90+ Best Cookie Puns And Captions That Are Super Sweet

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Cookies, made from sweet flour doughs, are desserts that contain nuts, fruits, and other savory items.

A plate of freshly baked cookies stands up to their reputation. Just like these cookies, one can never go wrong with puns about cookies.

It is hard to find someone who doesn't like the taste of a cookie. There are different types of cookies, and everyone has their preferences. Hence, it is no wonder that people love to hear funny cookie jokes and puns. It is wonderful to enjoy these puns when you have a tea party or reunion with your friends and family. After all, nothing goes better with tea than sweet cookie humor. Check out some of the best cute cookie puns and social media captions that we have carefully baked out for you.

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Funny Cookie Puns

Christmas Cookies in a shape of Snowflake, Heart and Star in a basket.

Cookie play on words is really easy to digest. This list has some excellent cookie word plays, including cookie dough puns, chocolate chip cookie puns, Christmas cookie puns, and fortune cookie puns. Take a look at this list of cookie one-liners to bake your day a whole lot better.

1. I had a terrible day today, so I decided to make some cookies. I hope it will bake my day better.

2. I had a tough time trying to bake cookies. It was my friend who came and helped me. I told him, "Without you, I'd crumble."

3. This mother's day, I'm making chocolate chip cookies for my mom. She did a grape job raisin me.

4. I heard the bakery has hired a new redheaded man. I guess he is the gingerbread man.

5. My friend made some sugar cookies today. Some of them were terrible. You can't expect me to sugarcoat it.

6. When I returned home after work, I saw that my daughter ate all the cookies. She has gone too jar.

7. My cookie friend went to the internet cafe to search for something on the web. But she returned empty-handed because cookies were not allowed.

8. The cookie I baked was very big. So I cut it in half just like everyone else. Now everyone calls me a cookie-cutter.

9. The newbie at the bakery forgot to add sugar to the cookie dough. It's not a big deal. It was a cookie mistake.

10. The cookie monster never has privacy on the internet. He always allows cookies.

11. The cookie monster is baking the cookies at 666 degrees celsius. I think he is raisin hell.

12. An oatmeal and grape got married last year. Now they are raisin cookies.

13. The chocolate chip cookie was heartbroken after being rejected by the candy bar yesterday. It's common for heartbroken people to crumble.

14. The rich guy did not like the cookie offered at our bakery. He says he only wants expensive ones. It looks like he only eats fortune cookies.

15. I saw the oreo hurriedly leaving to the dentist this morning. It said it had to get its filling replaced urgently.

16. I used a doe-shaped cookie cutter to cut my cookies. Now I have plenty of cookie doe.

17. The students standing for school elections were giving out sugar cookies this morning at the school gate. I guess they wanted to make a sweet impression.

18. The cookie monster had a hard time making his bed. He couldn't find his cookie sheets anywhere.

19. The gingerbread man spent the whole night outside because he could not find his cook-keys.

20. I left one cookie on my textbook last night. I think it has turned into a smart cookie.

21. My friend has a hard time trying to make ends meet. She decided to sell some cookies, but they were not fully cooked. It was a half-baked attempt at making dough.

22. On Christmas eve, the chocolate cookie whispered to the sugar cookie, "What's on the menu today is me n u".

23. I saw someone asking around where to find some no-stake cookies on Halloween. I think he is a vampire.

24. On Halloween, few girls dressed up as ghouls were giving cookies to everyone. They were selling ghoul scout cookies.

25. Last night, someone robbed the sugar from Keebler elves. I am sure that they are the crook-ies.

26. The new bakery has a variety of cookies on the menu. I love it when I have a variety of cookies to pick and chews from.

27. The gingerbread man went to see the doctor today because he was continually getting annoyed. He has been complaining about feeling crumb-y since yesterday.

28. My daughter quickly caught the chocolate cookies that slipped from my hands. She has quick reflexes. After all, she is learning taekwon-dough.

29. When I came back from school, I saw my brother eating biscuits over my laptop. When I confronted him, he said he would clear the cookies later.

30. The new baker is a pro at making chocolate cookies. He is one smart cookie.

31. I made reindeer cookies this Christmas. I made them using my special cookie doe.

32. The doctor suggested that I have a balanced diet. Now, I keep a cookie on both of my hands.

33. The coconut macaron told his wife, "I can always macaron for you in my heart."

34. I always share my cookies with my friends, no matter what. That's one of our friend-chip goals.

35. I told my friend that all the cookie dough in his bakery has spoilt. It took a long time for him to crumb to his senses.

