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Maths is a subject that some love, while others don't want to hear about it after the class is over!

Either way, maths can lead the way to funny math jokes and funny math puns! A math joke can be a great way to raise interest in the subject!

Due to the vastness of the subject, funny math puns include jokes about numbers, number puns, triangle jokes and puns, fraction jokes and puns, jokes about angles, parallel lines math jokes, algebra jokes and puns, funny math valentine puns, etc. Math puns can easily be turned into funny math jokes for kids! Here is a list of such math puns!

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Funny Maths Puns

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Want to tell a funny math joke or a pun? Here are some puns that can be used as funny maths jokes for kids! These puns and math jokes will surely make your kid laugh!

1. The school maths teacher was seen with a graph paper before today's test. She must be plotting something for the test.

2. No tree or plant ever likes to do maths because they get square roots by doing maths.

3. When the triangle got tired of arguing with the circle, it gave and said, "You are pointless!"

4. You will always find obtuse angles to be very agitated on most occasions because they can never be right!

5. The mathematician couldn't make it work yesterday because he had an injury in his angles.

6. There was a mathematician who was a lover of nature. His favorite plant was the geome-tree!

7. Somedays, the village math teacher would take the math class in the field. There he would teach us the use of pro-tractor.

8. As the teacher had told him not to use the tables while multiplying, he was sitting on the floor doing multiplication sums!

9. The mathematician got a plant root and put it in a square container. Now, he only has the plant.

10. During the camping trip, the maths professor easily cut the wood for the bonfire, because he was always prepared with axis!

11. A math teacher had a disease where whatever food he tried, he vomited. He had a severe case of trinomial.

12. Although my friend had helped me with the maths paper, he was not willing to cosine as one of the authors.

13. I had a debate with my friend regarding decimals and fractions. He liked decimals, while I was way more partial towards fractions.

14. The one math problem that German students can never answer is the square root of 81. They keep on saying 'Nein'!

15. There is a type of number that cannot stand still for a moment even though it quite old. It is called the Roamin' numbers!

16. When the maths prodigy couldn't solve a problem, he exclaimed that it was derive-ing him mad!

17. When small baby parabolas are born, they are fed a solution known as the quadratic solution!

18. The young triangle wasn't allowed to go for a trip because its parents wouldn't sine the permission!

19. I couldn't understand what the teacher had taught in the previous math class, so the teacher summed up everything for me. It was very helpful!

20. The doomed triangle lovers wished that they were sine square and cosine square so that they could have easily been one!

21. In mathematics, the occasional joke about statistics is quite an outlier!

22. The most straightforward way to travel from one point to the other for a math professor is to take the rhom-bus!

23. My math professor spent his entire summer holiday traveling around beaches. He has become a tan-gent!

24. In the ancient days, algebra was easily solved by the Romans because for them, X would always be 10.

25. The students were playing the drums in math class because they were being taught logarhythm!

Intelligent Math Puns

Did you hate the fractions jokes in math class? You won't be hating these math puns!

26. It was a very mean thing for the teacher to tell the boy specifically that he was very average in math!

27. One should always refrain from arguing with a 90-degree angle. In the end, no matter what happens, it is always right!

28. One of the greatest tragedies in math is that despite having so much in common, two parallel lines will never know each other because they'll never meet.

29. While the math teacher was supposed to teach us algebra, she deviated to teaching geometry. Guess this happened because she went off on a tangent.

30. While trying to heat his food in the oven, the mathematician spilled all of it because he put the food in the oven at 180 degrees!

31. As the number completed his lifelong dream of standing on top of the highest peak, he shouted out, "I feel like I am infinite."

32. The mathematician was afraid of integers because sometimes it gave off really negative vibes!

33. My math teacher asked me to wear glasses to math class because they apparently help with di-vision!

34. When I asked my friend if he heard anything about the missing statistician, he replied, "In all probability, I have not."

35. The mathematician was so involved in trigonometry that soon, there were early sines of memory loss and madness in him!

36. To our surprise, the repairman was very good at mathematics. This is because he was good with multi-pliers!

37. I was anxious when the old math professor retired. I hope he has the strength and courage to deal with the after-math!

38. There was a mathematician who had run into some hard times. He was so broke that he could binomial.

39. When I told my father that we had 36 cows and not the 40 as he had said, he replied, "I had just rounded them up from the market!"

40. The only reason that the corners of a room are warm and cozy is that they are at 90 degrees!

41. An instrument company decided to come up with the model of a calculator in the shape of a dog. Now, we truly have a friend we can count on!

42. The parent math function was extremely cross with its child because it had tested its patience to the limit!

43. The math professor told us there was a fine line between a denominator and a numerator, but there were only a fraction of students who would understand this.

44. The triangle was chosen over the circle and rectangle for the basketball team because it was bound to give three-pointers.

