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65+ Best French Puns That You Won't Baguette

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If you're someone who's obsessed with funny French puns, then you've landed on the right article!

The French language is a product of the Gallo-Romance division of the Romance language tree. It is a part of the collection of languages that have been derived from Latin, a group that includes Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

The French language is spoken commonly throughout the world, especially in regions surrounding Switzerland, Belgium, North Africa, and in various provinces of Canada. There are around 300 million people in the world that speak French as their first or second language. French food is known to be a delicacy and is universally adored not only by French people but also by citizens of other countries. French food puns are really great to use at the dinner table, we promise they won't cause you a lot of pain.  It doesn't matter if you're fluent in French or not, these common adages are sure to make anyone laugh out loud. Many people learn French as their second language, most commonly after English. If you learn a second language, it can help you connect to other individuals all over the world who also speak that language.  If you want to impress your classmates, you Cannes just surprise them with a few French puns. You could also use a French pun as your next Instagram caption for a traveling post. If you don't read this article about French puns with French words and French city names, you're going Toulouse out on a lot of fun! The French puns can also help you learn about French culture too. Here is a comprehensive list of some great French puns!

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French Puns

French fries on a wooden table.

If you want to learn French, there are a variety of great options for learners online and offline. French is a great language to learn not just for French natives, but also for individuals who wish to one day apply to global positions. Those who learn French will easily get these French puns, especially the French fry puns. Here is a list of some great French puns. These French puns and French wordplay can really amp up your French learning experience.

1. My friends and I were discussing a vacation to Europe when Tom suggested we go to France. "My parents went to France last year. They told me they had a beret good time there!", he exclaimed.

2. I just bought a new outfit to wear on my trip to Cannes. The dress makes me feel very France-y.

3. There are so many avenues to explore in France that one can never get Bordeaux.

4. I wasn't sure about whether my parents would allow me to go to France for my high school graduation party. Thankfully, when I asked my dad he told me Of-Corsican.

5. I'm not Lyon when I say that I could spend the rest of my life eating bread and cheese.

6. This week I have to give a presentation about my holiday to France to my French class. I don't know what to write in the presentation because I have so much to Marseilles.

7. I have to get the first prize in the French baking competition being hosted by my cooking class. It's not because I'm extremely competitive, I just hate Toulouse.

8. Even though my flight to France has been postponed, I'm not really worried. There is no way I'm letting anything Rouen my summer vacation.

9. It's best to book a room at a high rise hotel on the French Riviera. You Cannes easily get a great view of the Mediterranean sea.

10. If you only have one bad meal in France, you should baguette it! You shouldn't pay that much attention to the pain.

11. Sunday was the last day of the snail's holiday. He would have loved to stay longer, but he had to escargot.

13. Nobody is a failure in France because everyone has a breakfast of champignons.

14. Although my sister loves French breakfast food, the first meal she had in France was horrendous. It still gives her the crepes.

15. A macaron and a croissant had a great time meeting on Sunday. The macaron told the croissant, "I had a great time today, I hope that our paths will croissant again someday".

16. In France, it is common to give someone a hug and a quiche as an informal greeting.

17. "I just want to eat French pastries and baked goods for the rest of my life", d-eclaired the American tourist after he tried a chocolate pastry for the first time.

18. Two young lads were in a French restaurant enjoying their meal, when one of them asked the other, "do you think we'll ever have a beverage this nice again?". "Wine not?" replied the young boy.

19. If you don't have any knowledge of French Monet, you shouldn't go to France for your winter holiday.

20. The best way to get around France is by train. I would know since I Rodin a train as a student.

21. I wasn't sure whether I could be Candide with my friend and tell him that his optimism was uncalled for.  

22. You can go to France at any time of the year. There is beauty to be found in each Cezanne.

23. We need to get to the museum on time, otherwise we won't have time to Hugo to the art fair.

24. You can't possibly Lafayette at every French artist. If you met them in real life, you wouldn't have de-Gaulle to stand up to them.

