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Band music has revolutionized the world of music over the last 70 years.

It doesn't matter which kind of music you prefer, you have probably heard band music at least once in your life. Be it the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, or Pink Floyd, tons of iconic bands have influenced young children and teenagers to passionately study music.

With band music comes the comic side of band puns and band jokes. Our list of these puns in music and band puns will have you rock n' rollin' on the floor laughing, with a fist up in the air. Metal or rock, pop or soft, music is for life. Sit back, relax, and go through these puns, they will surely keep you shaking with laughter all night long!

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The Very Best of Rock Puns

Keep poppin' in laughter with these rock and pop puns list of ours. You will surely keep shaking in laughter all night long after reading all of these.

1. I was a member of a band called 'The Hinges'. In the tours, we opened for 'The Doors'.

2. Don't ever name a music band 'The Rubber', they get stretchy.

3. Iron, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium formed a five-membered band. They were a heavy metal band.

4. The band which always needed changes for 100 dollar notes was 'Breaking Benjamin'.

5. Whenever we went on tours, our band's chief roadie took care of everything, he always running around. He's a funny guy, and his name is Gigs Bosun!

6. A band whose songs you might wanna avoid while eating Hot Tamales is 'Red Hot Chilli Pepper.'

7. My friend is in a band called '1023MB'. I checked their sound, and it was good, but they are yet to get a gig.

8. During Halloween, the most heard band is 'The Smashing Pumpkins'.

9. I recently checked out a band that comprises cows and sheep. Their song 'Baa Moo Rising' is really good!

10. I knew a rock band who always manipulated others. They were called 'The Controlling Stones.'

11. The detectives always suspect 'The Killers' whenever a musician is murdered, for obvious reasons.

12. I was just about to make a joke about a 'Freak on a Leash', but then I decided that it will be too Korn-y.

13. In high school, my friend and I were in a cover band. We were called Duvet.

14. If any Wham cover band is looking for a lead vocalist, then I'm your man!

15. My band is called 'Dark Web'. We always go on Tor.

16. I was in a band which I knew would never go far. I had to call it a band in hope.

17. My brother is a drummer in the band called 'Missing Cats'. You probably saw their posters!

18. Jim is the bassist of the band 'Echoes'. You have probably heard of this before, haven't you?

19. My previous band was called 'The Insecticide'. We only used to cover 'The Beatles.'

20. My wife and I really loved the pop bands from the 90s. That's how we discovered we were so NSYNC.

21. Nirvana sold its own bubble gum as merchandise. It was named 'Smells like Green Spearmint'.

22. For our band, we were looking for symbols. The drummer got confused and said, "If we don't have cymbals, then how can I play the drums?"

23. The new movie which will hit the theatre is based on magic and features a Swedish band from the 70s. I wonder why the film is called 'ABBA-Cadabra.'

24. My sister operates an ice cream truck. She got together with a few other ice cream truck owners and decided to form a music band for fun. They call themselves 'The Rolling Scones'.

25. My printer's cartridge told me that he was joining a rock band. It all makes sense now; he always liked to jam.

26. My sister is in an all-female band called 'The Icing'. They only cover cakes!

Funny Band Puns

This list of our rock band puns is great as friendly jokes for kids as all our music dad jokes are. Keep rockin' like the Rockstar you are with these band puns.

27. If pirates formed a band, then they would only play b-arre chords!

28. Our town has a rock band called 'Pangea'. I was wondering if they ever broke up, should we get to call them The Continental Drift?

29. A dragon's favorite band is called 'The Flaming Lips'.

30. I once joined a concert troop to play the triangle. I had to stand at the back and ting!

31. If any band covers 'My Sharona' as 'My Corona', it will be sick!

32. My high school math teacher formed a punk rock band. He named it 'Algorythm'.

33. 4 owls decided to form a classic rock band. They are now known as the 'The Who-ters'.  

34. If 'Nickelback' starts to make happy and funny songs, they should be known as Ticklebacks!

35. Once I got a chance to play the trumpet in a jazz band, but unfortunately, I blew it away!

36. When Dave Grohl got sick and formed a band, it came to be known as 'The Flu Fighters'.

37. Electricians in their leisure time can be seen listening to AC/DC.

38. If the bands 'Toto' and 'Kansas' make a tour together, then it will be called a whirlwind tour.

39. On 14th February, I gifted my wife a CD of 'Bullet for My Valentine'. She replied, "No, thanks. I prefer Blossoms".

40. My brother is in a band called 'The Ceiling.' I wonder if their fans are called ceiling fans.

41. Last month, I went to a barber and asked him to trim my hair like that of the members of an 80s metal band. I now have a 'Motley Crue' cut!

