100+ Best Cooking Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

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Cooking refers to the process of combining ingredients, spices, and preparing a food dish.

Cooking is often considered an art by some people. Here we have made a collection of some of the best puns about food and other funny jokes.

Jokes and puns can be made out of everything, and food puns or a dessert pun are no exception. If you are hungry, dive down to these tremendous finger-licking cookery jokes, snack puns, and chef puns. After a lovely dinner, treat yourself with some lovely pastry pun, brownie puns, and dessert puns but keeping a check on your diet is essential, so healthy puns too are at your perusal. If you're planning a cooking pun about every day, we have you covered as we have the best lunch puns and dinner puns. We promise you will love these and keep on drooling!

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Best Cooking Puns

Family cooking together

The best cooking puns are prepared in the kitchen, so be ready for some mouth-watering fast food puns, funny food puns, and of course, kitchen puns. These funny puns about food can be a great ice-breaker at a dinner party.

1. At an Australian cooking show, the audience wasn't a fan of the head chef preparing meringue. I was utterly shocked to know that Australians boo meringue!

2. We were on a boating trip, and one of my sisters was cooking a wok at the back of the vessel. Later, I found out that she was preparing a stern fry!

3. I told a joke about cooking, but no one laughed at it. I guess it didn't pan out!

4. My sister got extremely angry when she found that I was stir-frying our dog. I don't understand why. She told me to take it on a wok!  

5. Harry Potter found it extremely difficult to differentiate between a cooking utensil and his best friend because they are both cauldron!

6. Napoleon arrived at a banquet and exclaimed, "Bon, a party".

7. The only eggs that are strictly forbidden at churches are deviled eggs!

8. My friend's father wanted to be in the army, but owing to dyslexia, he became a chef. But that didn't dampen his attitude. He went all buns blazing in the kitchen!

9. A fly got stuck in the strainer. A chef who saw it exclaimed, "You got yourself in a fine mesh".

10. The two lemon couples went to the Bahamas to celebrate Valen-limes day!

11. The citrus fruits wanted to go on a road trip. One of them was the main oranger of everything as the trip was a success.

12. If you cross a waitress and a chef, you will end up with a cold meal!

13. Rick went to a Chinese restaurant to have a beverage. He asked the waiter for more tea!

14. A sous chef was hired by a cannibal. The only reason being, the latter wanted a hand with dinner!

15. The fruit took leave from work as he wasn't peeling fine!

16. A guy in our area was arrested last week for stealing cooking utensils. He still thinks it was a whisk worth taking!

17. A food critic visited an Indian restaurant and wanted to check how the bread was prepared. The owner declared it would not be a problem if the critic signed a naan-disclosure first!

18. Yesterday morning, I saw my wife cooking breakfast in her bedroom slippers. I wonder why she doesn't use the frying pan!

19. I saw a Chinese cooking utensil that was gluten-free, carbon-neutral, and as well as vegan. I think it's called a wok!

20. The only way you can tell that the pasta you are preparing is done is if you have a good skill of Al-dente-fication!

21. Once, an old chef taught others to use mint in their dishes to make them taste more exciting. He always gave them sage advice!

22. The police inquired about the accident in the kitchen, and the pastry chef said it happened right in front of his berry eyes!

23. As the young boy was about to join a culinary school, his father advised him not to give in to pear pressure!

24. While cooking, I got ketchup in my eye, but I didn't wash it because Heinzsight is 20/20!

25. Aerosmith loved Chinese food, and as a result, they gave a perfect tribute to it with their song 'Wok This Way'.

26. My wife experiences occasional trouble cooking, but that's not an issue for me at all. I bae-leaf in her!

27. I wanted to cook mushrooms at a cooking competition, but it was a one-off chance. There was not mushroom for error!

28. Me and a couple of friends went camping. Sitting beside the bonfire and telling stories is customary. However, we all need to be-ef frank with one another!

29. Billie Joe Armstrong never uses the help of any assistants while cooking as he woks alone!

Fancy Food Puns

Enlisted below are a collection of funny food puns, cute food puns, and of course, eating puns.

30. There was a disagreement with my wife. She claimed that cooking eggs are hard, but I want them over easy!

31. The actor who loves eating dessert is Robert Brownie Jr.

32. If Bear Grylls made a cooking TV show, then he would really live up to his name!

33. When Ernie Mac cooks, he cooks a Mac and Cheese.

34. I badly wanted to surprise my family by cooking dinner. But the sirens of the fire engines ruined it!

35. My wife is a good cook, but her excessive usage of spice gives me seasonal depression!

36. As my friend dissed my cooking, I threw a spice jar at him. Guess he didn't see it cumin!

37. If Cinderella was given the task of cooking and not cleaning, then she would have been named Mozzarella!

38. The relationship between Pasta and cooking water hit a rock. Their age-old relationship is now strained!

39. The cannibal won the cook-off competition, and everybody was surprised at it. Hardly anyone appreciated that he gave all his blood, sweat, and tears to win it!

40. Dwayne Johnson and his family contracted a bad flu. Whenever Dwayne cooks his food now, I guess his family doesn't smell what the Rock is cooking!

41. Cooking meat dishes for little men is one of my specialties. Make gnome mistake!

42. My wife and I got into a fight as she claimed I used too much spice. I asked her how she could accuse me and baste on what!

