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70 Best Medieval Jokes And Puns That Will Sir-Tainly Make You Laugh

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Middle ages jokes and middle ages puns are popular all over the internet!

Medieval humor is something that will never get old. They can also be a great lesson in history for us.

Jokes and puns about the medieval age include categories like castle jokes, castle puns, sword jokes, history puns, history jokes, king jokes, queen jokes, and many others. Inspired by ancient jokes, knight jokes, knight puns and peasant jokes are all part of the humor of the medieval ages! So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these awesome puns and jokes!

If you like more such jokes and puns, take a look at History Puns and Knight Puns.

Funny Medieval Jokes For Kids

Old medieval times and architectures have a charm about them.

These medieval jokes about the older days will surely bring a smile to your faces. Indulge in these history jokes to learn something while having fun! We're sure there'll be at least one you love.

1. What do you call someone who used to build airplanes in medieval times? You call that person Aerosmith!

2. Why were medieval people from Mexico such good engineers? This is because they learned in Aztech!

3. What happened when King Arthur tried to get pull the sword from the stone? His mother scolded him for playing with sharp objects!

4. Why was the knight fighting the tournament with a sword made from cheddar cheese? Because the cheese was extra sharp!

5. Why was the medieval knight polishing his dress before going for the Queens's dinner party? Because he wanted to have a night in shining armor!

6. What was the reason for Arthur to have a roundtable in his court? He did this so that none of his other knights could corner him.

7. What did the king say when he heard that the peasants were revolting? He said he agrees because they never bathe and always stink.

8. Why would medieval knights have taken great selfies? Because they would experts in holding stable the selfie sticks!

9. Why was the court jester almost executed? Because the Queen got the joke at the last moment!

10. What were people who only ate vegetables called in the middle ages? They were known as poor peasants!

11. Why were the armies from the middle ages too tired of fighting? This is because in medieval times there were too many sleepless knights in the army!

12. What is the name of the cheese that protects a medieval castle from enemies? The name of the cheese is moatzarella!

13. What do you call a medieval knight who is willing to be hired? You can call him a freelancer!

14. Why was the medieval architect always going to the beaches? He was going to the beaches so that he could build the perfect sandcastle!

15. In medieval times, what were people who worked in banks known as? They were known as fortune-tellers!

16. What were middle-aged parents called in medieval times? They were called middle-aged parents.

17. How did explorers hide their treasures in the medieval ages? They would hide the treasure by dragon them to a safe location.

18. What is the comedic superhero movies that all bards from the middle ages love watching? They love watching the movie, 'Bards of Prey'!

19. What is the name of the device that the king uses to control the moat around his castle? He used a remoat control.

20. What happens when you google the missing server from the medieval ages? You get the message: Error 404 PAGE NOT FOUND!

21. Why did the dragon spare the medieval knight? Because he did not want to eat canned food for dinner!

22. What is the name of the medieval book that J.K. Rowling wrote for singers? The book's name is 'The Tales of Beedle The Bard'!

23. Why was the young medieval prince happy when he heard that there was a high rate of inflation? It was because inflation was good for his bouncy castle.

24. What was the name of musical chairs when Kings and Queens played in the medieval ages? They called it the 'Game of Thrones'!

25. What was the favorite pass time of peasants from the medieval time period? They absolutely love to go serfing!

Medieval Puns From The Middle Ages

Go through this list of medieval one-liners and puns that can be told to everyone.

26. Digging trenches during the middle ages was seen as a great honor because it showed someone's shovelry!

27. The knight was confused as to how the day was over so quickly when his squire had just told him, "Good morning, good knight!"

28. My friend had an argument with me regarding what to call a medieval soldier. It got kind of late, so we both decided to call it a knight!

29. If Hamlet was alive now, he would have only worn t-shirts saying 2B or not 2B!

30. Last Christmas, I got my sister a build-it-yourself medieval fort. She wasn't very happy with it, but my mother reprimanded her by saying that it isn't the gift, but the fort that counts!

31. The medieval queen was unhappy when she saw that it was pouring outside. She sighed to herself, "This could be another reigny day."

32. Historians generally consider a part of the medieval era as the dark ages. This was because there were so many knights back then.

33. The medieval king was very excited when the engineer told him that he could get him a castle at very little price. Turns out, the engineer indeed built a castle but it was a bouncy one.

