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51 Best Green Puns That Have To Be Seen

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Green is one of the most recognizable colors to the human eye and plays a big part in everyday life so finding some funny color green puns is a great idea.

Green is all around us in nature, in what we eat, in things we make, and even in 23 different shades (at the time of writing) on a paint brand website.

It's a color that has long been associated with peace, tranquility, and nature, but also has links with good luck, good health, renewal, and growth. The lucky Irish shamrock is a popular green symbol, and its three leaves are said to stand for faith, hope, and love.

What else do you need to know about all things green? Well, it was said to be George Washington's favorite color and has often been voted the second most popular color behind blue. In early paint making, green wasn't always an easy color to make though. Some of the paints and dyes available for mixing were unstable and even dangerous.

You're in safe hands here though, the only danger is you might laugh too much and be unable to stop punning. We've got wordplay jokes about colors, green vegetable puns, and the color puns about the green green grass of home. We've tried to cover all bases, so there is a green pun for everyone to enjoy.

Don't just stop at green though, explore all the colors of the rainbow! Here at Kidadl we have a wide range of bright and colorful puns, so check out our orange puns and 88 Blue Puns That Won't Leave You Feeling Blue to spread some happiness among your friends. Be sure to scroll right to the end of this article to find some more pun places to visit.

Classic Green Puns

Green puns are funny because they use wordplay to make us laugh.

Make your friends green with envy and show off your pun skills with a little help from these funny green jokes.

1. Sometimes in life, you just have to green and bear it.

2. Looking for a green joke about golf? Let's have a pun part-tee.

3. What did the golf course say to the golfer? You are tee-riffic.

4. Just arrived at the golf course, where's the green, I'm asking fore me and a friend.

5. Do you understand the instructions for this art project? I can't make head nor teal of it.

6. Don't forget your kha-ki's mum, you said we're going for a drive.

Green Tea Puns

What's better than a nice relaxing cup of green tea? A cuppa that comes with some green tea puns of course. Here are our best efforts.

7. Biscuits and green tea, it's like matcha made in heaven.

8. What would you get if you cross a dinosaur with green tea? A tea-rex.

9. I love you so matcha.

10. Mmm, matcha say?

11. Thank you very matcha.

12. Have we green tea here before? I'm getting deja brew.

13. What do green tea drinkers sing as an anthem? Sweet dreams are made of tea, who am I to dis-a-green.

14. Did you hear what the coffee said to the green tea? Sorry I'm latte.

The Ultimate Grass Puns

We're a bit green at this, but we think we've mown up here when it comes to grass puns and nature puns. Our funny line up is sure to please any nature lover.

15. Why are cows so good for grass? They are great lawn mooers.

16. Did you hear about the burglars that used strong blades of grass to pick a padlock on our supplies store? The evidence may have been planted.

17. Santa has a holiday home in the sun which has three lawn areas to look after. When there were weeds in the lawn on this last visit, he just ho-ho-hoed it.

18. As green jokes go, this is a sad one. A man went outside one day to find someone had taken all the new turf piled on his driveway, he was quite for-lawn.

19. We are all about lawn and order. If you don't keep off the grass we'll have to call lawn enforcement, special grass unit.

20. If a gardener was to sculpt an outdoor church, it would surely include some stained grass windows.

21. What do you call the guy who is always sitting in the garden sunbathing? Your brother-in-lawn.

22. Did you hear what they called the music-loving green tree that was by our garden? Spruce Springsteen.

Funny Puns About Green Vegetables That Will Make You Hungry For More

Sadly these vegetable puns so won't count as one of your five a day, but these green phrases and puns are delicious nonetheless! Why not sprinkle a herb pun on top of your vegetable puns for added flavor?

23. When you are lacking confidence, all you need is a little encourage-mint.

24. What do green fruit do you eat to keep in tip-top shape? A little avo-cardio.

25. There's no need to panic, please romaine calm.

26. Did you hear about the green salad that mysteriously disappeared? All I uncovered were the chard romaines.

27. There is one past US President that particularly loved his vegetables, his name is Broc-Obama.

28. What did the green bean say when he met a banana for the first time? Hey, how you peeling?

29. If you ever come across a group of pirates, be sure to have their favorite vegetables for dinner, they love their arrr-tichokes.

30. When our health and nutrition teacher at school lectured about the importance of leafy green vegetables, we learned a chard lesson about balanced diets.

31. What do you call a singing herb? An Elvis Parsley impersonator.

32. Green vegetables love going to camp, they get to be Brussel Scouts for the summer.

33. One day a teacher asked her students to use the word beans in a sentence and got some funny results. One student said my mum grows beans, his friend added my dad cooks beans, and another student in the class said we're all human beans!

34. What do you call a mis-shapen green bean? A zom-bean.

35. I've bean thinking about you.

36. Bean thinking about donating to our school fundraiser? Lettuce give you some advice.

37. You're my favorite human bean.

38. Do you know why green beans are so zen? They've finally found their inner peas.

39. Thank you for bean you.

40. Green food puns always pickle my fancy.

41. Let's hope this Christmas is something to sprout about.

42. Lettuce pray.

43. Oh kale yeah.

44. Don't kale my vibe.

45. Looking for puns about being happy? How about spreading some hap-pea-ness.

46. What do keepers sometimes feed to captive animals? Zoo-chini.

47. Have an olive-ly birthday.

48. You kale me with kindness.

49. You may be a bit green, but I leek you.

50. Our dog went missing yesterday if you've seen it please lettuce know.

51. What did the banana boat say to the lettuce? Iceberg right ahead.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for green puns and jokes about green things then why not take a look at these 'roses are red' jokes.

Written By
Lauren John

Born and raised in Essex (though proudly half Welsh) Lauren is a passionate crafter and nature lover, who enjoys making up new games and outdoor activities with her high energy, football-mad nephew.

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