25. With a view so picturesque, you have nothing Toulouse by booking a room at this amazing hotel.

26. I'm really scared to enter a French bakery. There is so much pain.

27. French snails always beat American snails at the annual marathon because of L'ess cargo.

28. The French skeleton is such a nice butler. He always greets me in the morning by saying "Bone-jour!".

29. Contrary to popular belief, the first French fry was actually not prepared in France. It was made in Greece.

30. My grandmother knows a lot about cheese and other dairy goods. I guess she must have just learned fromage.

31. You should never order more than 10 eggs at a French patisserie. Two eggs are more than en-oeuf for anyone.

32.  I can never remember how to say strawberry in French. Fortunately, I know a good fraise.

33. I recently heard about an explosion at a cheese factory in France. The police had to get through a lot of de-brie to find the remains.

34. My friend thanked our waiter so much that he ended up dying. We called his death a merci killing.

35. I went to the south of France on my summer holiday. The city was so Nice.

36. I accidentally went to France on the hottest day of the year. The weather was st-Eifel-ing.

37. I love various international cuisines, but my favorite has to be French, The food I tasted in Paris was brie-ond anything I've ever consomme-d.

38. I don't like living in France. I can't beret anymore.

39. My dad is always worried that I might accidentally get a bug. So, when I told him I wanted to go to France, he told me I shouldn't visit the Eiffel tower because it comes among the biggest Paris sites.

40. My favorite place to party is in Paris. That's why my friends often refer to me as Napoleon Bonapart-y.

Puns About Paris

These French puns will surely make any Instagram picture stand out. Whether you're using just one pun or a mixture of a couple of them, these puns will get you a great reaction from friends and family alike. You don't need to learn all of the words in the French dictionary to understand these puns, all you need is a basic knowledge of French culture and common phrases in the French language. All you need to do to be a hit in your French class is to learn these puns by heart! These sophisticated Parisian puns are great examples of French play on words.

41. My friend and I are considering going museum-hopping in Paris. When I had first asked him about the idea, he'd said, "I louvre the idea".

42. You should only consider going to Paris if you have a French coat.

43. I was walking to my morning gym class when I noticed a bunch of French men hauling cargo boxes onto a truck. When I asked them what it was, they said, "It's escargot".

44. I really want to jump into a French river at least once in my life. My friends think that I'm in Seine.

45. A man was greeted by God at heaven's gates. When God asked him where he wanted to spend the rest of his days, he replied, "I want to spend it in France. That's my Paris-dise".

46. It is important to carry a warm garment to the Versailles Palace. It tends to be very gold.

47. I  rue the day Eifel on a man selling croissants on a Parisian street.

48. There is so much to love about Nice. I'm not sure if I crave going back to Paris. I Pompidou.

49. I was trying to remember the name of a famous restaurant in Paris. "Holy crepe! I think I Fouquet it", I exclaimed.

50. One of my lifelong goals on my bucket list is to go on a boat trip in Paris. Just the other day I saw a coupon for a discount on a solo flight ticket to the city of love. I'm taking it as a Seine.

51. A couple was trying to road trip across several cities in France, including Paris. They would have been successful if they had the Monet for Degas.

52. As an architect, one of my life's biggest accomplishments is creating the layout of many modern buildings in Paris. I feel very Triomphe-ant about the feat.

53. My French friends were trying to outwit each other by creating one lie after another. I had to deal with not just one, but Toulieries.

54.  A croissant died when an aspirin hit him with a baguette. The police branded the assailant as the 'pain killer'.

55. French spiders love to consume French flies.

56. Two ministers got into a hot debate over coffee in a Parisian restaurant. You've most probably heard about it, it was covered by the French press.

57.  A water bottle and a tea cup were obsessed with their new apartment. They were all louvre it.

58. I screamed when I noticed my brother Lyon on my new dress from Paris.

59. When I asked my French friend if he liked his raisin pudding, he told me that he couldn't find a raison not to like it.

60. The bell loved to go to the city of Paris. Many people told her that she was extremely beautiful.

61.  My brother couldn't stop eating heart-shaped macarons. Whenever I asked him what he wanted, he said, "I want amour macarons".

62. My sister was having a great time in Paris but she missed her husband. She told me, "I would love to come back to my homme".

63. A Parisian cat's favorite social media platform is Snapchat.

64. I noticed that when my friend came back from her tour of Paris and other French cities, she was a Lille tired.

65. My friend, a theatre actor, was really excited about his upcoming trip to Paris. "I can't wait to get there. I feel like I'm in a Henri!", he exclaimed.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully crafted lots of great puns for everyone's amusement!  If you liked our suggestions for French puns, then why not take a look at something different like river puns or baking puns.

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