34. Sir Lancelot was always exhausted and tired during the day.  This was because he had to work continuously during the knight shifts.

35. Medieval Kings and Queens were afraid of the rain in the middle ages because the rain would storm the castle.

36. Medieval scientists were known to be very arrogant and stubborn. They thought that everything revolved around them!

37. When my friend said that the name Lance is very unusual and rare, I informed him that even in the 15th-century people used to have the name Lance, a lot.

38. Dracula had to move out of his medieval castle for a couple of weeks because it was getting re-vamp-ed!

39. When the medieval sorcerer summoned a servant from the magical book, the Queen was astounded. This was a page right out of the book.

40. In the medieval ages, chess was a very popular game among Kings and Queens. This was because they had castles in it!

41. The medieval ages were technologically advanced. Take, for example, the guillotine, it was such cutting-edge technology.

42. My brother was reading a book about a medieval castle that always had its drawbridge up. Unfortunately, he couldn't really get into the book!

43. Medieval castles would have been great hangout spots in modern times because they had a great knight life!

44. In the old times, the medieval kings and queens would only visit the dentist just before their coronation. This is because they wanted their teeth crowned!

45. Astonishingly, the first comic strip known to man was created by King John of England. It was called the 'Manga-Carta'!

46. The medieval knight used to sleep in the castle once every 14 days. This was because it was his fort night!

47. During the medieval time period, there weren't many extremely bad people. There were only mid-evil people during that age.

48. The history scholar explained to the waitress at the restaurant that he liked his 15th Century medieval literature just like the way he liked his pasta. They had to be all Dante!

49. Medieval Kings and Queens were carried by their soldiers and servants. I am not lying, they litter-ally carried that way!

50. While flying over medieval Europe, Santa once defeated an evil dragon! We can conclude that Santa sleighed the dragon!

Funny Medieval Names For Knights Jokes

Jokes and puns on medieval knights are hilarious and good for our history learning too

Take a look at these medieval jokes that utilize knight name puns to get the best of laughs. They will surely add some history humor to your life.

51. What should we call a medieval owl that is very brave and defeated many enemies? We can easily be naming him a Knight Owl!

52. What was the name of the medieval knight who turned up at the King's court unannounced to receive the winnings of the tournament? The medieval knight was called Sir Prize!

53. What was the name of the medieval knight who was so famous that they named a town after him? His name was Sir Rey!

54. What was the name of the medieval knight who would only turn up during weddings and other big occasions? His name was Sir Remony!

55. What was the name of the medieval knight who had excellent skills in pottery? The medieval knight who could make great vases was Sir Amic!

56. What was the name of the medieval knight whose misbehavior led to the king punishing him and making him a clown? His name was Sir Cus!

57. What was the name of the medieval knight who would only eat grains for breakfast? The medieval knight was called Sir Eal!

58. What should be the name of the medieval knight who is a major part of the X-Men comic books? The medieval knight's name is Sir Ebro!

59. What was the name of the medieval knight who was very intelligent and brainy and never lost his balance during a fight? His name was Sir Rebellum!

60. What was the name of the medieval knight to whom all the people went to collect official documents? The medieval knight's name was Sir Tificate!

61. What should be the name of the best medieval knight who was ordered by the king to maintain law and order in the town? His name was Sir Riff!

62. What was the name of the medieval knight who had given up violence for religion and peace? His name was Sir Mon!

63. What could be the name of the medieval knight who was always sad and depressed? His name was very aptly Sir Row!

64. What was the medieval knight called who was always very calm and composed and untroubled by the happenings around him? His name was Sir Rene!

65. What was the magical medieval knight, who could take a form of a snake whenever he wanted to, called? The medieval knight was called Sir Pent!

66. What was the name of the medieval knight who never smiled and was very focused about the work that was given to him by the King? His name was Sir Rious!

67. What can be the name of the medieval knight who was very sincere and dedicated to serving the King and the Queen? His name was Sir Vice!

68. Who was that medieval knight who had the hidden talent of singing great songs about battles and heroes and kings and queens? His name was Sir Renade!

69. What do we call a medieval knight who has been promoted to an important position in the army by the King? We call him Sir Geant!

70. What was the name of the medieval knight who was known for making fortunate discoveries and inventions out of an accident? His name was Sir Rendipity!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Medieval Jokes and Puns then why not take a look at School Puns, or History Jokes.

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