36. The sly stray cat always sneaks into my kitchen to steal my biscuits. I call that cat a bis-cat.

37. After coming out of the cookie sheets, the Oreo jokes to the fillings, "You are my butter half."

Baking Puns

If you are a fan of baking, this list of baking puns will suit you the best. These baking puns can also be used as baking jokes or cookie dough jokes when you need some extra frosting for your day. Here are some of the best batches of baking puns for you.

38. Today was the first time I tried my hand at baking. I guess I made some kookies.

39. I baked a really big cake today. It wasn't in good shape. Cutting it into pieces is my last re-torte.

40. My friend gave me a packet of biscuits today. It was supposed to be a birthday present, but she was a week late. Batter late than never.

41. The friend is feeling crumpy today. I hope she gets batter soon.

42. I know I have to complete my assignments due tomorrow, but I don't what to do anything but bake cookies. You see, I am procrastibaking.

43. I always steal something from my baking class on days that I bake something different. I believe that one should not be afraid to take whisks.

44. The baker was laughing hard while making the cookies. I think he was trying to make snickerdoodles.

45. My baker friend had the habit of talking to his cookies. He would say, "Everything I dough, I dough it for you."

46. The freshly baked valentine's day special cookies are completely enamored with each other. They are a batch made in heaven.

47. When the dough saw that the baker was going to put it inside the oven to bake, it said: "Please don't bake my heart."

48. I once saw a man who said he doesn't like baked cookies. I think he is a weir-dough.

49. All the cookies have a meeting tonight at the bakery. I hope my chocolate chip cookies won't crumble under pressure.

50. The couple started a bakery recently. Their chocolate cookies are the best. The couple is a batch made in heaven.

Instagram Captions on Cookies

A nice photo of a cookie deserves some excellent Instagram captions. A caption can be a sweet cookie pun or a funny cookie quote. You can even joke about cookies in your captions. Here we have arranged a few funny cookie quotes and Instagram captions that you may like.

51. Bake your day with these chocolate chip cookies!

52. If it's chocolate chip cookies, you can't get your hand out of the cookie jar.

53. These cookies are nutty. Just like you!

54. You are the raisin to my cookies.

55. You batter believe when I say I am a smart cookie.

56. If you are feeling down, just eat a brownie.

57. It's the bakers that make the world smell batter.

58. Chip in for some chocolate chip cookies!

59. My dear cookie, you are the raisin I smile.

60. A cookie a day bakes your day.

61. This batch of cookies are made in heaven.

62. I hope these cookies make your day batter.

63. Dunking cookies and joking all day are our friend-chip goals.

64. If there is a whisk, there is a way.

65. These sweet cookies are full of love, just like you.

66. I am going nuts over these nut cookies.

67. Cookies and chocolate chips always go hand in hand.

68. Thanks for raisin me up.

69. How fortunate am I for this fortune cookie!

70. Tough cookies don't crumble easily.

71. Keep crumb, and eat a cookie.

72. Oatmeal? Chocolate? Sugar? Which cookie do you want to chews from this?

73. Let's dunk some real cookies in this bake-tball tournament.

74. A cookie is to be dunked like milk is to be drunk.

75. I'll tell you a secret; cookies are where raisins and nuts meet in secret.

76. These fortune cookies won't cost you a fortune.

77. If life gives you lemons, make some lemon cookies.

78. These heart-shaped cookies make my dream crumb true.

79. These lemon cookies I made are the zest.

Instagram Captions on Baking

Baking is an art. Not everyone can bake good food. When you bake something good, you need some excellent captions to post on social media. If you like baking and baking puns, take a look at these captions about baking.

80. My plans for the holiday? Eat some biscuits, and get baked in the sun.

81. All you knead is love to make dough.

82. Baking is love made edible.

83. If life is what you bake of it, let's bale some really good cakes.

84. If you want to bake it, you can dough it!

85. Baking cupcakes is not my cup of cake.

86. Bake, bake and bake, and earn some brownie points!

87. If you bake my heart, I will crumble yours.

88. Take some dough and bake the world a batter place.

89. When it comes to baking, don't be afraid to take whisks.

90. Haters hate all you want. Bakers are here to bake.

91. Your cupcakes bake me crazy about you.

92. We maybe kneaded out of the same dough, but we are not made in the same oven.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and found some tasty cookie puns and captions perfect for everyday life. Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for cookie puns, then why not take a look at cake puns, or for something different take a look at cherry puns.

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