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52 Best Fish And Chip Puns

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Fish and chips, the match made in takeaway heaven, and one which is British to its core.

In the early 1800's the tradition of eating fish coated with flour and fried in oil was invented in England,  and later in 1860 the first chips were fried at a market in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

When fish and chips came together as a fully-fledged meal, it's origins were a mystery, with the north and the south of the country claiming to have got there first.

Whoever first opened the first fish and chip shop aside, this tasty combination of food attracted some famous fans, among them Charles Dickens who made reference to the technique of frying fish in this way in his classic novel, Oliver Twist. Commercial fishing techniques increasing the availability and lowering the cost of fish, saw demand soar, and fish and chips has been a firm favorite on dinner tables ever since.

With this long history of enjoying battered treats and mushy peas, comes an equally long line in fish and chips humor. The wordplay game is strong when it comes to fish and fried potato humor, so we hope you're ready to laugh. Our round-up includes fish puns, with an extra helping of scampi, and a sprinkle of salt for flavor.

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Funny Fish And Chip Shop Puns

Fried Shrimps tempura with sweet chili sauce on a black stone board.

There's nothing quite like the smell of freshly fried fish and chips; when they come wit it's an added bonus. We think you'll enjoy this play on words collection.

1. Did you hear what they named the newest fish and chip shop in town? The New Cod On The Block.

2. I was going to tell you an epic new joke about fish and chip shops but now is not the time or plaice.

3. Can sal-mon else answer the phone, I'm busy frying.

4. For cods hake, I've haddock with this plaice, let's go.

5. Chip shop chips sound so a-peeling right now.

6. I did try to be healthy, but I ended up doing lots of extra-fries instead.

7. No don't go for fish and chips just yet, I'm not hungry. Cod we do it later?

8. What did the magician say when working in a fish and chip shop to earn some extra money?  A-bra-cod-adbra.

9. I've been 'herring' rumors there's a new chip shop in town, cod we check it out?

10. A man walks in to the fish and chip shop with his wife and asks, "do you want cod or some-fin else. She replies, "I'm not sure I'll mullet over."

11. I can see why this fish and chip shop is so popular, they are real a-fish-ionados.

Funny Fish And Chip Shop Names

If there's one thing that makes fish and chip shops stand out among all the other takeaways out there, it's their pun genius when it comes to shop names. Here's a round-up of some of the best, we think they will bring some laughs.

12. No War of the Roses here, just some tasty fish and chips at - Batter Of Bosworth.

13. An absolute classic cod pun, and one for all the crime film fans -  The Cod Father.

14. One for all fans of The Who - Cod-Ro-Phenia.

15. Dance all the way to the Fish-cod-theque.

16. Good times and good food promised at Rock and Roe.

17. No dogs allowed, but you're sure to enjoy Battersea Cods Home.

18. Be at peace with your menu choices at Contented Sole.

19. The fish may be as famous as it's namesake at The Frying Scotsman.

20. They stole this pun off a comedy film, A Fish Called Rhondda.

21. A fun take on classic Disney characters, we think you'll enjoy Chip in Dales.

22. Oasis would like Man-chip-ster Plaice.

23. This one is the 'Inn Plaice' to hang out.

24. This chip shop pun name is a classic, For Your Fries Only.

25. Have a giggle at the Laughing Halibut.

Salt Puns All The Family Will Like

No hot and crispy portion of fries would be complete without a good sprinkling of salt, and a pun round-up is no exception either!

26. Do you know what type of salt has the best vision? Sea salt.

27. When someone said to me I look a bit like a salt shaker, I took this as a condiment.

28. It would be really hard to lift a rock of salt, it's so-dium heavy.

29. What did the pepper say to the salt? You are so-dium beautiful.

30. Everyone wants seasoning, the chip shop queue has ground to a salt.

31. Life is too salt.

Fish Puns And More

Cod and haddock may be the most popular orders of choice, but they are not the only sea dwellers served up with chips. Here's some fin-tastic fish puns, and a few of their food friends too.

32. What helps deliver the best plate of fish and chips possible? Vitamin Sea.

33. Oh no, this scampi happening.

34. If Mcdonalds and a fish and chips shop combined, Mcsurf and Turf would make a great name.

35. Why can you no longer order scampi in the chip shop? Because the Dublin Bay Prawn stock was past it's shell-by date.

36. Did you hear about the underwater social media network? They named it Fishbook.

37. Did you hear about the monastery that had to sell fish and chips to make some extra money? One day when a customer visited and asked the monk who opened the door if he was the 'Fish Friar', he replied with no sorry sir, I'm the chip-monk.

Classic Fish And Chip Puns

There is a time and a plaice for fish puns, and the good news is, this is it, so grab your cutlery and tuck into this collection.

38. It's always great to have friend-chip goals.

39. Chip Chip hooray, there's a fish pun for every day.

40. Time 'fries' whenever I'm with you.

41. Thank cod, it's fryday, the best day of the week.

42. We're skeptical about the rest of the menu, but in cod we trust.

43. Sometimes good food is so so-fish-ticated.

44. My school report said not bad, cod do batter.

45. Need an alternative to eating cod through lent, how about some Holy Mackerel.

46. Do you know how you can tell a fish has been naughty? They always look gill-ty.

47. A teenager just got offered a job in a fish and chip shop, she left after the interview asking, let minnow when you want me to start.

48. Why are fishermen so stingy with their catches? They can be shell-fish.

49. Did you hear about the fish that can't work together? they were sole traders.

50. Fish wouldn't make very good news reporters, they are always spreading hake news.

51. Fish never like surfing the internet, they are too scared of the net.

52. Do you want to play a game, I bet I can beat you at salmon says.

Lauren John
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Lauren John

<p>With roots in Essex and Welsh heritage, Lauren is an avid crafter and nature enthusiast. She has a Diploma in Higher Education with a specialization in Leisure Management from Writtle University College. In her spare time, she can be found inventing new games and outdoor activities to enjoy with her football-loving nephew.</p>

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