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121 Baking Puns That Will Make You Loaf So Hard

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Kids will love these bakery puns for their clever wordplay, witty thinking and, of course, the humour!

Baking is not just fun because of what you get out of it, it's also fun because of the epic puns that come from it! A great way to entertain children at a birthday party, these are some puns that will bake the fun to a whole new level.

Baking puns are funny because they take baking-related terms out of context and use them in some great wordplay to give ordinary sentences a funny, unexpected twist. So take a look at this baking pun list and we're sure you'll find a funny baking pun or two to liven up your day.

Mum smiling with her two kids who are each holding a little cake..

Funny Baking Puns About Cakes!

Under 10s will love these cake puns and cake-related puns; we've picked the best of the batch to have you chuckling for days.

1.Sorry I'm choco-late.

2.There's no 'i' in cream.

3.I was moved to tiers.

4.Cake it till you make it.

5.I wouldn't cream of it!

6.Don't blend the rules!

7.Don't fold a grudge.

8.A legend in the baking.

9.You're the slice of the party!

10.You're a real whisk-taker.

11.You're the zest!

12.You make my dreams crumb true.

13.Bake it till you make it.

14.You are the apple of my pie.

15.Bake a leg!

16.For old time's bake.

17.Always remember, life is what you bake of it.

18.Do you have what it bakes?

19.We make a great cream.

20.As easy as baking candy from a baby.

21.You are the raisin I smile.

22.You did a grape job raisin all of that money!

23.You've gone too jar.

24.I'm just trying to bake the world a better place.

25.Don't go baking my heart!

26.Hey cupcake, you're the sweetest.

27.Get batter soon.

28.Thanks for all of your help with fund-raisin!

29.I always macaroon in my heart for you.

30.Muffin compares to you!

31.I will never desert you!

32.I'm up to muffin.

33.Lettuce celebrate with cake!

34.There is nuttin better!

35.Don't sugarcoat it!

36.I'm nuts about you!

37.Hope you have a berry happy birthday!

38.Thank you very mochi for all of the birthday wishes!

39.I sure didn't macaron choice with the flavour of this cake!

40.Cake TV always starts with baking news from around the world.

41.Piece of cake.

42.Marble cakes are too hard.

43.I'm a whisk-taker.

44.This is a pie for help!

45.Love is all you knead.

46.Everyone was so impressed that the cake got a standing oven-ation.

47. I whisk you a Merry Christmas!

48.A batch made in heaven.

49.Double-choc your answers!

50.Stop and smell the flours.

51.Do not pie this at home!

52.Batter late than never.

53.All done and crusted.

54.All things crust come to an end.

55.This is history in the baking.

56.Baking like a leaf.

57.As a batter of fact.

58.It doesn't batter.

59.It's only a batter of time.

60.The flour has come.

61.That left a flour taste in my mouth.

62.For old times' cake.

63.There's a lot at cake.

64.Seven glaze a week.

65.It's time to glaze the bar.

66.What a pie-opening experience!

67.That was off the tarts!

68.Tart thinking!

69.I've got rolling pins and needles.

70.If you're not tart of the solution, you're tart of the problem.

Mum hugging her daughter who is holding a plate of cake and laughing at baking puns.

Funny Baking Puns About Bread!

We know you'll love these bread puns and baker puns, take a look at our top picks.

71.I'm stale standing.

72.Ready, bready, go!

73.Easier bread than done!

74.I burst out loafing.

75.Don't stale my thunder!

76.Come grain or shine.

77.Hiding in grain sight!

78.No pain, no grain.

79.Seriously dough.

80.Don't stale the show!

81.Any way the wind doughs.

82.This bread is so lovely, I just want to flour it with compliments!

83.Go with the dough.

84.There's dough much I want to say to you!

85.Easy come, easy dough.

86.Here's a variety of cookies, for you to pick and chews from.

87.All for bun and bun for all.

88.And then there was bun.

89.Like a bun of bricks.

90.I'll be leaven soon.

91.Make like bread and rise to the challenge.

92.Don't thank me, it's the yeast I can do!

93.It's grainy outside.

94.Stop loafing around, we have work to do!

95.Caught bread-handed.

96.Hanging by a bread.

97.Get bready to rumble.

98.It was so cold I was shaking like a loaf.

99.Last but not yeast.

100.You'll be the first to dough.

101.Whenever you knead me.

102.I can knead you like a book.

103.Knead it and weep.

104.You're in over your bread.

105.Stop! You've been caught bread-handed.

106.Easier bread than done.

107.It's not good to bread rumours.

108.After all is bread and done...

109.Bread carefully.

110.Whenever you're bready!

Girl smiling as she is about to take a cookie from the plate.

Funny Baking Puns About Cookies

Cookie puns may not take the cake, but they sure crumb close! Who would have thought so much humour could come from some small round desserts?

111.It took a long time for the silly cookie to crumb to its senses.

112.Sticks out like a sore crumb.

113.Want to dough a secret?

114.A stone's dough away.

115.From head to dough.

116.All things must crumb to an end.

More Great Baking Puns

Last but not yeast, some short baking puns, to bake everyone give you a round of applesauce.

117.The dress was milky smooth.

118.All done and crusted.

119.Crust in time!

120.Everything crust go!

121.Crust me, I'm a doctor.

Temitope is a Fine Art student in London who loves to learn and loves to express herself creatively. A Private Tutor also, she enjoys the opportunity to share her knowledge with children from Primary School all the way up to Sixth Form and finds it incredibly rewarding. When she isn’t writing or tutoring, you could find her painting, editing photos, baking or building Lego with her nephew.

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