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170+ Beach Puns That Are Shore Good

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If you love a bit of beach humor, find nothing pun-nier than wordplay, are looking for a sand-tastic beach Instagram caption, or simply want to make the kids ice cream with laughter, then this list of funny beach puns is a mermaid for you.

Kids and adults alike love the beach, especially when the sun has got its hat on, the seaside is a picture-perfect happy place, and you can seas the day for fun and tide jinks with family and friends. If you've been surfing around for a list of beach-ready quips, rest a-shore-d, our plays on the sweet seaside, witty water, and awesome ocean words will shore-ly mean you have the best beach pun around.

Beach travel and day trips to the seaside became popular with the British during the Victorian era when factory workers and city dwellers discovered the benefits and joy of sea air and salty hair. There is much debate about the best beach in the world, with contenders including Playa Paraiso in Cuba, Uig Sands in Scotland, and Benguerra Island in Mozambique.

Beach Captions And Greetings

These sun-believably brilliant beach puns are fab for a fantastic Facebook or Instagram caption and perfect to send as greetings by email or post.

1. Feeling fine and sandy.

2. If you can’t beach ‘em, join ‘em.

3. I make waves wherever I go.

4. Feeling beachy keen.

5. Having a whale of a time.

6, Fish you were here.

7. Keep palm and carry on.

8. I’m just coasting along this summer.

9. Whale hello!

10. A good plaice to remember.

11. Tropic like it’s hot.

12. Gone to the beach. Be back never.

13. My favorite pastime - wave watching!

14. I'm a beach bum at heart.

15. Beach day is the perfect way to spend a lazy day.

16. The sound of waves always makes me feel better.

17. Paradise doesn't have to be tropical.

18. No filter is needed when you're at the beach.

19. Let's make some waves.

20. Riding the waves!

21. Happy as a clam.

22. Off to beach vacation.

23. Beach therapy time.

24. I'm a die-hard aquaholic!

25. Fun is Sun!

26. Living for sunny days!

27. If there's a will, there's a wave!

28. Winter blue? Have some vitamin sea!

29. Sun, sand, and sea - all I need!

30. Happiness comes in waves.

31. Summer in four words - Sea, Sand, Sun, and Fun!

32. Don’t worry, be crabby!

33. Let's make some splash!

Beach Sayings

Have maximum shrimp-act with these punny quotes.

34. The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.

35. Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of the waves... could you say that again?

36. Why did the waves keep crashing on the shore? Because they were forgetful and kept forgetting their lines!

37. If we were on a beach, would you be my sandbag? 'Cause I'd love to hold you close when it's high tide!

38. The best thing about the beach is that it's always there for you when you need it.

39. Life is just one big wave after another.

40. Beach hair, don't care.

41. I want to lay on a beach and not move for three days.

42. A relaxing day at the beach keeps the doctor at bay.

43. Every step leads me to the beach.

44. I long for days spent lounging on the beach with a good book and nothing else to do.

45. The only thing better than being at the beach is thinking about being at the beach.

46. Life's a beach, so find your wave and ride it!

47. I'm a bit of a beachcomber.

48. The beach is always a shore bet for a bit of fun.

49. At the beach, every day is sun-day.

50. Life is better in sandals; that’s one opinion I will never flip-flop on.

51. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's beachin.

52. Life’s a beach.

53. When I’m feeling crabby, I can always count on the beach to make me come out of my shell.

54. There’s nothing like a day at the beach to buoy your spirits.

55. Going to the beach? Please avoid pier pressure.

56. Whatever floats your boat.

57. Keep your friends close and your anemones closer.

58. Beach you to it.

59. Hey gull friend.

60. Palm down!

61. Like a fish out of water.

62. Girls just wanna have sun.

63. Sun's out, puns out.

64. I'm not saying I don't like getting older... I just miss being at the beach all the time.

Ocean Puns

They'll be seals of glee that are oceans apart from crabby faces when you people please with these not-so-deep ocean puns.

65. What did one ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, they just waved!

66. An ocean breeze puts the mind at ease.

67. Every time I stand before the ocean, I feel hopeful again.

68. The ocean a-piers to be blue.

69. To be pacific, my favorite ocean is the Atlantic.

70. I really don’t understand what all these ocean puns are a-boat.

71. I’m getting a bit tide of this ocean humor.

72. Whale, whale, whale, look what we have here.

73. Just look for the biggest wave in the ocean – that’s where you’ll find me riding!

74. I’m always feeling blue… but in a good way!

75. You're my anchor in this vast ocean.

76. You are the oyster to my pearl.

77. Why did the ocean wave say sorry to the shore? Because it felt tide.

78. Why is the ocean always blue? Because it holds all of its feelings deep down inside where no one can see them!

79. Why don’t sharks eat lawyers? Because they’re afraid of getting tangled in red tape!

80. I tried to book a vacation rental by the sea, but they were all booked up. I guess everyone wanted to sea the ocean!

81. How can you get an octopus to laugh? With ten-tickles!

Sea Puns

Don't worry if your beach jokes are in need of a little sea-habilitation, these puns will have you ship-shape in no time.

