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60+ Best Marine Jokes And Puns

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Jokes about the coast guard and marines are too funny to handle.

If military humor is your kind of sense of humor, then these jokes are just perfect for you. They will make you laugh with full force!

Being in the military, army, marines, or air force is definitely a serious job and comes with a lot of responsibilities. But having such jobs does not mean that you cannot lighten up and get a breath of fresh air! These veteran jokes do this part quite well. They help in de-stressing and also provide great entertainment. Have a look at the below-mentioned lists of army marine jokes, boot camp jokes, navy marine jokes, national guard jokes, and a lot more that will make you laugh out loud.

These servicemen need a laughter bust once in a while to get their mission going. So joking around is quite a casual and common thing to do since they do such tough jobs.

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Funny Jokes About Marines

The best part about marines jokes is that they never sink!

Marines humor brings out the best laughter to your face! Jokes for marines are hilarious and too much fun. Here, we present to you the list of best funny marine corps jokes that will tickle your bones:

1. Why couldn't the two marines play cards on the ship? Because the captain was on the deck.

2. What do you call a marine who is only a part-timer at the ship? A sub-marine.

3. What do marines like to eat in fruits? Crayon-berry.

4. Why was the marine sad? Because his pet died and he felt he now has no porpoise to live!

5. What are the marines most terrified of listening to? An orca-stra.

6. What would you call the poem written by a military officer who retired from the marine corps? The rhyme of the ancient mariner.

7. What do you call the animal doctor who used to serve in the marines for a very long time? A veteran-arian.

8. What did one marine say to another after finishing the test? "I think my grades would go below C level now!"

9. Which marine animal is needed in marines courts? Seal- because they will be useful for the seal of approval!

10. How was the marine party going on? It was private.

11. How did the marines reach their goals? By using a marine compass.

12. What did one sailor say he saw another sailer losing consciousness aboard the ship? "I think he is having a sea-zure."

13. What course did the two marines enroll in after losing a job at the Navy? In anchor management.

14. Why did a marine corp wore a blue dress for Halloween? Because he was a fan of 'Avatar.'

15. Why did not the ship sink in the sea? Because it was a sub marine.

16. What is the name of the navy marine favorite book? Harry Port-er.

Hilarious Military Jokes

These military jokes are right at your service in making you laugh out loud!

Want to hear the military joke of the day? Well, here we have enough jokes on the military for a year that would make you make you laugh uncontrollably! Here we present to you the list of some of the hilarious jokes on the military that might make you join the military laughing force:

17. Who was the soldier that managed to get an escape from the attack of mustard gas and pepper spray? A seasoned veteran.

18. What does an army officer use to write? A wea-pen.

19. Why was the typographer admitted to the military? Because he was trained in Arial combat.

20. How did the Air Force party get started? With the announcement.

21. What is the most hated month for all the troops? March.

22. Where did rabbits go to learn how to fly? In the hare force!

23. What happened to the karate master when he got into the military for the first time? When he saluted, he almost chopped off his own head.

24. How did the soldiers treat the enemies? They welcome them to a bomb-tastic party.

25. Which music band is not liked by Marines at all? 'Maroon 5.'

26. What was the Air Force Bingo game like? "A-10...B-52..F-16!"

27. How would a military officer express his gratitude? By saying 'Tank You!'

28. What was the name of the confused troops? The Lost Force.

29. What would you call it when an army officer is slowly being taken away from a cunning scheme? De-ploy-ment.

30. What do you call an army of rabbits trained in air combat? The hare force.

31. Where did the babies go to work in the army? They went to the infantry!

32. What was the name of the corn army? The kernel.

33. Why did the Air Force buy tickets for the Little Mermaid movie? Because they wanted to prepare for some ariel tricks.

34. Why was the army officer who went home taking cakes and pies from the military camp arrested? Because he was charged with dessert-ion.

35. Which tree is famous for armed services? The mili-tree.

36. Why did the pilot begin sweating? Because he noticed that the propeller is not working.

37. What happened to the deer that got enrolled in the air force? It got bombar-deer!

38. What did the sergeant say to the young soldier about the camouflage training? "I did not see you in training at all."

Humorous Marine Puns

Marine humor and marine one-liners provoke laughter, which never tends to stop! They are funny and will give you lots of giggles. Here, we present to you the best marine-based puns that will crackle you with laughter:

39. The naval officer said, "Let minnow if anyone knows more about the ocean than I do."

40. The marine officers kept their ranks disclosed as they were Privates!

41. The young marines soldiers wore sweaters in their camp to get ready for their warm-up.

42. The marine corps got along with each other quite well since they knew each other from the infant-ry.

43. Some marines pray to God just before going on the field because they know it was their time for the warship.

44. After the training got over, and the marines were seen wearing their shoes at the boot camp!

45. The most hated vegetables by the marines were the leeks!

46. I saw two marines helping each other while boarding the ship. I guess they are on the same boat.

47. The army at the marines couldn't learn all the alphabets as they had spent years at the C.

48. One of my friends wanted to know my military rank. I don't know why he was so disappointed when I said that it's Private.

49. When one marine says to another that he wants to paint his new house, the other marine replies that he should paint it aqua-marine.

50. I heard the marines are supposed to wear fancy uniforms. One of my friends in the marine corps told me that it is to minimize the number of casual-tees.

51. My friend, with a great sense of humor, once told me a marine joke. It was totally a cray-sea one.

Funny Navy Jokes

Navy humor is one of a kind and is too funny to handle. It keeps the laughter-ship from sinking and gives you the best ride. We present to you the list of such hilarious and funny jokes about the navy that will make you laugh uncontrollably:

52. What did one sailor say to another? "We are in the same boat."

53. Why was the navy movie not allowed to play? Because of the censor-ship!

54. What was the name of the head of the Orange fruit army? Chief Naval Officer.

55. How did the coast guard say goodbye? By saying, "Seal you later!"

56. What was the color of the submarine? Navy blue.

57. Why did the navy army like eating carrots? Because it helps to sea them better!

58. Why was the sailor made of wood? Because he was on board

59. What do sailors usually eat? Boat meal.

60. Where can you see 70 percent water around you? Right from the naval ship.

61. Which country do navy officers like to visit the most? It's Scandi-navy-a.

62. Why did the navy use powdered soap? Because it would take much longer to pick up.

63. How did the sailors play the game of cards? By setting up a deck!

64. Why did the sailors start eating lots of spinach? They got inspired by Popeye!

65. What were the grades of the two marines who got into the army? They both got Cs.

66. Why was God good to the navy and always protected them? Because they know how to war-ship.

67. What happens when a snail gets into the ship? He becomes a sn-ailor.

68. What was the name written on the Navy dentist's license plate? Top gum.

69. Which one fruit is most liked in the United States military? Naval orange.

70. How did the navy army fix the leakage problems on the ship? They use naval seals.

71. How do naval officers greet each other? "Long time, no sea?"

72. Where do all sailors decided to go upon falling sick? They went to the dock-tor!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of jokes that are family and kid-friendly, as well as lots of puns and riddles to enjoy together! If you liked our suggestions for Marine Jokes that are sure to get a groan, then why not take a look at something different like these funny unicorn jokes or elf jokes that will get the whole family laughing.

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