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Bingo is a perfect game for your weekend game night with friends and family.

There can be intense bingo situations and a few jokes and puns can lighten the mood. Even during a snack break, some bingo puns have never hurt anyone.

Bingo is a little old but still a popular game of numbers. Some say this game is now only for little old ladies. Not true. This family game can be enjoyed by all, not just little old ladies! In the game, the players pick cards with numbers. The game host calls random numbers which shall match with the ones written on the cards arranged in a certain order with the players. The fastest one who can match them horizontally, vertically, or diagonally calls out "Bingo". The game host (bingo caller) confirms if the cards match with the numbers called out and called the winner.

Funny bingo calls, bingo one-liners, bingo caller jokes, and even bingo jokes for each number all fall under bingo humor which is the best way to enjoy bingo. One line bingo jokes, a bingo joke with a fun old lady twist works really well even in a bingo hall. Funny one-liners are great if you want to make bingo team names. It doesn't matter if you are playing in a bingo hall, a bingo machine or online bingo. Even online bingo or a bingo machine will help you enjoy these puns. So whether you are an old lady or not, you can get to enjoy these jokes and puns!

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Bingo Puns On Bingo Calls For A Bingo Caller

Bingo calling jokes and puns originate from fun bingo calls and bingo phrases. There's a list of hilarious bingo-based puns on the American bingo calls from Kelly's eye, one little duck to gateway to heaven; and bingo number puns. A bingo caller would love these jokes.

1. The group had to postpone the bingo game as a ball hit Kelly's eye.

2. James could not join the bingo game because a stranger had left one little duck and he had to take care of it.

3. Rory boasted about her bingo skills as winning for 6 game nights was not everyone's cup of tea.

4. The boy band organized an illegal bingo game until the police knocked at the door.

5. There was a freakish accident during the game of bingo. Everybody was busy keeping the man alive.

6. Freddy had not won a game of bingo for long and was waiting for the next Sunday, as it was the lucky seven of the month.

7. The group of friends planned a bingo match at the picnic, they all waited at the golden gate to meet and proceed.

8. Kim was not allowed near bingo games as per the doctor's order because it made her extremely excited and out of control sometimes.

9. The friends decided to never eat before the game of bingo as it turned out to be unlucky for some.

10. Harry impressed the seniors with his bingo skills and fresh energy - everyone welcomed the young and keen to the game.

11. Greg loved his dancing and after each win at the bingo, he showed his dance skills, everyone called him the dancing queen of their group.

12. Flora's mother was concerned about her bad company at the bingo games, she said, "At the coming of age of a child, the parents should be careful than sorry."

13. Robert's friends threw a surprise bingo game night for his 20th birthday as he was bidding goodbye to his teens.

14. Danny won the game continuously for 7 weeks so he received the royal salute from his friends.

15. The group decided to practice their Shakespearan English skills for their school play while they play bingo and to begin, the Host called out, "The game is made for thee and me."

16. Richard was known for his spontaneity but when his parents got to know about his addiction to bingo, his duck and dive did not work.

17. Sara was new to the game of bingo so her friends said the first step to being a host is to pick and mix.

18. Tristin described the jackpot for the end of the game as a gateway to heaven as it had coupons for PS5.

19. Margie said to rise and shine in the morning as she woke up her sons for the bingo tournament.

20. The seniors advised the newbie bingo players to buckle the shoe as they performed poorly in the previous round.

21. The bingo team organized a jazz show and named it Jump and Jive.

22. The expert bingo player introduced his forty-year-old son to the game and said, "Here's where life begins."

23. Kiki advised her students to not be droopy drawers and pull up their pants for the next game.

24. Jerry was surprised with the outcome at the game of bingo, he guessed it was the tweak of the thumb by his classmates.

25. Herbie had climbed a tree and did not want to come down as he had lost at a game of bingo. The next day, in school, others called him, "Here Comes Herbie, Stuck in a Tree."