82. Sea you soon!

83. I need vitamin sea.

84. I long for the day I can see you again, my beautiful sea-friend.

85. I'm a mermaid at heart. I need the sea to survive.

86. The sea is truly fin-tastic.

87. ‘Tis the sea-sun.

88. Sea you later.

89. Seas the day!

90. Seas and greetings.

91. This beach is like a fanta-sea.

92. Getting my vitamin sea.

93. Lega-sea is greater than curren-sea.

94. Cray-sea views.

95. I can sea clearly now.

96. Lost at sea? I’m not shore.

97. Seek to sea more.

98. Long time, no sea.

99. Without you, I would be lost at sea!

100. I sea what you did there.

101. How does a octopus go to war? Well-armed.

102. I don't want to seaweed your fun.

103. Don't be such a party pooper. Let's seas the day!

104. I know it sounds totally absurd, but I think I'm addicted to the sea!

105. I'm trying to get my sea legs.

106. Sea'ing is believing!

Shell Puns

Shell-abrate good tides with these more puns that are oyster-this-world funny.

107. Did you bring the wind shell-ter for the beach?

108. Shell-ebrate good times!

109. I’ll be at the beach; if you need me, call me on my shell phone

110. I’m enjoying the beach, don’t shell me what to do!

111. Shell we dance on the sand?

112. There’s no need to be shellfish – sharing is caring!

113. I'll just be in my shell.

114. That's a hard shell to crack!

115. That’s a shell of a good pun!

116. You're shelling me!

117. I'm only interested in seashells of a certain caliber.

Water Puns

Still on the search for a vacation-perfect Instagram caption? Water-bout one of these?

118. A day by the water is a day well spent.

119. Water you doing in the sea?

120. Water a-boat we hire a pedelo?

121. Fancy a dip in the water, or are you feeling tide?

122. Watery going to do at the beach? Just go with the flow?

123. Happiness comes in waves.

124. Sink or swim.

125. Things are sail-dom what they seem.

126. Don’t get tide down.

127. Salt water heals everything!

128. There's nothing like a day by the water to make you feel alive.

129. We're swimming in troubled waters now.

130. We're treading in dangerous waters now.

131. This water is a little too rough for me.

132. We're in uncharted waters now.

133. It's starting to affect my day; I'm constantly daydreaming about being back out on the open water.

134. Just because I love the water doesn't mean I want to live in a fishbowl!

Sand Puns

Even more sand-sational puns.

135. You have to sand it to me. I’m brilliant at beach puns.

136. This beach is out-sanding.

137. My beach puns deserve a sanding ovation.

138. Clap your sands together, we’re off to the beach.

139. Talk to the sand. 

140. Put some good dunes on.

141. Grateful for sandy toes and salty hair.

142. Sandy beaches and clear blue skies are a staple of everyday life.

143. I'm a sucker for sand and sunsets.

144. I hope you're not feeling grumpy, or this sand might just rub you the wrong way.

145. I hope you're not too sandy from reading all of these puns.

146. I sand to be unique.

147. I hope things aren't getting too rough for you. Relax and take a sand-break!

148. You're always so tense! Loose up and enjoy the finer things in life, like a sandy beach!

149. Why did the sand cross the road? I don’t know, but it was clearly a-grain-st its better judgment!

150. You're the sand to my beach!

151. You're the one I want to sandy with!

152. I could really go for a sand-wich right now.

153. I sand you all the best!

154. I under-sand you!

155. Sand is being sandwiched into castel.

156. You're very sand witch!

157. I can't sand the sandstorm.

158. I greet my friend with a sand-shake!

159. Just because we don't sand together, doesn't mean we're not beach friends.

Seaside Puns

You dolphin-ately won't need to fish for compliments when you use these whale-y good seaside funny puns.

160. Seaside life shore is perfection.

161. My day at the seaside got a bit out of sand.

162. I’m shore we will need sunscreen at the seaside.

163. I find the seaside very so-fish-ticated.

164. It's sun-believable.

165. We are just Havana good time.

166. I stayed up all night to sea where the sun went. Then it dawned on me.

167. Just another day at the seaside.

168. What kind of music do they play in sand castles? Beach Boys and Bach!

169. The sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline is one of nature's most calming sounds.

170. These are just a "shore" of the possibilities.

171. I hope you find these puns as " Ironi-coral"!

172. I sea you in my dreams.

173. I can't sea myself without you.

174. By being the sea always makes me feel at home.

175. I ashore you this seaside is beautiful!

176. This book is seaworthy!

177. My friends are tide-off of my seaside puns.

178. You're such a shore looser!

179. How does a starfish find her way home? By following the star lights, of course!

180. How do oysters call each other? On the shell phone!

Written By
Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake lives in Lancashire and has been a writer for over 20 years. A self-confessed gym bunny and yogi, Sarah loves all things fitness and wellness, and can usually be found wearing lycra. Sarah loves family time and all things fun, but hates anything that involves getting cold!

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