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Did you know matcha tea has a lot of antioxidants that are great for your body?

Matcha tea is great not just because it helps your body and digestive system, but also because it acts as a great foundation for lots of puns! Matcha green tea puns are definitely good for the soul.

You can use matcha to make a funny matcha pun, funny matcha jokes, tea quotes, bubble tea puns, and endless Instagram captions, of course! Matcha tea has become an extremely popular drink in the last couple of years due to more people leaning towards healthier consumption habits. This has also led to an upsurge in the creation of puns that are inspired by beverages and food items. Matcha quotes are also a great option to consider for people who want to use a quirky quote for their next Instagram caption. Here is a list of some amazing matcha puns and captions that just will spread a lot of positivi-tea in your life!

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Matcha Puns

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Here is a list of some great Matcha puns for you.

1. When the matcha tea saw how much effort his wife had put into his birthday gift, he said: "I love you so matcha."

2. The matcha green tea was generally good in school, but he was horrible in one subject. He could never understand matcha-matics.

3. The matcha tea was imprisoned for looting a granola store. He spent a latte time behind bars.

4. Instead of buying just one pair of green socks, the green tea bought ten whole pairs. It was a bit too matcha.

5. The tea robber had kidnapped one of the tea salespeople because he knew too matcha.

6. The green tea could quote every line of 'Matcha Do About Nothing', the Shakespearean play.

7. Two green teas were playing a game of foosball at the family arcade when the matcha lost. "I call for a re-matcha," he yelled out.

8. The matcha girl was so obsessed with  cheese that she needed to have it in every meal. Her favorite dish of all time was match-aroni and cheese.

9. The matcha tea was the best performer on his team for the first half of the year. Everyone named him Man of the matcha.

10. The matcha bubble tea accidentally forgot to notice the first instruction on the easy bake recipe box, so her cake turned out to be a little dry. She decided to overlook it because it just didn't matcha anymore.

11. A man and a woman were going to soon be married in a matcha plantation. Everyone said that they were a match-a made in heaven.

12. A kindergarten teacher's students couldn't stop crowding around her the day she taught them about different types of green tea. "They love you so matcha," commented the principal.

13. A green tea and a bubble tea met each other at a convention after a long time. After their pleasant meeting, the bubble tea commented: "It was so nice to finally matcha again."

14. Two matcha green teas were practically inseparable during college. Everyone knew that they were bes-teas.

15. The tea sommelier was really stressed out about an upcoming tea ceremony, so the professor helped him out by telling him some stress management techniques. "Thank you so matcha!" exclaimed the young man.

16. A man was concerned for his wife because she was drinking a lot of matcha. "You're leaning towards irrationali-tea," he said.

17. "There is a thing such as tea matcha insensitivi-tea," complained the tea when his wife started getting upset over every small detail of their wedding.

18. A young man could not tell the difference between matcha tea and bubble tea. You can chalk it up to his naive-tea.

19. A woman was having a lot of trouble deciding between the matcha bubble tea or the green tea, so she asked the waiter what he preferred. "I think you'll fall in love with the matcha bubble tea. I can give you my guaran-tea," said the waiter.

20. To become the leader of a matcha tea club, all you need is the right mentali-tea.

Matcha Captions

Matcha captions are great for all kinds of messages, such as Instagram posts, Facebook posts, tweets, or even personal messages. You can easily transform them into tea quotes as per your preference. Here is a list of the best matcha captions we could think of.

21. I'm liking this so matcha.

22. I only like my bed and my matcha.

23. I'm so matcha better when I'm with you.

24. Go matcha or go home.

25. I'm going to need matcha more.

26. It's green tea o'clock.

27. About green tea time.

28. Part of the matcha commit-tea.

29. I'm a matcha devo-tea.

30. Matcha waiting tea happen.

31. Can't wait to s-tea-l a matcha break.

32. I identify as a matcha adop-tea.

33. Don't crea-tea-que my matcha.

34. Loving my pe-tea-t matcha tea.

35. My matcha is the only thing getting me through this quaran-tea-n.

36. My matcha and I are one tea-m.

37. It's never tea late to drink matcha.

38. It's never too late to par-tea with some matcha.

39. I want "I love you so matcha" tattooed on my arm. That's how much I drink matcha.  

40. There's nothing like too matcha love.

41. Matcha love always finds a way.

Matcha Tea Puns

Matcha tea puns are great conversation starters for everyone from tea enthusiasts to tea specialists. These puns can also act as great tea quotes that you can share with your family over supper or during tea time. Here is a list of great matcha tea puns for you to browse through!

42. Everyone knows that the matcha tea seller is always in a good mood. She just radiates positivi-tea.

43. "You need to start drinking green tea if you want to be a part of our matcha communi-tea," mentioned the leader of the fitness camp.

44. The matcha green tea just signed herself up for the annual tea pageant show. She knows she has to start sleeping early to get her beau-tea steep.  

45. The brewed tea is known for being a really fascinating storyteller, but his best friend has become pretty disenchanted with his tales by now. Now, whenever he tells a story, his friend just says "Cool story, brew."

46. A coffee and a matcha bubble tea met during summer camp and immediately hit it off. They didn't know it at the time, but that was the start of their long and brew-tea-ful friendship.

47. Every matcha green tea loves to participate in Halloween events, like the house of horrors. They love scary activi-teas.

48. The matcha bubble tea was close to turning 18-years-old. She had almost reached maturi-tea.

49. The earthquake had left all the matcha green teas scared and confused. There was a lot of uncertain-tea in the air.

50. A matcha bubble tea was lecturing his son because his son had refused to go to school in the morning. "Young man, you need to learn how to take personal accountabili-tea for your behaviour."

51. A man became a  mul-tea-millionaire overnight when he realized he owned an extremely valuable matcha tea collection.

52. The funny matcha bubble tea volun-tea-red to be on the organizing crew of the tea ceremony.

53. A 13-year-old matcha green tea asked his mother if he could now go to the movies with his friends. His mother said he could because he had finally become a tea-nager.

54. A man had packed his suitcase and organized a trip to see the world's most famous matcha tea plantations in the world because life's tea short.

55. A group of avid matcha bubble tea drinkers were hosting an extremely tough quiz competition for the general public. The masses were tea-ming with emotion and energy.

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