42. Microsoft Office decided to form a new rock band. Excel Rows is the lead vocalist of this band.

43. The Mexican pop band just had one song, which was liked by all. I guess they only had a Juan hit wonder!

44. There was a band which was called 'Prevention'. They were much better than 'The Cure'.

45. The oyster only listens to one band. Pearl Jam.

46. Shrek and Donkey decided to form a metalcore band and they named it sLAYEEEEEEERRRRRRSSSS!

47. It's is not surprising that the band who used to have a washroom themed setup are no longer there. They were bound to get washed up!

48. My friends and I once formed a band called 'Varnish'. We only covered 'The Doors'.

49. Good guitarists know the perfect tip to sound perfect all the time. They always stay tuned!

50. On Halloween, I wanted to perform with the band by wearing a band-aid costume. But it was too hard for me to pull that off!

51. All the members of a rock band went on a safari. There, they were so inspired by the story of a leopard with disabilities that they renamed their band 'Def Leopard'!

52. My drummer friend asked me if I would like to join his band. I happily said, "You can definitely count off me!".

The Best Musical Puns

These music puns and musician puns are perfectly in tune with your punny bone. Be it about a musical instrument, your music teacher, or that classical music; you are going to get singing and dancing in laughter with this list of puns of ours.

53. One should never ever take away a band's chair else, they won't have the bandstand!

54. The crazy pianist in the band kept on banging his head on the keys of the piano. When asked why, he said, "I was playing by my ears".

55. One of the greatest four-member rock groups that got famous without playing any music is Mount Rushmore.

56. Balloons are absolutely terrified of listening to a band that plays pop music.

57. On a recent hiking trip, a friend of mine came across a guitar pick shaped rock. He said he is going to keep it for the time that he plays rock music.

58. My friend, who is a vocalist in a band, carried a ladder to his show. It looked like he wanted to reach the high notes!

59. Tortilla chips enjoy band music the most when they are put on salsa.

60. A few rats formed a musical group. The only instrument they play is the Mouseorgan.

61. Once, two farmers decided to form a musical band while carrying loads of grains on their shoulders. They named themselves 'Haulin Oats'.

62. Fishes are excellent musicians for bands and orchestras. They know their scales very well!

63. When Led Zeppelin went through a shift of genre and started playing death metal for their fans, they changed their name to 'Dread Zeppelin'.

64. The open-air arena's management had to stop the band's performance midway because 'The Weather Report' wasn't that good.

65. My brother listens to rock music while rollerblading in our neighborhood. Well, he loves Rock and Roll!

66. All chickens want to be drummers. They have two drumsticks each!

67. I once saw a herd of elephants singing. They were a group of elephant marching band.

68. As the music group Fourplay started their most anticipated tour performance from Antarctica, they had no option but to change their name to Coldplay.

69. A group of bunny rabbits decided to form a musical band that would only play the genre of hip-hop.

70. I once saw a skeleton playing in a band. He said that his favorite instrument was the trombone!

Band & Music One-Liners

Music band group silhouette perform on a concert stage.

Did your music teacher bore you with that music theory about some particular classical music? Get over them with these singing puns and band puns that are great as funny jokes.

71. In the marathon organized for musical groups, the 'Athlete' couldn't finish the race as it went for a break.

72. Never wear a headband as they make music on your head!

73. The planets of the solar system decided to form a band and, after a fierce debate, agreed that they should be called 'The Nep-tunes'!

74. At the music-themed party, 'The Police' arrested singer Nate Reuss for having too much fun.

75. When Sigmond Freud was gifted a few robots that could play music, he decided to start a band named 'Sigmond Droids'.

76. Pirates make excellent band vocalists due to their ability to hit the high Cs.

77. Tornadoes jam to the genre of Twist music!

78. The only way to measure how heavy a red hot chili pepper is to give it a weigh.

79. Cows are excellent singers for bands as they sing on the scale of beef flat!

80. There was this particular band who would only give live performances from a specific floor of tall buildings- they were called 'Level 42'.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for band puns then why not take a look at music jokes, or for something different take a look at rain jokes.

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