That's all wool and good.

39. When alpacas get scared, they fleece!

40. Do you love my new alpaca coat? I wool lend it to you if you like!

41. Alpacas are so good at staying clean, they very rarely catch fleece.

42. If you are in a rush, don't get that alpaca started on a story, he loves a long yarn.

43. I think alpacas are wool-y cool.

Herd Puns

Alpaca are super sociable animals, they prefer to live in groups of at least three or they get lonely! Another reason why alpaca make great pet animals if you have the space, they are easily domesticated and very affectionate too.

44. Have you herd the story about the llama and the alpaca?

45. An alpaca walking on its hind legs? Un-herd of!

46. I over-herd the alpaca talking behind my back yesterday!

47. Alpaca love music, their favourite song is 'Baby Don't Herd Me'.

48. The new alpaca wasn't nervous about his new home, he herd the other alpaca were really friendly.

49. Pet alpaca love to cuddle, they've herd it reduces stress!

50. I wonder if the alpaca are having a good week, I've herd-ly had a chance to chat to them.

Llama Puns

We thought we'd sneak in a cheeky llama pun or two, because although llamas are in fact not just tall alpacas, they do peru-ve that you can never have too many puns on a list!

51. You're going to be late to the alpaca farm? No prob-llama.

52. Como se llama?

53. Have a llama-zing day!

54. I've got a bit of a die-llama.

55. Forget fairy lights, I've got my llama lamp!

56. At the end of a llama yoga class, they say 'llama-ste'.

57. Forget the alpaca-lypse- I'm more worried about llama-geddon!

58. Do you know the capital city of Peru? It's Llama!

Written By
Amy Lines

Freelance writer Amy lives in Hampshire with her 3 year old daughter, who is a super energetic, chatty child, leading to Amy’s interest in all matters to do with infant and child sleeping patterns and mindfulness for adults and children. Amy’s degree was in fashion design and she loves filling their beautiful home full of interesting textiles, tiles, art, ceramics, and houseplants or, alternatively, pining over them on Instagram. When they aren’t out exploring in the fresh air they can be found cosying up at home, painting, knitting, and dancing!

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