45. Statistics can never be anyone's favorite subject because it is just so mean and average!

46. When a group of mathematicians planted a tree, it did not survive for too long. This is because it had no real roots!

47. The excitement and buzz that people have on National Pi Day are completely irrational.

48. The comedian, while telling a math joke, commented that not all funny math jokes are bad, but only sum!

49. Mathematicians who are atheists have a problem with exponents and indices because they will never believe in higher powers.

50. The student said that he was willing to do everything in maths and geometry, but the graph is where he drew the line!

Cute Math Puns

There are some funny math jokes on parallel lines, but these here are the a-cutest math puns!

51. Monsters are weak in math and counting numbers. The only exception to this is Count Dracula.

52. My school math book always looked troubled and sad. Maybe, this was because it had a lot of problems!

53. A mathematician will only encourage a student not to learn one table, and that is the dinner table!

54. A math professor once told us that the best way to distinguish between people is by seeing who can count and who can't!

55. The student thought there was no reason to do the math, but then he realized that decimals do have a point.

56. According to basic math, a human nose cannot be 12 inches in length. Otherwise, it turns into a foot.

57. In the animal kingdom, all zebras like solving problems in algebra.

58. A math student's favorite season of the year is the season of sum-mer!

59. The professors were more than happy to welcome me as a math teacher because my qualifications added up!

60. All of us siblings in the family used to love maths. So, people would call us algebros!

61. There was a knight who had built King Arthur's roundtable perfectly. His name was Ser Cumference!

62. One should never discuss about infinity with someone who teaches math. The discussion will have no end!

63. The renowned scientist Pythagoras named a side of the triangle after his favorite animal. The name of the side was hippotenuse!

64. The teacher asked this student what n+3n was. The student replied that it sounded foreign to him. The teacher said, "That is correct!"

65. Fishermen around the world calculate their profits by solving the cod-ratic equations.

66. When the angle had a bad accident, it finally turned into a rectangle!

67. The mode of transport that a math professor would use to move from a point x to a point y is the x-y plane!

68. There is a type of triangle known for being very calm and having ice in their vein. They are called the ice-osceles triangle.

69. My mother advised me not to be scared of advanced mathematics because it is as easy as pie!

70. The student turned in a blank paper during a mathematics test because all his answers were written in imaginary numbers.

71. Geometry classes are very tiring for me because I am out of shape!

72. When the maths student changed his career and became a painter, many said that this could be a miscalculated move!

73. Everyone asks for advice from a triangle because its angle of view is always right!

74. The angle that is adored and loved by everyone is acute angle!

75. The numbers 2,3,5, and 7 were arrested because they were all prime suspects in the kidnapping of one!

More Funny Math Puns

If you can't make any more math jokes and puns, go through these math puns!

76. There is a certain math operator that swimmers love, and that is dive-ision!

77. Six was terrified of seven because there was a rumor that seven eight nine!

78. The number 288 is one such number that no one likes to talk about because it is two gross!

79. I was sad to hear about Mama fraction passing away. She had died due to myocardial infraction!

80. It is accepted by many that math teachers and professors are worshippers of the sum!

81. The only reason that seven eight nine was because seven was asked by his doctors to have three square meals in a day!

82. The common European vipers are very good at mathematics because they are excellent adders.

83. The mathematical shape that one needs to wary of is the trap-azoid!

84. Owls love doing maths, and their favorite topic is owl-gebra.

85. Cows are very good at counting numbers because they have in-built cowlculators.

86. Pi was scared of going for a driving test because it didn't know where to stop!

87. Algebra was invented by someone who was a genius and mathematical x-pert!

88. My brother, who hated math, wouldn't drink a glass of water with eight cubes of ice because that is two cubed for him!

89. The obtuse angle had to go visit the beach; it was above 90 degrees!

90. When the wizard removed his curse over the math student, he exclaimed, "Hexagon!"

91. Most of the US government officials are good in math, or else they wouldn't be able to work through the Pentagon!

92. There was a section in maths that can make anyone lose their temper. It is the section of triggermetry!

93. The maths professor proposed to his lover by giving her a polynomial ring!

94. The equals to sign has always been humble because he knows that he is neither greater nor lesser than anybody else!

95. Everyone was surprised when the numbers nine and seven got married. They seemed like a really odd couple.

96. The imaginary number insulted pi by saying it had to be rational while pi retorted that the imaginary number had to get real with himself before looking at others.

97. The professor told us in calculus, finding the area is an integral part of the problem.

98. Whenever a maths professor admits his own mistake, he has to eat a piece of humble pi before that!

99. Everyone who loves maths has a fireplace in their home because they are all natural logs!

100. The math student turned comedian wowed everyone with his mathematical jokes. Guess he had a good range of jokes!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for math puns, then why not take a look at these chemistry puns, or for something different, take a look at these doctor puns.

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