26. The British team had come to play bingo at the tournament, as they stood in a line, it was called the Brighton Line.

27. The favorite dessert of bingo players is the baker's bun.

28. People laugh at the number 63 during bingo because it is tickle me, sixty-three.

29. The players took a break from bingo as it was time for tea at 8:30.

30. Ron was taught bingo by his grandfather and to celebrate the latter's ninetieth birthday, Ron called it Top of the Shop Party.

Bingo Jokes On Bingo Terminology

Bingo Game cards

Bingo jokes are really witty if you know how to deliver them. Bingo jokes for callers, bingo number jokes and bingo jokes for seniors are plenty. Here's a list of funny bingo jokes for you.

31.  What is an oncologist's favourite bingo number? It is B-9.

32. Why could the group of friends not have their long-planned bingo game night? Because the city had a blackout.

33. How many balls were brought by the players of bingo for their pool table? 75 balls.

34. Why are bingo players faster than others while writing? Because they spell B4 with two letters.

35. What do non-vegetarians play bingo with? Steak money.

36. What do mice say when they start to play bingo? "Eye down for a full mouse."

37. What made the game of bingo go lifeless last night? Lack of O2.

38. How do you know if a bingo player likes you or not? Call their number 5 times continuously and see if they answer.

39. What is the name of the man who won bingo for 3 times in a row? Jerry Hat-trick.

40. Why was a blind man called in a game of bingo? He came to make up the numbers.

41. Why did the others evict John from the game? He was buy-in others' opportunities.

42. How did Mitchel know so much about bingo? He had a PhD.

43. What is the common wish of a bingo player and a driver in a parking lot? A free space.

44. What is a bingo player's favorite dinner? A sizzler.

45. What did Jojo say when he was caught playing a game of bingo instead of doing his homework? B-11, it will not affect my grades.

46. How did the sailor win the bingo? He heard two quacks, it was the two ducks in the ocean.

47. Which is Frank Sinatra's favorite card number? B2, that is how he started his songs too.

48. Why should you not play bingo with dogs? They can B8.

49. What is the doctor's favorite card in bingo? B12, it resonates with the vitamin.

50. Where do the bees go after they die? B7.

21st Century Bingo Calls Jokes

Puns are for all ages and in the current times, you can make interesting calls for your bingo game night with friends. Here's a list of such millennial references to the bingo calls.

51. How does a political person call bingo cards? 48 and another Brexit debate.

52. How does an environmentalist play bingo? 74 and recycle more.

53. How does a mid-age man call his cards? 25 and mid-life crisis.

54. How does one be rooted to their native place while playing Bingo? 39 and Long Island time.

55. How does a GenZ play bingo? 49 and Amazon Prime.

56. How to motivate someone with bingo lingos? 78 and haters gonna hate.

57. How does an Instagram influencer play bingo? 86 and Instagram pics.

58. What does one say while spending the weekends to play bingo? 14 and chill.

59. How does an excited GenZ describe her day while playing bingo? 35 and it's a vibe.

60. What is the call for a breakfast table bingo? 38 and avocado on the plate.

61. How to describe a weekend while playing bingo? 68 and late for my date.

62. How do you congratulate the new couple while calling a card in bingo? 88 and William and Kate.

63. How does a boy on diet play bingo? He says 83 and gluten-free.

64. How to describe your travel stories while playing bingo? 54 and old ladies on a tour.

65. How do newlyweds play bingo? 9 and you're mine.

10 Funny Commandments Of Bingo


(Bingo commandments are to be followed by the players of the game.)

Bingo is a funny game and liked by all, so not bring some mythological references to the game. Here's a list of funny commandments of bingo that one must be the following.

66. Thou shalt not be seated in the lucky seat of thy neighbor.

67. Thou shalt never peek at thy neighbor's card.

68. Thou shalt never name the Caller for no reason.

69. Thou shalt never misuse the call "Bingo".

70. Thou shalt never wish bad fortune for thy neighbor.

71. Thou shalt never threaten the Caller of their death.

72. Thou shalt never steal someone's money for Bingo.

73. Thou shall not be complacent with their win.

74. Thou shalt never break down about thou loss.

75. Thou shalt never envy thy neighbor's win.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Best Bingo Jokes and Puns then why not take a look at Math Puns or Geometry Jokes.

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