40+ Best Gym Puns That Really Work Out

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Hitting the gym is a healthy trend that seems to be rising across the globe.

It is a great way to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Doctors all over the world recommend daily exercise, and hitting the gym is a great way to ensure that.

Exercise, however, doesn't have to always be serious. You can have fun with your workout with these funny gym quotes and exercise puns. We have put together a list of muscle puns and working out puns that can make for great Instagram captions or are simply funny puns to share with your friends after a trip to the gym. This article includes a lot of workout puns and funny fitness puns, along with some commonly heard of lifting puns. These funny gym puns will give your workout a funny gym workout twist, especially while you are lifting weights. If you are a gym lover who likes lifting and is into workouts and fitness, these squat puns will up your gym humor. These funny fitness puns will also motivate you to workout at the gym every single day, what more could you ask from gym humor?

If you like these puns, you can also read our articles full of running puns and yoga puns.

Cool Gym Puns

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Do you like weight lifting and want to improve your gym humor? Here's a fitting list of some of the coolest gym puns that you will love and can use when you next go to the gym to make everyone laugh.

1. A ghost's favorite workout is easy to guess. It is definitely dead lifts.

2. The pirate asked me to guess his favorite workout exercise. It was an easy guess and I said, "It is the plank, of course".

3. After an intense workout, the T-Rex said, "I finally feel like a dino-sore".

4. A banana's favorite workout exercise is quite easy for them. They definitely like splits the most.

5. I always try to jump rope at the gym. But on most days, I end up skipping it.

6. When my mom asked me why I stopped hitting the gym, I told her it was not working out.

7. The bell at the gym does not ring. It is a dumb bell.

8. He got sick after having a protein shake. The doctor said he probably had whey too much.

9. Weightlifters in the early '90s used to wear bar-bell pants.

10. I got an expensive treadmill for my gym the other day. It really is giving me a run for my money.

Amazing Gym Puns

‍Do you like weight lifting and would want to go for a fun workout? Read on for some of the best gym puns that are bound to make your day brighter and better.

11. The chicken went to the gym regularly. He really wanted to work on his pecks.

12. Teddy bears hate going to the gym regularly. They never want to get ripped.

13. I really miss the gym, but if you think about it, it's a huge weight off my shoulders.

14. If I was a gym instructor at a gym for animals, I would be t-raining cats and dogs.

15. I was following my training plan and diet schedule properly. I knew it was going to workout gradually.

16. As I was complaining about working out too much, my trainer encouraged me and shouted, "Sweat there be light!".

17. I was getting impatient because I could not see good results after working out. My trainer asked me to weight for it.

18. My athletic father has always told me, "When nothing goes right, go lift".

19. My sister works out for two hours a day to get fit. She has really raised the bar for us.

20. Since I was too exhausted working for the gym, I had to quit. I gave a too-weak notice.

Awesome Gym Puns

Do you like cracking funny puns? Here is a list of some amazing and clever gym puns that will help you become a funny favorite with people around you.

21. My trainer asked me to bend down and touch my toes. I told him it was a bit of a stretch.

22. Many friends do not go to the gym together because they are worried that their friendship won't work out.

23. My gym trainer asked me when I would like to visit the gym next. I told him I had a flexible schedule.

24. I asked my hairdresser what his favorite gym exercise was. He said he loved curls.

25. The fisherman does not go to the gym anymore. He stopped after he pulled a mussel last week.

26. After I quit the gym my mom told me not to worry. She said, "I like you just the weigh you are".

27. My trainer asked me to stop eating beef if I wanted to lose weight quickly. He said beef has too many cow-lories.

28. Any student who wanted to go to the weights room at Hogwarts could only do it through Dumbbell-dore.

29. The demon goes to the gym regularly. He loves to exorcise there.  

The Best Gym Puns

Here's a strong list of some of the best gym puns that include some puns on fitness and some gym puns that every gym freak will love. These puns will make every workout a funny workout!

30. The gym I was going to used to be very stinky and dirty. It was more like a gym-nasty-um.

31. The only vegetable that would be into working out and going to the gym is probably muscle sprouts.

32. My gym trainer told me, "Dieting is not a piece of cake".

33. I was sick after I worked out and left the gym. I would call it gym-nausea-m.

34. The gym trainer asked me to start my workout session with lunges. I was intimidated because it sounded like a huge step.

35. Yesterday, when I hopped on the treadmill, people stared at me weirdly. Eventually, I started jogging instead.

36. I was only able to do 30 minutes of abs exercises at the gym today. It was a little bit of a time crunch.

Clever Abs Puns For A Funny Workout

Are you looking to make your workouts fun with some extremely funny fitness puns? Here's a list of some of the wittiest gym puns that will keep you and your gym buddy laughing for hours, a funny workout is guaranteed!

37. My trainer taught me to a new form of core workout today. It was abs-olutely killer!

38. I hate going to the gym on the days my trainer makes me do core exercises. I would rather sit at home all day and call it 'abs-tinence'.

39. I tried to do an intense workout with 500 crunches and 500 sit-ups today. But I gave up because my body could not take the ab-use.

40. I have been working on my abs for around four months, and there hasn't been any change. It was such a waist of time.

41. My gym trainer showed me an ab exercise that was pioneered by some Australians in the past. I believe it was an ab-original.

42. The workout today was so intense that I can hardly feel my body today. I could feel the ab-sence.

43. My new gym trainer wrote a book about how to get a six pack. I found it very vague as it was rather abs-tract.

44. The documentary I watched with my gym buddy had a lot of information about the benefits of doing core exercises. It was too much to abs-orb at a go.

45. My sister wants to train her abdominal muscles every day of the week. Both the gym trainer and I find it very ab-surd.

46. I told the nutritionist at the gym I was becoming vegetarian. She said it's a huge missed steak.

47. Every time I sweat a lot at the gym, my trainer says "A little sweat is good for the swole!".

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for gym puns for a funny workout then why not take a look at these netball puns, or for something different take a look at these swimming puns.

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