43. I once learned how to cook young swans. Till today it is one of my Cygnet-ure dishes!

44. The only reason why the hipster chef burnt his mouth is that he ate his food before it became cool!

45. It was heart-wrenching for young cooks when the legendary Italian chef pasta way!

46. There were two chefs who always worked in the kitchen. They were taste buds!

47. The culinary world was sad when the old French chef died. He wasn't able to cook and thus lost huile d'olive!

48. There was a poker game among the chefs. However, a couple of chefs decided not to participate, as the steaks were too high!

49. The chef who is good at making pasta, unfortunately, got locked out of his house perhaps, because he came home with gnocchi!

50. I decided to do away with my favorite Italian restaurant. It was originally named Sal, however, now they have changed it to Sal Monella!

51. A customer once asked a chef if anyone orders a raw steak. The chef replied, "Yes, but it's rare!"

52. The kid yam was scolded for being rude, but he blatantly replied, " I yam, what I yam".

53. Stunt drivers and happy chefs have one thing in common. They live making do-(ugh)nuts!

54. Indian chefs and functional programmers have one thing in common. After a tiring day, they still curry on!

55. The sesame seed stayed at the casino floor all night because he was on a roll!

56. Kitchen chefs usually play pool with the help of cue-cumbers!

57. The funny thing about a mute Thai chef is that he can wok the wok, but he can never talk the talk!

58. If an Italian chef goes to a Chinese kitchen, he can only make Ciao Mein!

59. A thief stole the identity of a famous Italian chef. However, then the police caught the thief, and they pressed charges against him for being an impasta!

60. I saw my friend who is a chef, slathering his sofa with duck fat. On asking about it, he said that he wants to make it confit!

61. The baker was in dire need of money, so he asked his boss that he kneaded dough!

62. The knives used by chefs are Bluetooth compatible. That is why they are called paring knives!

63. I missed a couple of my cooking classes. Now I have some ketchup to do!

64. While cooking dinner last night, the handle of the frying pan came off. So my husband said that it was very un-ladle-like.

65. The mad chef was imprisoned for throwing salt and batter on the head of a customer. He was charged with a-salt and battering!


Funny Cooking One-Liners

Here you will find some of the hilariously funny cooking puns, so take a spoon and have a mouthful!

66. Thyme flies when you have a long cooking day!

67. While cooking, I got stressed and screamed at my colander, and now I have a strained voice!

68. A religious chef is a man of the broth!

69. A favorite gun for any chef is a-salt-rifle!

70. If you're making good prawn dishes, you'll need a good apron.

71. The only classical music maestro who can prepare good dishes in a TV program is Show Pan.

72. A lawyer who cooks lunch can be called a sue chef!

73. In a 3600-year-old cooking pot, you can only find Ancient Greece!

74. Everyone should always cook egg dishes to egg-spand their horizon!

75. The favorite spice ingredient of any historian is anchovy!


Hilariously Funny Cooking Jokes

No dish is complete without bad cooking jokes, and we promise there are indeed a few. But we promise the rest are of gourmet quality!

76. What did a cannibal tribe leader say to the editor of a newspaper whom they were about to eat? You are soon going to be editor-in-chief!

77. What do you call a TV show which depicts the best chef from all over Thailand? Thai Masters!

78. What is the cooking show's name, which allows you to use one pan throughout the competition? You Think You Have The Skillet Takes!

79. Why did the chef put his hand in the hot cooking pot? Because he was feeling a tad chili!

80. What did the chef say to the boiling water when he was cooking pasta? Goodbye, you are going to be mist!

81. What is the common thing you have between a film production and a lunch consisting of meat and veggies in a tortilla? In the end, both are a wrap!

82. What is the best thing that Afghanis do when they have nothing ready? They can Kabul up anything!

83. Why was Jason kicked out of the secret cooking group? Because he kept on spilling the beans!

84. What would happen when you drop an entire package of corn starch in the pot? It turned out to be a thickening experience!

85. What do you do to prevent your gyro meat from drying? You need to give it a good lamb basting!

86. How do you cook good corn? By splitting any hairs about it!

87. Why did the man want to become a chef? He wanted to figure out and add some spice to his life!

88. Why wasn't the chef able to figure out how to make Filipino buns? He couldn't sia pao to make them!

89. Why did the chef start cutting herbs when he got bored during his job? He began to waste thyme!

90. Why did the head chef's son put salt and pepper on the head of his father? Because he was a seasoned professional!

91. Why did the Latvian chef name his Italian restaurant? Rigatoni's.

92. Why was the conversation between two Indian chefs not spicy? Because it was a daal conversation.

93. Why did the army man who went AWOL from service become a chef imprisoned? Because he was a desserter!

94. What did the husband vegetable tell his wife? You make my heart beet faster.

95. What did father Carrot tell his son after the latter performed poorly in athletics? Keep calm and carrot on!

96. What did the celery couple do on their wedding anniversary? They went to a diner to celery-brate!

97. What is Michelle Obama's favorite vegetable? Barack-Oli.

98. What advice did the father fruit give to his son when he was being taken away to be cooked? Always be respectful to your elder-berries!

99. What did the chef cook to make the fruits start dancing in the kitchen? A Plum Salsa!

100. What did one fruit say to the meat during a fight in the kitchen while cooking? I guava bone to pick with you!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for cooking puns then why not take a look at fish jokes, or for something different take a look at beach puns.

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